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  1. Markus

    Mission early complete

    It seems the bug is related to another one we had about other objects counting towards the "destroy bomber cave" goal. There are other objects (the heat stones) which also count, but should not, only the caves. I'll check it out and will fix it. Thank you very much for posting the video, helps tremendously!
  2. Markus

    silksong hype

    Sounds good I definitely have to check it out sometime What do you like best in Hollow Knight?
  3. Markus

    silksong hype

    I didn't play Hollow Knight (which I absolutely should sometime, because I love metroidvenia games ), but I love its artstyle and the trailer of the Silksong looks incredible Thanks for reminding me. Really awesome looking game Off topic question: Have you played Cave Story? If yes, how does it compare to Hollow Knight?
  4. Markus

    Does LINE WEBTOON sound familiar to you?

    'sup nerds I love Tower of God (one of my favorite comics ever, favorite webtoon, read (and re-read) it for years) and Dice very much. I read some others (Gosu, a few years back a bit of Dr. Frost, and others I forgot). Do you have some recommendations? Planning on releasing a webtoon yourself?
  5. Markus

    Perfectly balanced drones twisting under thrust

    I think the change was not yet published to the preview branch, if I'm not mistaken, sorry. Micha fixed it, but it will only go live with the next preview version
  6. Markus

    Development WIP

    Interesting idea with the rangefinder/tracker combi. I looked through all targets for the directional sensor/VTOL and for all I could imagine a use-case in which a distance threshold would be useful. Imagine a new setting for those which is called "Detect Distance" which accept float values and a output key called "Within detect distance". If a directional sensor/VTOL thruster is closer to the selected target than the chosen "detect distance", the output key "within detect distance" would activate. @Lurkily do you think this would fulfill your need? Personally I also think Factories are overpowered in VS modes. The possibility space for exploitation is just so huge that it's very difficult to balance right. I'm not sure what the current state about this topic is. Will talk with Micha about it today/tomorrow. Also a new test build will come very soon (as soon as the camera is fixed ) It would be possible that we would release semi-internal preview-versions more often, but we have to check if it makes sense to us with our current way of developing. We talked about it a few weeks ago so this is something which might change in the future. We'll keep you up to date.
  7. Markus

    New Parts Feedback

    Awesome feedback so far, thanks a lot We're balancing and improving the new parts for the official release of the update Your input is highly appreciated and needed ❤️
  8. Markus

    Development WIP

    If I got that right (from what Micha said, haven't tested it yet): There are as many trackers as you want. You can activate or deactivate trackers. The directional sensor (or VTOL thruster) will automatically choose the closest of all active thrusters to point towards. Maybe not the ideal behavior (as you might want to permanently point towards a specific target), but that might come at a later time (meaning, if Micha has time to simply build it without telling anyone )
  9. Markus

    Development WIP

    Nobody tells me anything, what do I even know (Hint: He developed the part in a few spare minutes when I wasn't looking )
  10. Markus

    Development WIP

    I can't say anything about future updates (because we simply haven't decided on anything in the future yet), but for this update we have not scheduled something like trackers or "nearest enemy" (directional sensor). The system for directional sensor is internally also a bit different than the distance/proximity sensor so there's not much logic/features it can share. We implemented those details because we thought those were needed to easily detect all those new objects (like speed boosters and danger zones). The old system was just not suited for this task. Not sure what drone parts @Micha will conjure up in the last minute (what he often does) but I think for this racing update such parts are not high on our list, I'm sorry. But they will (very likely?) come in the future.
  11. Markus


    Speak with others about it. Best try to speak to people in the real world about it, face to face, not only on the internet. If you can't do those things, write your thoughts down somewhere and read them a bit later to help get an outside perspective on yourself. It's no laughing matter. Accept help from people who are willing to help you. Hang in there.
  12. Markus

    Development WIP

    VTOL thrusters have all the settings a normal directional sensor has. The VTOL thruster does not rotate by itself but only applies thrust in the direction of the target. You can imagine a normal building block but with a rotatable thruster on it. This means that things attached to such a thruster don't automatically rotate towards the target. It was also our first idea that the afterburner will be abused in the sumo tournament. So far I think there a bit too many pushers in the higher rankings to my taste. This thruster might bring even more pushers in high-ranking area, but that also means that early quick-evading with jump-thrusters is a good strategy in general. An idea to circumvent/control this behavior is that with the higher level you play, the more the area changes. For example, beginning with the 5th round, a obstacle could spawn in the center of the area. This way, if you really want to get better and get higher, other additional strategies must be used. (drawback: you still have to evade pushers in the first 5 rounds ). Not yet sure what's the right way and we'll check out the feedback from the soon coming preview-branch, so nothing is fixed yet. Game development is very tricky I really really want to award logic-focused players, and I hope one of the new gameplay modes will be more interesting to those players (because it's slightly more tricky than sumo),but as always it's hard to predict. The singleplayer race-mode was developed with the intent to provide interesting challenges to players without the need for programming and allow players which have trouble with the sumo to find other fun experiences. So maybe the racing mode at the time being is slightly more focused on easier side but the more hardcore logic part will come sooner or later - maybe just not in full form with this update.
  13. Markus

    Development WIP

    Awesome part! I'm looking forward to how people will use it in the sumo mode. And of course the new racing modes ^^ Excited
  14. Markus


    My favorite writing about procrastination is https://waitbutwhy.com/2013/10/why-procrastinators-procrastinate.html. It's quite a long article (good for procrastinators), but I think the mental model described there helps fighting against this behavior. Highly recommended (as well as all the other articles on that blog)
  15. Markus

    Three Kings' Day give away

    I never heard of choking hazard, but it did hurt quite a bit to accidentally bite too strong on one. I guess Switzerland is very relaxed concerning this rite