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  1. Dear Players We're sorry to inform you that the Nimbatus Discord has been taken over by hackers. Please don't react to any DMs from people claiming to be Stray Fawn developers and don't click on any links posted in DMs or on the server. The personal Discord account of one of our developers was compromised and has taken over the Nimbatus Discord server, kicking all developers and mods. Unfortunately @Discord has not yet reacted to our support requests. Please stay away from the Nimbatus Discord for now and be super careful in general what you click on and download, as there currently seem to be many people that are effected by recent scams and hostile account takeovers. Please let others know, and report any suspicious DMs to the Discord Trust and Safety team. We will keep you informed about further developments. Kind regards, Stray Fawn Studio
  2. Hi mdzz Thank you for your feedback. I had to use Deepl (Translation website) to understand your feedback. I can't give answers here, but maybe we have other Chinese speaking players who can answer. Thank you very much for your feedback and playing The Wandering Village Cheers, Markus
  3. I see what you mean We're not sure about this automation yet or rather allowing you to simply drag a selection and only poison plants get selected. We actually want you to search for the plants, especially in the beginning - similar to the situation in Nausicaa movie where they have to comb through the woods and make sure they don't miss any poisonous spores. We're still thinking about how to handle poison, so maybe we'll find an elegant solution which works for most people Cheers, Markus
  4. Thanks for the feedback and sharing your experience Olli! Much appreciated ❤️ We'll add a bigger storage for food with the next patch More things which fix some mentioned issues are also planned, but will take a bit longer. Thank you and cheers, Markus
  5. Hi aliq Yes, the separation of the tutorial and the difficulty is not ideal. especially since we have the option to disable onbu/villager death in the two harder modes but not the tutorial. This will be improved / fixed! Thank you for your feedback! I'm sorry this was frustration for you. Cheers, Markus
  6. Thanks for the feedback! We definitely want more strategic decisions and "hard" decisions for you make concerning Onbu. We will add more ways which can hurt Onbu, but not that you *have* to do this, but as a decision which you decide to not make. It should 100% be possible to play and be only nice to Onbu - but it will be hard. (most likely, that's all up to our game designers ) More ways to be nice to Onbu will also come. We want this to become the best "big animal symbiosis city-builder" we can make, with focus on the interaction with the creature. So more stuff is coming with the next few patches for sure Cheers, Markus
  7. Hi zaru We heard the suggestion of "building priorities" quite a lot and we're investigating it / thinking about it I think we'll keep the system of having resources in one spot instead of "global" (like Age of Empires), but we will probably add more storages and maybe some other improvements there Thanks for your comments. Cheers, Markus
  8. Hi Sagar Thank you for the question. I'm not 100%sure but I think it works like this: Buildings employ workers. Those workers can go get resources from other "storages" when they need them. For example a doctor can go to collect herbs from other buildings who have them in their "output" (herbalist, warehouse). But an employed worker does not carry "output" resources to a different building. In this example, a worker from a herbalist does not transport herbs to a doctor. This needs doctors or free workers or people from a worker post. You also need enough free workers available to have those resources transported around. I'm sorry if this is complicated. We are thinking of a way to improve this and maybe add a priority system to buildings which should help in those cases. Thanks and cheers, Markus
  9. Wuaaaaa, thanks for all this feedback Many of the things you wrote were also mentioned by other players and some of those are already on our radar to fix / balance / add. I can't comment on all points, but thank you very much for your detailed write-up. Glad you enjoy the game and we're looking forward to improve it further Cheers, Markus
  10. Markus


    Hi Logixor I'm sorry to hear it's frustrating. Can you tell me on which difficulty you played? When trying to fight against the poison, did you disable buildings to more workers to harvest those poison plants, or did you have incinerators? We have gotten more feedback about the poison and have to see in which ways we'll improve it. Thank you for any additional feedback on this. Cheers, Markus
  11. Hi sinichka I just quickly want to say that while this might be a cool addition in any way - we most likely won't have multiplayer in any form, at least for a very long time. So please don't expect any multiplayer functionality For now all our attention goes into making a good singleplayer experience ^^ But please feel free to discuss a dream multiplayer version here - we just won't promise anything or can't comment on it Cheers, Markus
  12. New Features ---------------- - Added a setting to switch the primary mouse button, so the game can be played by left-handed players Bugfixes ---------------- - Fixed bug where the wrong fullscreen mode was shown in the settings - Fixed bug where deconstructing / destroying a food stand would leave behind food that could not be picked up anymore. - Fixed bug where Onbu was rotated in the wrong direction on the worldmap after loading a save - Fixed Bile Extractor description to hint that it reduces trust and health - Fixed Bug where you could get stuck in the intro with a black screen Improvements ---------------- - Updated localization - Game should not be in borderless window mode as default. - Feedback button now opens the report tool ready for feedback - Fixed some text and layout errors in the artbook - Added the missing comic page to the collectors edition
  13. Hi alebattagin, Thanks for the report. Very strange. Do you have any controllers or other input devices attached? Does this happen all the time for you, or only rarely? If you don't do anything, how far does the scrolling go. Does it stop somewhere? Thanks for your help and cheers, Markus
  14. Thanks Lizardcake I have noted it down and will forward it to the programmers to check Cheers, Markus
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