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  1. I can ask the others if it's possible to turn of the camera clamping for the test modes. Might also be useful of you want to show of huuuuuuge drones in their full glory as well
  2. Lovely solution! Thanks for the gif ❤️
  3. Coming here from your other newest post @corona_wind How would you imagine a single part gimbal to work? What would the settings / outputs exactly be? I'm not yet sure if I understand it enough. Please help me out here
  4. Really cool racer designs, thank you for posting these
  5. Ah, I'm very sorry. The entrance is fixed with the newest version ^^' I was of testing with the current internal build, therefore I was not seeing the issue you have (in the next update, the drone will launch directly to the left from the entrance) You have to be a bit patient until we release the next update, since it quite a big one and needs a lot of testing. We have a "translator-branch" which we update frequently, but there's lot of broken stuff in it (new biomes), so I don't recommend to play it for the time being. I'm very sorry
  6. As a small note: Bio weapons deal the same amount of damage since quite a few updates. There was a time when it was weaker, but we scrapped that because it was pretty useless that way Also: We worked around the small invisible specks problem. I'm looking forward to let you all test it
  7. Very good suggestions (as well as the other programmer related suggestions). We're working on several important things now for the next update, but I hope we find time for such quality of life improvements soon fully agree with you ^^ (but as always, it's a matter of time&resources&prioritization )
  8. ( doublepost from the bug forum ) The body of the snake (the parts which damage you but have no collision) can be detected via "danger zone" while the parts which you have to destroy can be detected with "enemy".
  9. The snake's body can be detected via "danger zone" and the parts of the body which you have to shoot react to "enemy". Nearest enemy should react to the parts which you can destroy on the enemy. Does it work for you this way?
  10. Very good discussion and idea. I'm can't say how fun it will be, but somehow I would love to try it. I can imagine giving it a new layer of possibilities. But maybe it's just plainly annoying because it might spawn seemingly random terrain in the air if you don't know what you're doing (beginner players). Maybe a opt-in would work (a toggle like fixed rotation/follow cursor). We're currently very busy in finishing all kind of things (and adding / testing new content) for the next update, so I'm not sure when and if we're getting around toying with that idea. fingers crossed
  11. Are you on the translator branch? Thanks for noticing. I'll forward it to @ArnoJ
  12. Good suggestion. For the hammerheads especially, I use a Directional Sensor and set it to "Mission Target" so it shows me where the closest hammerhead is. But it's a bit cumbersome, but a work-around until we find a better solution. I'll forward these suggestions to @ArnoJ
  13. Should be fixed and comes with next update
  14. Should be fixed and comes with next update
  15. Thanks for the feedback This helps us testing the balancing. Also you're an experienced player which knows what to do, so that probably also helps Thanks!
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