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  1. @lack_ofabettername: @OmegaDeltaZero is posting GIFs outside the competition here, if I get that correctly. He already won a key in the last contest.
  2. Markus

    0.3.2 Weapons don't need energy

    Good point @OmegaDeltaZero. I'm not sure how we should balance all upgrades yet, as we only implemented the system but didn't spend a lot of time balancing each upgrade. Also I'm not sure how 4-slot artifacts will work. I hope I get to spend more time on thinking about gameplay soon So much things to do for this heat/cold update 😅 Sorry for letting you hang with this issues for the time being
  3. Markus

    0.3.2 Weapons don't need energy

    @OmegaDeltaZero Sorry for posting so late. Yes, I think it is a Bug, because we didn't think all upgrades through. I think there might be cases, where we want to allow for cumulative 0% or 100%, but we have to design it that way - and in the case of the Energy-Upgrades it was simply not designed and by chance So a discussion if this should be allowed or not is a good thing. Maybe we can allow for 0% Energy Usage, but you have to use all 3 slots, e.g. -20%, -30%,-50%?
  4. Markus

    0.3.2 Secondary ground render gets striped

    The GIFS are really cool Hmm, I also had this problem a few times when playtesting, but reliably reproducing it was not possible. I'm not sure where the point of error is, maybe it's in the buffering when you quickly change planets and then load one - this is the best guess currently. This especially might be responsible for breaking the planets. Have to investigate further. Thank you for the GIFs and savegames, helps a lot.
  5. @lack_ofabettername OMG, this is really awesome. Great usage of Direction-Sensor. Unfortunately the demo really has the limitation of using only the keypad. I haven't experimented with how you can circumvent that. The closed alpha has the feature of using tags additional to keys, so there's no limit on how many combinations you can create.
  6. Markus

    Ore Receiver Ship Killing Me

    Great suggestion @OmegaDeltaZero. I think doors which retract into the object itself instead of swinging open is a good way to go. The container needs to be redesigned and reanimated for this, so it won't happen in the near future. Maybe we add more functionality to the container a bit later, so then would be a good time to update the graphics and animations. Thank you all for your suggestions and feedback. Highly appreciated
  7. Markus

    Ore Receiver Ship Killing Me

    No worries, no ones wastes anyone's time We know that this part is still work in progress and needs to made better
  8. Markus

    Ore Receiver Ship Killing Me

    I think this is something which will be balanced/updated/polished in the future. For now I think it stays, because it's somehow funny (and we have to spend our time on other things). There was a old version which was deadly, luckily we changed that Do you have a suggestion how you would like it to be @OmegaDeltaZero?
  9. Markus

    Swiss German and German

    Almost all of our entertainment in german is "Standardsprache" or "high-german", and in school we mostly have to talk in "hochdeutsch", so it's completely normal for us so understand that. But if it goes more into dialect, for example "bayerisch" or maybe some north-german-dialects, we also have trouble to understand them Just like we have sometimes trouble to understand other swiss-dialects (wallis especially )
  10. Great entries so far. I love your creativity. Quick note: When we say we love "the story" of the GIF, we don't mean the thing you tell us about your GIF, or the backstory. Simply when someone watches the GIF, what happens / is told in the GIF itself. Sometimes there are interesting things done in this way
  11. This is definitely not a indicator for who's going to win the competition. Not everyone has time to be on the forum and check the threads regularly. When the deadline for the contest is over, each jury member watches each GIF and votes, and then we will discuss&pick the winners.
  12. Yes @Murkusfast and @z0mbiesrock. We haven't thought about people re-entering old gifs, but fitting the topic was indeed reason why we hadto choose one gif over the other in topic-based contests. And since this one now is open for everything, you are free to enter what ever you want. So please you two, feel free to enter your old gifs for the last contest, if you think they are great (which they are!), but of course we hope that you will surprise us with even more creative creations Looking forward to what you're creating next ❤️
  13. I think I might have an idea what could be the problem @MR. M THE GREAT. When you press F9, in the right lower corner there appears a message "CREATING GIF". Do you wait until the message disappears before you press the Key again? Or do you press and hold F9? The correct usage would be press F9, wait for the message to appear and disappear again, and then you are able to press F9 again. If that's the problem, then we have to prevent players from pressing F9 during the saving process of the GIF @Micha [edit] Here's a GIF of the reproduced bug. Solution: Don't press F9 repeatedly. Just press and wait
  14. Hello everyone! Thank you all for participating in this round. The topic was very restricted and you all tried to match it with your own approach, what made judging this time very difficult. If you didn't win this time around, please understand that it was really hard for us and even if we wanted to award more prices, we had to limit ourselves. The next contest will be announced tomorrow, and we hope you show us your creativity in the next round one again. And without further ado, here are the two winners for the contest: "Best Flight Show" @TheSaltFactory, who impressed us with a good 3-arc-GIF story and proved his incredible flight and fight skills in a real battle situation. Fighting till the bitter end, beautiful GIFs. Congratulations! @OmegaDeltaZero Who proved to us that the "best flight show" does not just mean most skillful, but maybe rather most graceful. Congratulations! I will send the two winners the Steam Closed-Alpha keys shortly via PM. To all other participants. Thank you again for showing us your skills. The next contest will start tomorrow and I'm sure you will like it. See you soon! ❤️
  15. Markus

    Interesting Biology stuff

    Not sure if that is common knowledge, but apparently bats can swim??? Never saw or heard this before. Interesting swimming style