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  1. Markus

    Cryogenitc tank missing

    @STM I could not reproduce the bug, but I saw a setting which might be responsible that in very rare cases a tank would not spawn. It is not (hopefully) fixed and will be in the next patch thank you for posting ^^
  2. Additional note: We're still working on improving the sounds for the travel events. Some are currently way too loud and the looping/timing is still rough. So please use this preview update mostly for testing the "brawl" mode instead of the playing the campaign (since there are no updates there yet )
  3. We might have something useful in store for you *hint hint* *pun very much intended*
  4. Very very clever thank you for sharing!
  5. Only 4 other people have posted gifs since the last giveaway, I'm sorry. We will wait some more and will giveaway a key later this year, regardless of there are more posts or not
  6. Markus

    Stray Fawn on TV

    Thank you for the compliment @Philo BUT!!! Neither in the cut before or after, nor in the whole video I'm visible (because I wasn't at the office that day ^^). Which means.... did you just compliment your own hand, Philo?
  7. Perfect, thank you for the gif Was a transmitter there? But yes, I see that we would have to add a terrain check for the enemies too during planet loading Already noted on the list. Thank you again for finding a location and posting the video!
  8. Thank you. Tips for how we can balance the campaign are very much appreciated. Which captain did you play with? maybe we should also slightly adjust chances based on captains (not sure though). Also thank you for the compliment
  9. Markus

    Cryogenitc tank missing

    No worries about testing again. Thank you for mentioning it here. I'll check it
  10. Interesting! Maybe the damage could be inverse proportional to how much terrain is stored in a single pixel (we use marching squares for the terrain) and if you collide with terrain it could damage it. This might be work @STM I'll forward the idea to the team, might be feasible to do. Can't promise anything tho
  11. Ah, yes, I'm sorry. The reason is that is that we primarily want new players to get a chance to win the game and to make it more fair (so everyone has the same version and the same tools). Players with the newest full steam build have more options, which might be unfair in certain circumstances. For players who already have the full versions, other giveaways might be open for that
  12. Markus

    Cryogenitc tank missing

    Interesting. Were you playing in Creative mode or Campaign? Did you change any settings (so that you were able to destroy all planet terrain)? I'll have to check the spawn settings
  13. Interesting, thank you. I'll check it and see if there's an issue in the spawning/counting the towers or some other strange problem. Thank you for posting
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