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  1. Hi @Oh God Spiders No Can you export the drone and upload it here? Then it's easier for us to reproduce the bug Thanks and cheers, Markus
  2. Often when using a logic splitter, you still want a few global signals underneath. In certain configurations, a logic-connector can not fix the issue, or makes it needlessly complex. Possible solution: Having a few slots of pass-through signals For example, the logic splitter would have 4-6 "Channels" (like Inputs/outputs) which you could specify (key/tag), and those signal would not get blocked by the logic splitter. So a global "GO" or "Attack" would still get passed through downwards, as well as a "Found enemy" could get relayed upwards as well. Source: Steam Forum
  3. Awesome! Congratulations @Plebiain! We need a hall of fame or something for the people who were able to achieve everything Great work and thank you very much for your kind words I'm very happy to hear you enjoyed the journey ❤️
  4. Posted here because I could not find this request elsewhere. If I missed it, please post the link here If that option is turned off (Snap to Grid), newly placed parts would no longer snap to a grid position, but could be placed freely wherever the mouse position is. If snapping turned on again, those off-grid placed parts would stay where they are. But if those parts would be moved again, they would snap to the grid again. Additional Stuff: Maybe rotation of parts would be finer than the fixed angle steps when snapping is turned off Maybe the grid size / rotation angle could be customized
  5. Hi SurrealSnapple. I downloaded your drone and let it compete in the vs race tournament. You built a very clever, interesting and capable drone. Congratulations! About GIFs. We're not yet sure if we will leave the grappling hook this way in the versus modes, because it might be too strong against all other older drones (and it's hard for beginners to counter). For that reason we're currently a bit hesitant about showing of this part (for versus mode) on social media (except for "please test this feature calls") I'll recommend this drone to @Roger, who's responsible for Nimbatus social media. About not connecting to Steam. This sounds strange. Micha knows best, but he's currently on vacation Does this only occur in the Preview Branch or also in the normal public branch? Do you start Nimbatus via the Steam Client or a shortcut on the desktop? Did you check that you did not set Steam to "Offline Mode"? I hope we can fix this issue for you soon.
  6. Thanks for the feedback! I'll tag @ArnoJ, as he's the master of these new parts (together with grappling hook). This data helps us improve the parts, so thanks again for posting I also link this Steam Forum post here, so we get a overview of all feedback in one place https://steamcommunity.com/app/383840/discussions/0/2644126542315883326/
  7. I think one of the meanings of Nimbatus is "wrapped / enclosed by clouds", or something along those lines. But I don't know from which language or from which origin. Micha thought up of that name a long time ago
  8. Cool, glad I could help. And thank you for the compliment
  9. Great suggestion, thank you very much for posting! I think selecting colors would be a good solution, so we can address many players' needs.
  10. Looks perfectly fine to me, viable strategy
  11. Hi @Deathman In racing we have two modes, autonomous and manual. If you play autonomous, we block all user-input, so you have to build fully autonomous drones (with sensors and logic parts) to compete in the rankings. If you play in manual mode, then you should be able to control your drone like you are used to in the man game I hope it's just this. If not, let me know, so maybe you found a bug
  12. The second round is now over as well and we have voted for the following 3 people. Congratulations and thank you for everyone who participated! Congratulations to Bgabri (Discord), who took logic part programming to the next level and implemented a functional pacman! Congratulations to SwaDirlyOp23 (Discord), who has re-implemented Rocket League in various forms and ways in Nimbatus. Congratulations to skipydog(Discord), who shows us that nothing beats a good explosion in a nice package. I'll post here when the next round / contest goes live ❤️
  13. Ah, that's a very good observation, thank you for posting. If you're a programmer, of course such missions should be playable more times. We have to check how we will handle the ore-planet, but I think even there it won't matter much (since yellow resources are not important and there isn't all that much red). And for other captains I think we should display a warning as well, but I'm not sure how we display that at the moment Thank you!
  14. We need to add her to the crazy-dev-mug-shot-roster™ sometime soon ^^
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