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  1. Markus

    Development WIP

    We also had that idea with the months/days (for daily challenges) for a possible system. Might work but not yet sure. We have to evaluate that at a later time. More players than 2 is something we can't yet decide, because it would need reworked collision layers in the engine. Nothing yet decided about that But we want to add more new game modes further down the line
  2. Markus

    Development WIP

    Both very good ideas, procedural tracks and a track editor. @Roger is a huge fan of a editor There are a few problems with both ideas, though Procedural tracks: We could make interesting tracks (I think), but racing those is probably most fun if you either have a highscore you can compare yourself to (against human players) or at least have a tricky timelimit which you would have to hit to win. The highscores are not possible currently with the system we use (Steam API limit) and the second is a very difficult problem. We probably can generate a interesting track, but how long a interesting time would be is very difficult to solve. There are simple ways (like calculating length&curves and use a magic number), but that won't solve the problem, as that value is rarely a fun timelimit. We could try to use an AI to race the track and then use that as a guide, but the possibility-space of how you can make a drone is so big, that the reference value would be not worth anything. Track editor: Would generally be very interesting but it takes quite a while to create a stable and intuitive editor. And then even if you could share them via Steam Workshop, we still could not add highscores to those, because we use the Steam API (same limit as above). So you could make tracks, but it would be hard to compare yourself against other players, so the fun is not as big as it could be, and spending months on making a good editor is probably not worth it. These are some thoughts why we don't make procedural tracks or track editor at the time being. If one of the variables changes, like, using a different system for highscores/matchmaking, the decision might change. That's our ideas/arguments for the time being (giving a bit of insight of how we evaluate things internally)
  3. Markus

    Development WIP

    For the time being, there is no plan for procedural tracks (we have to finish everything else before that). After that we haven't decided yet. The rabbit stays on the track, regardless of where you are. If you are very far from the spline, I assume it takes the nearest point of the spline of where you currently are and then takes a point a bit further down the spline. Arno did the logic, but I assume it works somehow like that. So when you, for some reason go backwards, the rabbit will also go back a bit, but it will always stay in front of the directional sensor in the forward track direction. There are as many rabbits as there are directional sensors
  4. Markus

    Take a question, leave a question.

    No stalling allowed! I don't read fan-fiction regularly, but there was a very very amusing Harry Potter one I read, where Harry did not grow up with the Dursley's, but with different parents which were scientists, and trained Harry to think highly logical and critical. This leads to very very amusing situations, in which he almost becomes friends with Malfoy because he argues against his views, permanently brings McGonagall to tears and uses Time Turners to solve impossible mathematic problems. The fan-fiction was written by a mathematician, if I recall correct unfortunately, it wasn't very long. New Question: If you would be forced to move and live in a foreign country of your choice for two year, which one would it be?
  5. Markus

    Take a question, leave a question.

    I don't have a particular favorite console, but I like the SNES quite a bit. I also like the GBA, but I have played more GBA games on emulators than the real console. Other random question for you people: Have you participated in Sport or Music competitions before? Do you like it, do you do it regularly?
  6. Markus

    My little hissy fit.

    I would love to have more varied and better enemy behavior. There are currently no plans of explicitly using splines for the enemies, as the system was especially designed for the tracks. But now that we have added splines to our knowledge database&experience we might consider this technique when we improve the enemies further down the road. Thank you for your suggestions and nice posts
  7. Markus

    My little hissy fit.

    Racing Tracks: Versus Mode: Racing Track Spline Magic and Stuff: Backend and Nitpicking:
  8. Markus

    Development WIP

    Sounds like a good idea. We have to check how and if it makes sense with other settings (like enemy or gravity) and other gameplay modes (like vs arena).
  9. Markus

    Development WIP

    Yes, there are as as many rabbits as sensors. Each sensor gets a new rabbit. We plan to show the rabbit to make it more easily understood
  10. Markus

    Display tablet help

    So, it appears it was @Roger's tablet, not Claudio's. His opinion: It's really bad and he would not recommend it at all. Reason: - Driver issues, especially with OSX. - The pen is very inaccurate. If you tilt the pen slightly, the cursor appears on another location than the tip. - The stand is very bad and you can't lay it very flat without removing the stand. https://www.gaomon.net/ (I think he has a about 17inch variant)
  11. Markus

    Display tablet help

    No worries, I'm not offended in the slightest. I totally agree with you about the pricing of Wacom products! It really is dependent of your budget: If a Xp-pen 22E is about $600 (if I understand that right from your comment), then maybe a iPad Pro 12.9 1st generation is also a viable option. The pen experience there is very very good in my opinion. Of course, you buy into the Apple ecosystem and their pricing model is the same as Wacom ^^'. I have someone in the office who bought a tablet display from Aliexpress for a very good price. I'll ask him when I see him and forward his opinion.
  12. Markus

    Display tablet help

    I have some experience with all kind of different tablets and display tablets. Some thoughts: - Wacom has the best experience from all of them, period. I'm talking about stand-alone display tablets only here (not counting Apple iPad). With experience I mean pen-handling and first and foremost Drivers. - Wacom are the most expensive of them all, but a second-hand one is way cheaper and might still get a better experience than other brands. - There are display tablets which use Wacom technology (like the dell canvas or Samsung Android tablets) but they use a very old system and are not equal to the newer Wacom products. If you have the money to spare and can choose between a new (or old) Wacom device and a other-brand device which uses wacom technology, choose the Wacom one (mostly because of drivers) - I don't have experience with many other pen-types but I used AES technology pens before (those which need batteries). This technology is e.g. used in the Microsoft Surface Tablets and the Lenovo Pen-enables notebooks. They are okay to use and I know people who use them heavily and are happy with them. But compared to the Wacom products, they are inferior in pen handling and again, drivers. (imo) - I really rave about Wacom here, but this is because I really really dislike hardware and software which does not work as intended and doesn't give me a seamless experience. The main reason why I like them is because they have years of experience making drivers which work seamless with the operating system and you are free to set them up the way you want. This is something which from my experience is the biggest problem I have with the other brands. Even Microsoft, which has their Surface Tablets and Pens and can control the whole pipeline from hardware to software does not get it right. You have to setup several settings before you are able to use the pen properly for painting. As an another anecdote: A lot of people complain about Wacom and drivers not working, especially about 1 year ago in conjunction with Adobe Photoshop. The problem there was, that Windows itself changed a setting behind the scenes with an update and did not inform Wacom about it. So for a few days people went crazy that their product stopped working and had to find solutions for it. Wacom fixed it with a simple toggle in their driver, where you can turn on/off the freehand/windowsInk option (which broke everything), but nowadays when you search, you probably still find all these driver issues first before getting the right answer - On the other hand. After using display tablets for a while and normal tablets for much longer, I have to say that I'm not so sure that I prefer the display tablets to work on. I have a 27inch Dell Canvas at home (similar to Wacom Cintiq 27QHD) to work with, but for the time being I prefer a simple Intuos to work with. Especially for painting I prefer the tablets instead of the displays, because the hand is in the way. - So my advice is: What do you want to use the new device for and what to you already own? Do you want to focus on drawing instead of painting, then a display tablet might be a cool thing. Do you paint more than drawing, maybe a display tablet is not the best thing. Do you want to do it for fun and yourself or for work? If you want to draw a lot just for fun with a bit of coloring, maybe a iPad with Apple Pencil & Procreate is the best thing you can get currently (quality+convenience/price). If you want to work professionally, meaning, a lot of editing with different tools, file sharing with others, etc. then a desktop system might be more useful. If you want to get a display tablet, maybe wait and save a bit to get a second-hand or newer and smaller cintiq and use a intuos for the time being. If you get another brand display tablet, try to find someone/somewhere where you try it first. Or you buy a very very cheap one and then it won't hurt as much if it does not work the way you intended. So go for the cheapest and smallest one might be my guess in this case. This is only my opinion, so take it with a grain of salt. Sorry for the long rant
  13. Markus

    A Nimbatus font! Advice required.

    This is very very cool! I'll summon @Roger to have a look at your great work. I'll check it out closer tomorrow and maybe give some feedback as well Thanks a lot for making this
  14. Markus

    Congrats on this community, by the by.

    I also mix american and british variants of words even in the same sentence. We (switzerland) also learn british english in school if I recall correctly, but most of my current english knowledge is acquired by internet-browsing so mixing naturally occurred as well. Not helping either: Unity, the game engine we use, also mixes terms: It uses "Behaviour" instead if "Behavior", but also uses "Color" instead of "Colour". Strange world
  15. Markus

    Congrats on this community, by the by.

    Thank you very much for liking it here and also thank you very much for helping us out and being that active and supportive Very much appreciated