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  1. Thanks for the feedback! I'll tag @ArnoJ, as he's the master of these new parts (together with grappling hook). This data helps us improve the parts, so thanks again for posting I also link this Steam Forum post here, so we get a overview of all feedback in one place https://steamcommunity.com/app/383840/discussions/0/2644126542315883326/
  2. I think one of the meanings of Nimbatus is "wrapped / enclosed by clouds", or something along those lines. But I don't know from which language or from which origin. Micha thought up of that name a long time ago
  3. Cool, glad I could help. And thank you for the compliment
  4. Great suggestion, thank you very much for posting! I think selecting colors would be a good solution, so we can address many players' needs.
  5. Looks perfectly fine to me, viable strategy
  6. Hi @Deathman In racing we have two modes, autonomous and manual. If you play autonomous, we block all user-input, so you have to build fully autonomous drones (with sensors and logic parts) to compete in the rankings. If you play in manual mode, then you should be able to control your drone like you are used to in the man game I hope it's just this. If not, let me know, so maybe you found a bug
  7. The second round is now over as well and we have voted for the following 3 people. Congratulations and thank you for everyone who participated! Congratulations to Bgabri (Discord), who took logic part programming to the next level and implemented a functional pacman! Congratulations to SwaDirlyOp23 (Discord), who has re-implemented Rocket League in various forms and ways in Nimbatus. Congratulations to skipydog(Discord), who shows us that nothing beats a good explosion in a nice package. I'll post here when the next round / contest goes live ❤️
  8. Ah, that's a very good observation, thank you for posting. If you're a programmer, of course such missions should be playable more times. We have to check how we will handle the ore-planet, but I think even there it won't matter much (since yellow resources are not important and there isn't all that much red). And for other captains I think we should display a warning as well, but I'm not sure how we display that at the moment Thank you!
  9. We need to add her to the crazy-dev-mug-shot-roster™ sometime soon ^^
  10. Thanks for reporting We fixed the bug and it will patched with the newest update, probably coming later today
  11. @boingy I'm sorry, @Goggles-kun is right, this specific giveaway is already over. I'm sorry for forgetting to lock the thread We're still running a gif contest here, but it ends very soon. If you're quick enough, maybe you can win a copy of Nimbatus this way I wish you good luck!
  12. This is already in the game. In the main menu, go to credits and then choose backers. The backers should be listed according to their tier (alphabetically) Or do you mean you want more specific sections for the backers already listed?
  13. Markus

    Co-op Captains

    I can't say anything about implementing such a mode (we haven't planned yet what we will add to the game after the launch), but let me ask some questions for clarification How would you imagine such a mode play out? Would there be splitscreen or would you imagine the camera zoom out as far as needed (so see both player at the same time? Even when it become so small that you can't barely see details anymore?). How would you like death to behave? If one player dies he has to wait? Or is it a shared drone core? There's the technical limitation of only having one mouse input allowed. Would player 2 have to build a drone which has to work without mouse input? Especially in early game this might be very tricky Probably for that reason alone such a mode would be very difficult to properly implement.
  14. I see what you mean. It's bad wording from our side and might give a false impression of what is happening under the hood. The gameplay mechanic is that only resources that you bring yourself to the container count as collected, that is something we don't like to change. So if that behavior is not clear, we have to improve the wording for "Return to Nimbatus". Would "Return to Hangar" (which we have in the pause menu) be more clear? Or would something like "Exit Mission" be more clear? Since this is an intended behavior, I hope you don't mind if I move this topic to "suggestions and feature requests", as this helps us to organize things a bit better Thank you for posting and helping!
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