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  1. We have thought about adding such a feature, but for the time being we focus on gameplay improvements. If we improve the editor/drone selection again, such a feature would be very welcome from our side as well Can't promise anything though
  2. You mean like adding tags (E.g. SUMO, FIGHTER, COLLECTOR, PLANET_DESTROYER) or folders in which you can save your drones (and then you have folders for each type of drones you build)?
  3. An alternative way to solve the Relic mission, for example if you don't have burning weapons. Might come in handy in the future... nimbatus_fireball_short.mp4
  4. Ah, sorry, it seems I misunderstood. @corona_wind is correct. If you want to have the behavior: "if you press a button, it keeps pressed no matter what", then there are already a few ways to do that. What I thought was: Whatever the logic is, after all logic is evaluated and executed, there's a set of parts which can override all that stuff. That's probably needed because the execution order is not really clear or fixed. But if nobody explicitly wished for it, maybe it's not all that useful
  5. Markus

    Hit sensor

    Sounds like a good solution @Illy. We would have to check if that does not have too big of an performance impact (when you add many of these detectors). If there's no problem there, it sounds like an elegant solution.
  6. Interesting ideas. Can you describe a use-case in which you would use the output for the camera tracker? It would allow for certain things, e.g. automatically trigger things when the tracker gets destroyed which are currently not possible. But I'm not certain how actually useful they are, as the field of view changes back anyhow when the tracker gets destroyed (so there's no reason to do anything specific in that case). I'm wondering what ideas you come up with. About "damage on destroy". We normally don't want to add that to generic parts, as in that case the camera-part can be mis-used as TNT. So if you want to destroy a part or make damage when getting destroyed, you must use TNT.
  7. Interesting. You mean a "If-Block" with highest priority, being able to override all eventual IF and NOT blocks for that key/tag? I think this would be possible to implement, but I'm not 100% certain how easy it is. Can you explain a use-case in which you would use such a part? I assume the part would have two outputs "Final True" and "Final False" as you might want to cancel stuff as well.
  8. I agree, sounds useful
  9. Markus

    Hit sensor

    Interesting suggestion. I think this would work well (but would require a lot of handiwork from the players), but the UI might get very cluttered when we would add additional output fields for every part. Maybe if we would rework the UI (so that we could have a scrollable panel), more input/output slots (maybe with a toggle) would be possible and less cluttered.
  10. Nice construction! We had some similar threads which got buried over time I link them here so that the don't get lost again and over time a huge easily accessible gif library gets build. Feel free to continue posting here old threads for archive reasons:
  11. Markus

    Hit sensor

    Just random guessing, no plans: If we would revamp the logic system in the future and have a node-based system, maybe we could reuse some of that and use visual links to parts for sensors. Imagine a damage detector and you have several links/strings to other parts which it detects the damage from That would probably be the ideal case, but not sure if that is possible in a acceptable timeframe
  12. Sounds like a fun idea. We already have springs, but they are not omni-directional like a spongy ball would be. I'm not sure how possible such a construct is with the unity physics system, but it certainly would be a fun part to add to the game if we could find a good working solution. Thank you for the suggestion
  13. Markus

    Hit sensor

    Sounds interesting. The question is how it detects the other parts. One way could be that it reacts to all parts which are children from the detector. But then the question is if it takes the minimum health from all parts? or the average? Or maybe it can only detect damage from one part, but how would that be clearly communicated? Another way would be to detect damage in an area, which might be easier for some cases, but not so useful for others. I think it's an interesting part/new tool, but I'm not certain how an elegant implementation for that part would look like
  14. I'm not a coding expert, but if I understand it correctly, the PhysX Engine (which Unity uses) uses randomness and approximations to be faster. So it's inherently imprecise But that's also the reason it still runs reasonably fast enough for our use-case There are other physics engines which are more suited for games like nimbatus, but those did not exist when Nimbatus started (2013) so we're locked to what we have. Great infos here on this thread. Another thing which might work. Try to have most of the applied forces in front of the center of mass, so that it's dragging it and not pushing. Otherwise it's like trying to balance a long stick on a finger. For stability one single VTOL thruster in the front might already be enough to keep your drone stable. Another tip: Buttons are wireless. This means you can but a button on a decoupler and let it split off in the beginning and you still have a button which works without adding mass. Depends if you're close to the part limit though. In that case just use the "is fuel full" trick as trigger.
  15. I definitely see the value for different kinds of TNT. Imagine using cryo-tnt for those damn volcanos Good ideas here ^^ (insta-dirt sounds super op xD. either use it as a wall for protection, or burying enemies in dirt and let the physics engine squash them to death )
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