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  1. Thank you. Your Gifs are super useful. This has probably to do with the bullet-spawner-location on the enemies. The spawner is outside the collider for the enemy. When the enemy is directly touching the "wall", the bullet-spawner-location could be inside the wall, not outside. And once a bullet is inside, it completely ignores the collider and is able to fly though it. (just my guess) If the above is the case, then it's a easy fix Thank you for sharing.
  2. Cool, thank you very much for trying to replicate the bug, this speeds up the bugfixing process a lot. Also the gifs are very useful This also happened to us in the testing, but we couldn't replicate it reliably. Will be fixed hopefully soon
  3. Both nice ideas I'll add: 3. Shields need a small amount of energy when they are open/active, but not much. But when they get hit, they need way more energy to be able to stay open. The problem is, that it's difficult to previsualize how much batteries you need to keep the shields active beforehand. 4. The shields have a certain amount of HP. They are active all the time until the HP depletes. Then they need time (and even more battery?) to recharge. If they are recharched then they open again with full HP. If someone has more suggestions, please keep 'em coming Additionally I think that eventually we need different kind of shields for different purposes (ammunition type, environment, ...)
  4. Absolutely. A way to grab things without a magnet is definitely needed. You can already build a grappling arm, but eventually we'll have a part which does that for you.
  5. I also think that the shields are currently not interesting enough (overpowered). Having them react differently in different situations (weapons, environment) is a good idea.
  6. Another thing which might be cool. Having an actual representation of the planet in the minimap instead of only a circle. It might work this way: When you start you only have a slightly visible circle which roughly indicates the size of the planet. When you fly there with your drone, the actual formation gets revealed in the minimap. This way it's fun exploring the planet, but if you found something interesting, you can more easily locate it again, And of course of you dig holes in the planet, the minimap gets updated accordingly. These are only ideas, no promise to implement them @Philo Maybe you have a scanner which can scan objects (enemies, plants, rock formations) and if you once scanned them, you have them available in a sub-menu and then you can optionally display them in the minimap if you want. @OsoMoore Absolutely agree with the contrast. Another idea is that the planet is a filled circle with transparency instead of an opaque outline. Noted.
  7. I like this idea. When you have many planets explored, it's really hard to find a certain planet which fits your criteria when you want to replay or experiment with it. Maybe you have to scan certain objects first before you can browse it on the worldmap though (just throwing another idea on top ).
  8. Cool Please don't worry. Post as many things you think you would like to see improved in the game. We're a small team and don't have much time to test everything and think everything through till the end. So we need your help I can't confirm when and if we're able to implement it, but we'll read everything and but it on our list for possible fixes/features.
  9. @TaikoDragonI completely agree with the hotkeys. It was on our ToDo for the closed alpha launch but we had to skip it because of time reasons. I hope we'll add it in the next few updates
  10. There's a mistake in the Shader or Filter-Settings in the Textures (mipmap settings) which produces this line. I didn't have enough time to fix it for the alpha Since there might be some major changes for the blackhole in general, I'll fix it when we work on this feature again Thank you for pointing it out
  11. @DreamShark Yes. If you post glitches or Bugs, please post them directly in the Bug Forum. Makes things easier for us when there's a lot of feedback coming. Thank you To find your Gifs/Screenshots go to where the Nimbatus.exe is and then go to the Folder "Nimbatus_Screenshots". There you find your assets. If you have problem finding it by yourself, go to your Steam Library, right click on Nimbatus, go to Preferences, Local Files and then Browse Local Files. There you should find it. I think we will soon update the sticky post with additional information to organize things more. Thank you for your help, it's highly appreciated.
  12. Here's a GIF excerpt from Lathrix's latest letsplay. He makes very enjoable Nimbatus letsplays. How were your first steps with the new alpha? Please share your GIFs here
  13. We agree. The Tutorial part is definitely not good enough yet. I think we have a small image in the tutorial which explains linking, but not that it results in a bigger building radius. Good point, thank you for posting. A completely new tutorial will be made in the future. We're currently focusing on improving the gameplay and adding new features. Good tutorials take time and we don't like to remake the tutorial whenever we add new features. Therefore for the time being (closed alpha) there won't be any additional explanations/tutorial. I hope you find it exciting when you find out new things and it isn't too frustrating
  14. Currently there's a small bug in the animation-blending which quickly opens/closes the doors and therefore smacks you in the face sometimes. One way to make it saver it to drop a small part of your drone into the container (e.g. detachable part) which results in a permanently open container. This way the doors won't hit you anymore This is something which will be addresses soon
  15. Thank you for the feedback @DreamShark! You can use F9 to make a GIF of the last 6 seconds and F8 for a screenshot (F7 to hide UI). Thank you for liking the animations ^^ I hope we'll be able to animate many more things in the future. Looking forward to it. I also think that the first level is way too hard. This will be addressed sometime in the future. Can you make a GIF from the 2nd glich you described? I think we once had the bug that the fungi could generate resources, but it should not be in the game anymore (even though I liked it. Cool mechanic ) About shooting through terrain. We'll have to look into that. Maybe if the collider of the terrain is too close to the turret then maybe the bullet spawnpoint is inside the terrain and then can freely fly though it. Noted. Thank you for the feedback and for playing Nimbatus. It's highly appreciated
  16. Markus

    Part Coloring

    Would you be content with it if this would be a reward you get from missions or winning in the sumo tournament (or other future challenges)? You would for example get certain colors which then you can apply, not free choice. Or would you think this is something completely optional and has nothing to do with gameplay and you can choose everything from the start?
  17. We absolutely agree. This is a problem a lot of "pixel-perfect landscape destroy games" have. Remember playing Worms and then the Bazooka hits that damn small piece in the air? It's kind of like that. We're not sure if and how we will solve it in the end but we are aware of the problem and there are several ways to deal with it. Please bear with us until we have a solid and efficient solution.
  18. Do you mean similar to the "normal keybinding way" that you click onto the tags field and then directly type instead of having a pop-up? You can already directly type when the pop-up is open and you don't have to delete the old tag first.
  19. @NairbHaon Great solution! Can you make a GIF of how your mechanical arm works? Our idea was also that you can use the magnet, but we were hoping that someone would build a mechanical solution. Great work We have to explain certain things better for the early access version and also add more parts and solutions to missions. Thank you for testing and improving the game together with us
  20. Welcome @Sylennus. Hunter x Hunter is one of my favorites as well also watched 2011 2 times and the original once. Read the whole manga about 2 times and even collected all the mangas 2 times yes, I'm a bit of a fanboy. It's interesting that so many people here have similar interests (be it the stories or topics like nature). It's a please to make games for you all
  21. @DreamShark you have good eyes spotting them with all that fire
  22. Hi everyone. I'm Markus and I work at Stray Fawn Studio as a Technical Artist / Animator / Artist / Game Designer / ... and everything else they let me work on My hobbies are drawing, animation (I absolutely adore high-quality hand-drawn animation) and comics. I'm also interested in photography, Machine Learning / AI and I learn Japanese together with @Philo and @Micha. I also like Full Metal Alchemist (original and brotherhood, as well as the manga) @DangerousDodo. I have probably seen almost all live-action Death Note adaptions there are as well as read the Manga, but I haven't seen the Anime As what my favorite animes are: The list of animes I like are too long to mention here and the ones @Philo posted are definitely high on my list. Some animes which are not only my favorites but also very important to me: The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, 2006 (Movie) 5 Centimeters per Second, 2007 (Movie) The Tower of Druaga, 2008 (Series) Dennou Coil, 2007 (Series) Angel Beats!, 2010 (Series) Maybe we need a Anime / Manga thread in this forum so we can nerd-out together
  23. Hi everyone. Today I was working on a new Shader which lets the drone parts burn. This look is very much work in progress and will most likely look totally different when it's in the final game - but hopefully you find the progress of such things interesting I hope you like it and as always, feel free to comment on everything posted here
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