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  1. Markus


    Please don't worry. Even we devs have a hard time go get the overview of all the suggestions here Please just keep adding your suggestions. Ideally you find a thread which has the same or similar idea and you can upvote it, or if you make a duplicate idea some user might link to another thread. In that case don't be offended. It maybe also means that the user is supportive of your idea and wants to see it happen, so more upvotes are gathered and..... yay pistons!
  2. I think I see what you mean. I think you can do what you want with the free-hinge? But you want additionally that the free-hinge / bearing fixed/locked in place in the world?
  3. No worries, special snowflakes happen here all the time Thank you for trying to reproduce the bug
  4. @STM Are you sure? Strange I just checked it and it worked for me. Are you sure you are using the captain (in the campaign mode) and have placed the resource tank properly in the container? [edit] it seems to work in the creative mode as well, if you select the "wireless resource transfer" option. hmm
  5. Have you installed the game in Steam? Right-click on the game in the library and then choose properties. There should be a beta tab where you can enter the password "imadeabackup ". Which is the last step which works for you?
  6. Good idea or just jump into a random spot in the track when a lot of time passed during editing.
  7. Please test pistons and try to break them
  8. Markus


    No worries @CM MOUNIR. Every suggestion is welcome As corona_wind said, if we have time, we sort the forum threads by max-vote count and then see if we can implement those features. If the a certain feature is wished for several times but the votes are split in many threads, we might miss a popular request. So community members help to bringt threads/votes together Thank you for your help! About pistons... there might be an interesting thing coming up soon
  9. Yes, @STM. The latest changes to the batteries (and fuel tanks) are, that there are three sizes which recharge and one which has a lot of capacity but does not recharge. We might improve that system/add more variety in the future. And thank you again for playing and giving feedback. Very happy that you like the changes so far
  10. Amazing Yes of course that's possible, oh man We didn't think of that, hmm. Nice find! I'll forward it to the team and we see what we can do about that. It's literally an edge-case , so I'm not sure how much energy we can spend on fixing it. Somehow I love it how you can mis-use it
  11. And maybe to add: A block where you can increase/decrease mass
  12. That's a leftover from an old version. We discussed it with @ArnoJ and that limit will be removed with the next update
  13. I quickly discussed it with @ArnoJ. That 10 cap per part is something which is a leftover from earlier versions which doesn't make sense anymore. It will get removed with the next update. Thanks for posting!
  14. I fixed it and it should go live with the next update. Thank you again for posting!
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