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  1. Hi eukadealer Welcome and thank you for the feedback! A quick question just to make sure. You played on version 1.4, is this correct? We're thinking of adding two buildings who are responsible for adding specialized builders / carriers. Good idea about the harvesters, we should probably add this as well πŸ‘. Cheers, Markus
  2. Hi Klaus We we're in vacation mode, sorry for the delay. We currently are not able to produce a hotfix patch for Nimbatus, as we need all our energy to focus on releasing "The Wandering Village". I'm sorry that I'm currently unable to provide more support for this problem. Nimbatus was released way before M1 macs existed, so we can't guarantee it working on those systems natively or with the emulation. I'm sure this must be frustrating, I'm very sorry for this. Still, thank you for your post and your savegame - and we definitely have a look at it when we work on a Nimbatus patch in the future. Thank you for your post, Markus
  3. You're not hijacking the thread, don't worry. Please feel free to discuss here as much as you want There are just not yet enough other players using the forum, or they might prefer to discuss on discord Good point about the tents. The first thing I build is always 8 tents and then the researcher, and then the farm. Let me test it again - maybe we'll get other testers here in the meantime
  4. Ah, and sorry, I forgot to add: Yes, scavenging for people is (at the moment?) the only way to get new people. I don't know if there are more options available later in the game, but for now, scavenging is the way to go. Also for other rare resources not available on the back of Onbu. Though we'll introduce flying merchants later in the game 🎈
  5. Oh, I just realized πŸ’‘ ... the default "output product" of the kitchen is "berry muesli" instead of "beet soup", which is what you would want when using a beet farm! (in a earlier version, you were also able to plant berry bushes with the farm, that's why we had berry muesli as default in the kitchen). The way the kitchen works is, that it takes a fixed input and transforms it into something else - it doesn't work for all food sources automatically... Since we developers know this, we automatically switch to "beet soup" when we play the game... but this is nowhere explained in the game πŸ˜“ Did you change any settings in the kitchen? If this was the case (I'm very sorry, that this is not better explained πŸ™‡β€β™‚οΈ) - would you find it better, if a kitchen would be able to automatically transform all food types? Maybe with some settings like which types it can produce and in which priority?
  6. Hi HarrenB, no, you're completely right - farming and feeding needs more balancing (and it does have a few issues, like how efficiently farmers harvest crops). Philo (responsible for game design & balancing) said that is currently balanced that 1 farm with 3 workers + 1 kitchen with 2 workers should be able to provide food for 20 people. But I'm not sure how many plots you need to fill, maybe the whole radius? I'll ask her When I playtest, I'm able to get by with one farm&kitchen (like philo intended) and additional berries, but that's because I already know from the start what to build - we need to balance it it a way to be more lenient and allow for various viable solutions early on At the moment, more fancy food like wheat/bread is meant for when you have more people and they demand more food variety - it's (at the moment) not more efficient or something. We need to communicate this more clearly (and also block wheat until you have researched the mill/bakery). The way you play is correct, you're not making a mistake We'll try to balance it more and make it more forgiving. Arno is currently working on improving farming in general, and adding stuff like temperature and weather of the biome to influence how crops grow. How did it feel to use the farm? Was the manual placement of plots intuitive or did it feel strange? Do you think this is an interesting mechanic? Any suggestions or additional thought? Thank you so much for participating and writing feedback!
  7. Hi everyone! Thank you very much for testing The Wandering Village with us ❀️ A big part of the game is farming, and we want to get it right. But as often is the case, the first iteration of a thing is not perfect, so your feedback is of utmost importance to us Please let us know your thoughts about how you experienced food production. Was it clear to understand? Was is easy / hard to feed your people? Was it too simple or too complex? Did you harvest berries or did you use a farm? Was the behavior if the farm understandable with the plots-system? You already posted good feedback in the beta survey about the food, so I think it might be good to open a topic to discuss it in more detail.πŸ” One thing I'm curious about is: when using a farm - how many plots did you add? How many farmers did you employ in a farm? As always, thank you for your help and cheers, Markus
  8. Hi everyone! Our contest has ended and we are happy to announce these 3 winners from our Discord Community: !true, LividAF and skipydog. These fabulous people have been awarded a Steam key (from either Nimbatus, Niche or Retimed). Congratulations! πŸŽ‰ !true: LividAF: skipydog: Thank you to everyone who participated and supported us all these years. We'll inform you here and on Discord when we'll launch the next steam key giveaway. Until then: Happy engineering! Cheers, Stray Fawn Studio
  9. Hello everyone! It's been 1 Year since Nimbatus was fully released on Steam (May 2020)! Thank you to everyone who supported us and played Nimbatus. To celebrate this occasion, we start a new contest with the topic "1 year anniversary"! You are free to interpret this topic however you want, we just want everyone to have fun and celebrate this moment. If you don't own Nimbatus yet: Our biggest discount yet is coming up later this week! As a small reminder: If you have liked playing Nimbatus and want to further support us, please write a review on Steam and let us know why you liked it ❀️ ! You have time until Tuesday, the 25th of May 2021. Winners will receive 1 of 3 Steam keys for a game of their choice (Nimbatus, Niche or Retimed). You can make a gif with the full version of Nimbatus or with the free Nimbatus Drone Creator. To enter the contest, post a gif before the deadline here in this thread, in our Discord or via Twitter with the Hashtag #Nimbatus1year. Hint: You can press F9 to create a gif directly ingame (from the last 10s of gameplay). But of course you can also record with any other screen recording tool, as long as you enter a proper gif. Winners will be selected by a jury and the winning gifs shared on our social media platforms. Thanks again everyone, good luck and let's have fun πŸ₯³πŸ°πŸŽ‰ Cheers, Stray Fawn Studio
  10. Hi Tempvirage, thank you for the notification! I quickly checked with version 1.1.3 and saw that my mission failed after I killed a manta. We made a hotfix patch for problems with all asteroid missions a while ago ( https://steamcommunity.com/games/383840/announcements/detail/2851296383043180435 ). Can you try upgrading the game to 1.1.3 and then try the mission one more time? I hope it works with the newest patch. Thanks and cheers, Markus
  11. Haha, this is very very cute @A Nicheling. Thank you for creating this and posting it here too ❀️
  12. All good @Zixvir Yes, making DLCs is one way of expanding the life of a game. But on the other hand (from a business point of view), only a small portion of players often buy DLCs, so that's also not without caveats πŸ˜… Making games is difficult But worry not, so far it looks okay for us
  13. Thank you for your understanding. I'm sorry that the Early Access launch date wasn't clearly enough communicated for you. We're working on making a good game until then so please look forward to it. Thank you for your ongoing support ❀️
  14. @Flèche des Neiges I'm sorry for the confusion. Currently there's no Early Access available for anyone. We plan to launch the game into Early Access in Q4 2021. The page on Steam is currently a wishlist-only page.
  15. No worries, no harm done I just want to quickly note/add that it's not a given that after a full release a game gets new feature updates as long as money comes in For most studios except the most successful top ones, the money coming from and after a release is barley enough to make a new one. So money/time spend on making new features for the released game often means less money/time for the new one Games on Steam which get updates year after year for free (not DLC) are mostly the most successful ones and might convey the impression that it's becoming the norm. But for most indies it's not possible or even a good business strategy Indiegogo InDemand campaign has entered it's last 24h ^^
  16. Really cool video, thank you for sharing πŸ‘
  17. @Flèche des NeigesI think we count "pre-launch access to the game" as Early Access. So if I recall correctly by getting the "Scout" perk and above you get access to the "Early Access" phase. @Zixvir More money means basically either we can work longer on the game (=improve the game) before we run out of money and HAVE to release (to get a new money influx), or we can hire additional people so we can work on it faster. We're still a small team and we're still fighting for survival Money doesn't make a game better by itself, but it makes the two things mentioned above possible
  18. Markus

    Fan art

    You mean like you found "The Wandering Village" fan art from someone else on the internet and you would like to post it here? Feel free to do so, but please make unmistakably clear in the post that the things posted is created by someone else and please link to the original source/artist and name the artist correctly. If you want do post your own "The Wandering Village" fan art, of course, please do so
  19. Thank you everyone who participated ❀️ Our team looked at all entries and decided on a winner. Congratulations to "Hannah Alienore Levi" with the following artwork: Since we're so happy with all the cool entries we received, we decided that we'll send everyone who participated this time a pc key to the game. @Lilyturf @vandale@CanDLinkZz@TundraKitsune@Aetherstonks@Dracona We noted your names on a list and you'll receive the key when we're heading into early access in roughly Q4 2021
  20. Hello everyone! Thank you all so much for your support during our Kickstarter campaign. With all your help we were able to raise $185k. This means a lot to us ❀️ For the people who missed the initial Kickstarter but still want to support us and want cool rewards, we have opened a time-limited Indiegogo InDemand campaign. This campaign will run until Dec. 18th. http://igg.me/at/TheWanderingVillage This is likely the last chance to get some limited physical rewards like sketches and commissioned artworks. Please note: Since the Kickstarter was successful, the InDemand campaign does not have a funding goal and if you buy a perk, you will be charged instantly. Thank you again for your support! We're now finally back to focus our energy in making the best game possible ❀️
  21. Hi FeiXue, thanks for your suggestion. You brought up some good points in improving the fully-autonomous / programmer captain mode. We're sitting together this week and discuss how we handle the future of Nimbatus and the next Update. Thank you for your great input
  22. Hi gamingcookie If you use the bio-ammunition-type for a weapon and hit terrain, new terrain will spawn there. This way you can shape the planet (pile up terrain) the way you want. I hope this explains it a bit better
  23. We're all very busy with the Kickstarter If that one is over, we get some more time to check out all channels and post more often here again
  24. Hi @Oh God Spiders No Can you export the drone and upload it here? Then it's easier for us to reproduce the bug Thanks and cheers, Markus
  25. Often when using a logic splitter, you still want a few global signals underneath. In certain configurations, a logic-connector can not fix the issue, or makes it needlessly complex. Possible solution: Having a few slots of pass-through signals For example, the logic splitter would have 4-6 "Channels" (like Inputs/outputs) which you could specify (key/tag), and those signal would not get blocked by the logic splitter. So a global "GO" or "Attack" would still get passed through downwards, as well as a "Found enemy" could get relayed upwards as well. Source: Steam Forum
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