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  1. Looks perfectly fine to me, viable strategy
  2. Hi @Deathman In racing we have two modes, autonomous and manual. If you play autonomous, we block all user-input, so you have to build fully autonomous drones (with sensors and logic parts) to compete in the rankings. If you play in manual mode, then you should be able to control your drone like you are used to in the man game I hope it's just this. If not, let me know, so maybe you found a bug
  3. The second round is now over as well and we have voted for the following 3 people. Congratulations and thank you for everyone who participated! Congratulations to Bgabri (Discord), who took logic part programming to the next level and implemented a functional pacman! Congratulations to SwaDirlyOp23 (Discord), who has re-implemented Rocket League in various forms and ways in Nimbatus. Congratulations to skipydog(Discord), who shows us that nothing beats a good explosion in a nice package. I'll post here when the next round / contest goes live ❤️
  4. Ah, that's a very good observation, thank you for posting. If you're a programmer, of course such missions should be playable more times. We have to check how we will handle the ore-planet, but I think even there it won't matter much (since yellow resources are not important and there isn't all that much red). And for other captains I think we should display a warning as well, but I'm not sure how we display that at the moment Thank you!
  5. We need to add her to the crazy-dev-mug-shot-roster™ sometime soon ^^
  6. Thanks for reporting We fixed the bug and it will patched with the newest update, probably coming later today
  7. @boingy I'm sorry, @Goggles-kun is right, this specific giveaway is already over. I'm sorry for forgetting to lock the thread We're still running a gif contest here, but it ends very soon. If you're quick enough, maybe you can win a copy of Nimbatus this way I wish you good luck!
  8. This is already in the game. In the main menu, go to credits and then choose backers. The backers should be listed according to their tier (alphabetically) Or do you mean you want more specific sections for the backers already listed?
  9. Markus

    Co-op Captains

    I can't say anything about implementing such a mode (we haven't planned yet what we will add to the game after the launch), but let me ask some questions for clarification How would you imagine such a mode play out? Would there be splitscreen or would you imagine the camera zoom out as far as needed (so see both player at the same time? Even when it become so small that you can't barely see details anymore?). How would you like death to behave? If one player dies he has to wait? Or is it a shared drone core? There's the technical limitation of only having one mouse input allowed. Would player 2 have to build a drone which has to work without mouse input? Especially in early game this might be very tricky Probably for that reason alone such a mode would be very difficult to properly implement.
  10. I see what you mean. It's bad wording from our side and might give a false impression of what is happening under the hood. The gameplay mechanic is that only resources that you bring yourself to the container count as collected, that is something we don't like to change. So if that behavior is not clear, we have to improve the wording for "Return to Nimbatus". Would "Return to Hangar" (which we have in the pause menu) be more clear? Or would something like "Exit Mission" be more clear? Since this is an intended behavior, I hope you don't mind if I move this topic to "suggestions and feature requests", as this helps us to organize things a bit better Thank you for posting and helping!
  11. Cool, that's for the feedback Happy that it works way better now than before.
  12. How does it feel now? We added the ability for the drone to destroy terrain by bumping into the terrain a while back. While it still is possible to get stuck, does it now happen more rare? Does it still feel frustrating or can you get out of the stuck pixel pretty quickly?
  13. Hi everyone! The fantastic youtuber MacGhriogair has build a mini-series of how to construct certain things in Nimbatus. Please check out the list below if you're searching for a certain build or just want to learn how certain things work If you found any other interesting explanatory videos or video lists, please link them below, so this can become an ever growing list of knowledge How To Use The Factory Part, Unlimited Parts 5 Tips On How To Build A Stable Drone How To Make A Drone Fly Upright Using Sensors How To Use Logic Splitters And Logic Connectors How To Mine And Gather Resources, Mining A Planet How To Keep Shields & Weapons Always Running How To Make Drop Turrets Using The Factory How To Get Bio Barrels And Defend Against Turrets How To Make Automated Drop Tanks, Factory Fuel How To Use The Camera Part How To Make A Drone Follow Your Mouse Cursor How To Research Weapon Upgrades And Make New Weapons How To Make Magnetic Couplers, Connecting Two Drones How To Send Keypresses Into The Logic Splitter Small remark: These videos were made with an older version or in Sandbox and therefore might not work for you in Survival mode (because of parts limit). Big thank you to MacGhriogair for making these videos ❤️
  14. Naming is so hard In the middle we thought it was funny if we made the resources (4 in total?) having names of the developers. I think is was something like Stettium and Rogium . The others I don't remember or weren't decided I think Tritium is a relic from the very very very early days of Micha's solo dev times Nowadays we can't change things easily, because every change has to be translated into many different languages So Tritium it is, even though it makes no sense at all, sorry @Konchog
  15. This is so incredible @licflagg very very nice work, thank you very much for sharing!! Very cool idea ^^ Also, thank you for sharing the drone blueprints! ❤️
  16. Lovely thread idea, great videos here Thank you very much for sharing these, keep 'em coming The not working drones are sometimes as fun as the working ones
  17. I pushed a bugfix for this problem today. Now if hammerheads stray too far into space they return to the planet by themselves. So it should be easier to find them. I also added this behavior to the lava stonemantas and the icemantas, because there are missions in which you have to find them as well For the icemantas sometimes it can still be difficult to find them, because the distance for when they start returning is quite big, but unfortunately that's needed because you have to transport them to the player-container, which is sometimes quite some distance away from the planet. It will come with the next update to the preview branch, which I hope will come next week. Fingers crossed
  18. @ArnoJ and @Micha are responsible for the achievements, and the World Slayer is indeed a reference to the drone which is able to one-shot planets ^^@Garheardt the Black ❤️
  19. I can ask the others if it's possible to turn of the camera clamping for the test modes. Might also be useful of you want to show of huuuuuuge drones in their full glory as well
  20. Lovely solution! Thanks for the gif ❤️
  21. Coming here from your other newest post @corona_wind How would you imagine a single part gimbal to work? What would the settings / outputs exactly be? I'm not yet sure if I understand it enough. Please help me out here
  22. Really cool racer designs, thank you for posting these
  23. Ah, I'm very sorry. The entrance is fixed with the newest version ^^' I was of testing with the current internal build, therefore I was not seeing the issue you have (in the next update, the drone will launch directly to the left from the entrance) You have to be a bit patient until we release the next update, since it quite a big one and needs a lot of testing. We have a "translator-branch" which we update frequently, but there's lot of broken stuff in it (new biomes), so I don't recommend to play it for the time being. I'm very sorry
  24. As a small note: Bio weapons deal the same amount of damage since quite a few updates. There was a time when it was weaker, but we scrapped that because it was pretty useless that way Also: We worked around the small invisible specks problem. I'm looking forward to let you all test it
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