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  1. I definitely see the value for different kinds of TNT. Imagine using cryo-tnt for those damn volcanos Good ideas here ^^ (insta-dirt sounds super op xD. either use it as a wall for protection, or burying enemies in dirt and let the physics engine squash them to death )
  2. Yup During our testing phase in a separate branch on Steam we quickly found out that allowing the Factory-Part in PvP is way to OP and it would be hard to balance. Therefore we just simply block it
  3. Unfortunately not Technically yes, but tweaking these values will alter the behaviour of the drones (most likely) completely - as it should be because that's what you want And changing these behaviour could potentially break the thousands of drones in the workshop & sumo tournament. Also the singleplayer would feel different and we're too far into the development as that we can change these things too much. So ultimately we're stuck with the current behaviour of the drone and tweak the game modes to be fun, instead of tweaking the drone behaviour, as that could have too many unintended side-effects I'm sorry for that, but that's the trade-off we have to do as game developers
  4. All I can add to the discussion is that the Unity physics engine is not really correct and uses tons of tricks to run smoothly with that many objects. It does have a drag / angular drag value, but I have no idea how that is applied when there are a lot of interlocking joints. So it's very likely that drones don't behave like in real physics. Unfortunately that's not something we can fix But we still try to balance it in a way that it's enjoyable to interact with
  5. I just quickly want to welcome @GizmosBoon. Cool that you come here over from the Steam forums Quick note: Using parts will probably work differently in the new campaign mode. So parts which are overpowered (TNT ) might still be overpowered, but you are limited in their usage, so that balances it to some extend Having more options to make TNT more useful sounds interesting. We added a modifiable radius for the TNT in one of the last updates. Let's see what other useful things we can add there
  6. The thing corona_wind wanted to point out was, that with this shown drone, the upper afterburner is not overlapping, and the lower afterburner shows overlapping. So it's not about asymmetry of the whole drone, but that the collider of the drone brain might not be perfectly aligned, as both afterburners visually don't seem to overlap, but one is highlighted red anyhow. In the end it seems that this is just an edge-case in which unity-physics is not 100% accurate with its colliders.
  7. When introducing new versus modes (versus race, catch) we revamped the UI code for those areas. Because the close-ups were not needed in the new areas (versus arena, racing arena) and the code is the same as in the galaxy sumo locations, the images disappeared there as well. With the next update the versus modes are in a completely separate mode, not accessible from the campaign/sandbox. So it's unlikely that we will show close-ups for those modes again in the future. On the other hand, other locations which are not planets are most likely introduced and those might get new close-up images. Maybe this is a good occasion to show the close-up views we created for all the versus modes, since they probably won't be in the game but it's a bummer nobody will ever see them. I'll ask the team if I can post them here next week
  8. @Galaxychild <3 It sounds like you meant Niche. Sorry for the sometimes confusing forum structure. You can post your suggestion here: https://strayfawnstudio.com/community/index.php?/forum/15-feature-requests/ I will leave the post here, as there are already Nimbatus related ideas, if you don't mind
  9. Interesting discussion. I would love to see a proper controller support for Nimbatus, as I think there might be big value for certain players wanting to control menus or their drone by a controller. Also, increased accessibility. Unfortunately there are some problems which would take quite a while to solve. First being the construction of drones. Finding and implementing a good way of doing that takes a lot of time which we currently can't invest because of more pressing features. The other problem is that we don't have any clever mapping for analog inputs. That means while buttons could be mapped pretty easily, ideally the analog sticks could be used with their intended accuracy. But we don't have a concept of analog inputs in the game, and controlling certain aspects with the mouse (targets for VTOL, directional sensor, weapons) would work differently as well (albeit this one is solvable). So I think for the time being we can't work on that and you have to rely on 3rd party tools (like joymouse) or other solutions (Steam controller, ...) I'm sorry for that. Even though we would love to implement many many more things like that, we can't because of time / resource reasons
  10. Really cool, thank you for sharing! Maybe one day we will have node-based logic, making explaining such concepts more intuitively understandable and shareable
  11. Woops, Bug with the finishing line being detected (Will fix it shortly. Will then come with the next update. Sorry for that.) Nice ideas so far
  12. Unity Physics 😓 So even if we show the "real" colliders like Micha said, it wouldn't even be a help, because in edge cases Unity is completely useless We have to check how it behaves if we slightly adjust the collider and then fix the sprite so it matches the collider more accurate.
  13. Here's a screenshot from the colliders. They don't match the visuals for the afterburner. So either we adjust the sprite to match the visuals, or match the colliders to match the sprite I think we should let it have the exact same size of the normal thruster, then it's easiest to use them together. If the afterburner collider is smaller it might behave non-intuitively and makes building harder.
  14. This happens because of the spawning mechanism of the debris combined how the colliders work in the physics engine. We might improve the spawning system in the next update which could minimize such strange behavior. Thanks for posting!
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