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  1. Markus

    I ranked up!

    Thank you @jbox1 and @Spooky Goggles-kun for being so active And all the others of course as well, @"Star" for the help here and in the Discord, thank you all ❤️
  2. Markus

    Devs, what are you going to add next?

    We will publish a roadmap for the Early Access (very) soon Thanks for your patience and please look forward to it
  3. Markus

    When will demo features be added

    Not everything we had in the demo makes still sense in the gameplay we now have in the Early Access version (Junkyards e.g.) We have to see which feature make still sense abd are beneficial to the gameplay We'll soon post a roadmap on what we want to work on in the future
  4. Markus

    Recoupler part.

    Ah, interesting. Yes, this way we could have some kind of pseudo-struts I'll definitely have to suggest that to the others in the team ^^ But as always, I can't make any promises. But would be an elegant solution, I think
  5. Markus

    Recoupler part.

    Hmm, do you mean like a "physical coupling"? In the way that train-carts are connected to each other? Maybe we could add such a part, that you have a "coupler" part. And if you activate it, all other "couper" parts which are touching it (or are near it), simply stay connected to it in a rigid way as if it would be normally linked together. And if you release the "coupler" part, the other parts detach from that spot.
  6. Markus

    Sticky/glue block

    There was a time when magnets were strong enough to deflect incoming enemy bullets If we allow to make the magnet stronger, and have more enemies be heavily attracted by them, you could use it as a weapon, where you throw a magnet (with energy attached) inside a group of enemies and the enemies would all stick to the magnet. Paired with a timed TNT this could be a useful weapon
  7. Markus

    Energy/fuel system rework

    Actually, this is something he heavily discussed shortly before launching the early access. That we could redesign our fuel/battery system in a way that we have "batteries without recharging" and "rechchargers without capacity" And we would have different types of these rechargers, some need sunlight, others might produce energy by speed, etc. But we did not implement it because we didn't have enough time to properly test it before the big launch We still have it on our mind we might implement such a system if we think it adds enough fun and variety to the game. But no fixed plans about this yet
  8. Markus

    Scripting in addition to Logic Blocks

    Very good discussion. Reading this makes me fearful of simply adding scripting I still think that we need a good way to allow for advanced logic, making it a bit less cumbersome. But I also see the charm in creating something complex with the rudimentary tools It's awesome to see certain things in games (like minecraft e.g.) because it's hard to to If we would add introduce more complex logic, I think it would probably be in a separate category, where we focus on that and beginners still have a interesting challenge elsewhere, where they can try and grow and then someday graduate from.
  9. I think we need a directional sensor which "points" towards a target, and maybe a "target proximity" sensor, where you can also say, let's say "container", and if you're within certain set distance (you can choose yourself), a signal is sent. If you combine direction and proximity, you would be able to fly towards the container and stay in the area until your resource tanks are depleted. @LurkilyWhat did you mean with the directional sensors needs the same thing?
  10. Markus

    Sticky/glue block

    I also want a part which can connect to other things with force which is not metallic. This could be used for many interesting things and maybe make certain collect missions easier. The drawback probably will be, that a physical connection must be made beforehand and it doesn't have a "distance force field" like the magnets Suction cups anyone? ^^
  11. Markus

    Recoupler part.

    Pulling back the parts is not a problem and probably easily possible, but re-aligning them is probably tricky How would you like the disconnected part to re-attach? Even if it re-aligns in the same way, the shape might be different making it difficult to re-attach, hmm But the idea is good, maybe we can find a good solution.
  12. Markus

    Logic Mirror

    Not sure if I got all the details from your idea, but won't the "Logic connector" fit your need to allow for "global keys"? If you have a logic splitter and then use a logic connector further down, you can receive all global keys again.
  13. Markus


    @lack_ofabettername suggested the "Reversed buffer gate" which is "A buffer gate that takes time to activate and instantely deactivates". Is this what you meant? If yes, upvoted
  14. Markus

    whoops I got bored again

    I'm not sure if I encourage the usage of fire for pure entertainment purpose. Things can end more dramatic than just burned fingers
  15. Markus

    Standardize PvP

    Interesting, I haven't thought about that. I can't say for certain, but I think we update our logic in the "Update" loop, which runs depending on how fast your computer is. Maybe we have to move that logic to the "fixed Update", which is how the physics engine calculate things and should run at an even interval, regardless of your computer. Maybe that would mitigate the problem a bit. But I can't say how easily this can be done.