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  1. Markus

    1000 hours in kerbal eh?

    If we're talking about lifetime achievements: I got roughly 279'576h on this game called real-life (not half-life)*. What about you people?
  2. Markus

    Error 403 Is Back

    Do you mean when you link here in the forum to another thread? I also had this problem from time to time. I could fix it last time when i removed the last "/" from the link. So in this case, try: ".../community/index.php?/topic/2750-error-403-is-back" instead of ".../community/index.php?/topic/2750-error-403-is-back/" Maybe it works
  3. Markus

    The Gif Competition Postpone

    @Mr.PotatoFace The new competition is open
  4. Hi everyone! We're revamping our GIF Competition to make it easier for everyone to enter. To get a chance to win a Nimbatus Alpha Key, all you have to do is post a good looking Nimbatus GIF you created yourself (with the demo version ) in this thread. Every other week our team will choose one GIF from this thread and award the creator one Steam Key. The competition stays open. Rules: You can only win once. If you already won a key in this or a previous GIF competition or you got a key via the giveaway, you are not eligible for this contest. Only GIFs made with the Nimbatus Demo are allowed. Several GIFs / entries per person are allowed. But please don't spam the thread with similar GIFs! Each GIF should be able to stand on it's own and is interesting in itself. If you enter this contest, you allow us to share your GIF via our social media channels. Have Fun! ❤️ Tipp 1: The GIF capture tool hides bad framerates. If you turn off the Bloom because of performance reasons, turn them on before recording the GIF. The game might have a low frame rate, but the resulting GIF should run smoothly and might result in nicer looking GIF because of the effects. Tipp 2: If you press F9, please wait until the "Generate GIF" message disappears, otherwise your recorded GIFs might get corrupted. Press F9 and wait, and then it should result in a 6 seconds long GIF.
  5. Markus

    The Gif Competition Postpone

    If people are eager to create stuff with Nimbatus I don't want to hinder them, and if I can motivate them to participate in activities, the better Thank you for posting and showing that these contests are appreciated and wanted in the community ❤️ We're discussing if we want to change the system of the GIF contest to a different one which suits the community/current activity better. Please bear with us for a moment, as we're busy preparing for the Gamescom in Cologne and working hard on preparing the Early Access version Everyone, please feel free to post your thoughts or ideas here. We'll update you as soon as we have reached a conclusion and prepared everything
  6. Really cool, glad I could help. Great GIFs. Self-aiming turrets are the best
  7. Hmm, this is really strange. I'm not familiar with all the technical details, so @Micha can maybe help more. - Can you try to make a screenshot via F8 and check if a folder appears? Maybe only making GIFs doesn't work. - Can you search your hard drive for the folder "Nimbatus_Screenshots", maybe the folder is put somewhere else? That's the only ideas I have on top of my mind. Let's go from there
  8. Sorry for being confusing I meant that the easiest way to make a GIF is by using the F9-way (the way to make GIFs we included in Nimbatus). Otherwise you have to use external tools. Are you using a Notebook?
  9. Hmm, when are you pressing F9? Are you doing that in the Simulation or in the Game? If you are using a Notebook, maybe try to press FN+F9, because F9 is maybe not directly accessible. Are you sure you are in the right Folder? Can you make a screenshot? Maybe @Micha has an idea what else could go wrong. On which platform are you? If you don't use the included version, then there's no easy or fast way, unfortunately. A few possibilities: - Use Nvidia Shadowplay (if you have a Nvidia Graphicscard) to record gameplay (or other screencapture tool) and then cut it/use ezgif to compress it. - Go to window-mode in Nimbatus and use a free GIF tool like LICECap and make a Gif with that ( https://www.cockos.com/licecap/ ).
  10. Sure So in the folder where the Nimbatus.exe is, there should be a newly created folder called "Nimbatus_Screenshots". If everything worked you should find some GIFs in there. There's a bug in the game. When you repeatedly press F9 and don't wait until the gif is saved, the gif gets corrupted. So if your GIF is not 6 seconds long, you maybe have to redo them. I hope everything works and I'm looking forward to your creations
  11. @vladchima556 can you make a GIF from your design and upload it here? You can use the F9 key in the demo and it should create a GIF in the folder near the Nimbatus.exe. See the first post with a more detailed explanation. You need to upload a GIF to enter the contest Sounds good what you described
  12. Markus

    What are your favorite games?

    Many good games mentioned here My favorites: Cave Story, Half-Life 1, Anno 1602, Advance Wars, ... these more or less There are many more that I like, but these are very important to me
  13. Markus

    The forum is ded

    From the side of Nimbatus it's also a bit of a calm before the storm as we busily prepare the early access launch There will be new wind soon, from all sides an communities
  14. Markus

    Reuse parts group (inter-drone clipboard)

    The possibility to copy a selection and then paste it in another drone is incredibly useful. Upvoted I don't think it will be viable in the near future, but just as a discussion: I think it might be funny/useful to have a huge "scrapyard" where you can place different drones into one file/space, and you can copy and paste freely and build stuff/experiment. The drone you have selected last is the one which will be used in the simulation scene. And if you are happy with one construction, you can then either export/save it to a new file or simply copy it and then paste it in a new file. Just thinking out aloud, no plans
  15. Markus

    45 degree rotation lock while creating

    You mean if you use the [shift] and mouse-wheel simultaneously? Sounds like a good suggestion, upvoted Also note that you can use the [ , ] and [ . ] key to rotate in 45 degree steps.