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  1. Very good suggestions (as well as the other programmer related suggestions). We're working on several important things now for the next update, but I hope we find time for such quality of life improvements soon fully agree with you ^^ (but as always, it's a matter of time&resources&prioritization )
  2. ( doublepost from the bug forum ) The body of the snake (the parts which damage you but have no collision) can be detected via "danger zone" while the parts which you have to destroy can be detected with "enemy".
  3. The snake's body can be detected via "danger zone" and the parts of the body which you have to shoot react to "enemy". Nearest enemy should react to the parts which you can destroy on the enemy. Does it work for you this way?
  4. Very good discussion and idea. I'm can't say how fun it will be, but somehow I would love to try it. I can imagine giving it a new layer of possibilities. But maybe it's just plainly annoying because it might spawn seemingly random terrain in the air if you don't know what you're doing (beginner players). Maybe a opt-in would work (a toggle like fixed rotation/follow cursor). We're currently very busy in finishing all kind of things (and adding / testing new content) for the next update, so I'm not sure when and if we're getting around toying with that idea. fingers crossed
  5. Are you on the translator branch? Thanks for noticing. I'll forward it to @ArnoJ
  6. Good suggestion. For the hammerheads especially, I use a Directional Sensor and set it to "Mission Target" so it shows me where the closest hammerhead is. But it's a bit cumbersome, but a work-around until we find a better solution. I'll forward these suggestions to @ArnoJ
  7. Should be fixed and comes with next update
  8. Should be fixed and comes with next update
  9. Thanks for the feedback This helps us testing the balancing. Also you're an experienced player which knows what to do, so that probably also helps Thanks!
  10. No worries. Also, I'll ask @Micha if that's possible with the output_log_#.txt numbering
  11. Which captain did you play with @STM? Did you intentionally farm all planets for Unobtanium? I think it's not intended to have all of them fully upgraded without investing a lot of time ^^
  12. Yes, unfortunately the output_log.txt gets overwritten every time the game restarts. Which post do you mean specifically, I'll fix it The post here in this forum uses: "Windows: C:\Users\[Username]\AppData\LocalLow\Nimbatus\Nimbatus\output_log.txt" and "Windows: C:\Users\[Username]\AppData\LocalLow\Nimbatus\Nimbatus\Saves" which should be the correct ones. Sorry if I'm missing something
  13. Thanks! If you haven't launched the game since the crash, there's a file in c://Users/your name/AppData/LocalLow/Nimbatus/Nimbatus/ called "output_log.txt". Often there are crashes described. We already have that crash on our bug list, but were not able to fix it in time for this update. I hope it will be fixed as soon as possible as well
  14. Thank you you two, I'll check it and fix it as soon as possible
  15. Thank you very much! I'll check it out!
  16. I'm sorry, Micha is only back in office from next monday. We'll report back here when we found something
  17. We have several ideas for new captains (in the campaign mode). It's not really implemented as new types of drone brains, but the outcome might be similar we haven't announced new captains yet, but I think you might find them interesting once we get time to add new ones
  18. Yes, that's true But that's what we decided on is the gameplay for Nimbatus Maybe we can make a Sandbox setting where the drone-brain does not take damage (if for some reason that's important when you create fancy constructions). But for normal gameplay that's a huge important part of the game
  19. Ah, I'm sorry, I misunderstood your idea. I think I now get it. There would probably many problems if we would allow a new factory-block to duplicate things which are above itself. It basically means "everything except what's underneath the new-factory-block". That would be even harder to balance than the current OP-factory-block. Also it would be difficult to be used (where to the new parts spawn? what direction/orientation? There's no pre-visualization in editor for such a case). Performance would drop radically and be hard to be predict. So my gut feel is that it's very unlikely that we can and would like to introduce such a part, I'm very sorry. There are just too many difficult technical and game design challenges for such a part. But as STM said. The thing you probably want (smaller drones which you don't make to game over when you die) is already possible with the current factory-block. You just have to add the whole small drone underneath the factory block. No second drone-brain needed.
  20. We have a factory block. Is that the thing you mean? It's able to duplicate all parts which are attached to it (children only). It's technically not possible to have more than one drone core per player at the moment. Therefore duplicating drone cores is not possible
  21. Thanks for posting! @Micha will have a look at it and will report back here
  22. We thought about this. The problem is that the chances are very slim that you find a drone which has exactly the parts you need. The simpler the drone in the workshop the higher the chance it might work for you. But on that level we want you to build your own drone (start game). And if you already have a lot of drone parts (nearing end-game), then you probably want to build your own drone anyway. That's why we decided to block workshop access during campaign mode. You can still upload your designs though
  23. Sounds like a viable idea. My suggestion is that it would be similar to how it is now: You have a selection of predefined colors (for people who don't want to mess around with it). But additionally there are HSV sliders on the bottom. If you select a predefined color, the values of the slides automatically adjust in a way that it results in the selected color. But you can freely adjust the slides and the LED will light up in the set up color when active. The saving would need some rework probably, because of how it is saved internally (1 Enum vs. 3 floats), but I think it should be possible to convert it to a new mode. I think the usage is familiar to most players, as it is similar to adjusting for example the length of a distance sensor I would suggest to use HSV, as that mode is more intuitive than straight RGB.
  24. Very good ideas and discussion here I'm also not 100% happy with the current solution. I personally don't mind the shrinking space (as in it being a differentiator for the sumo mode). I personally dislike it because there often is a case when the shrinking rotating blades wedge the two drones in the center and it seems the winning drone is random and there's not much you can do against that (except maybe for making a center spinner ). We tried to balance it with timing and damage for the blades, and while it got significantly better, the problem still occurs from time to time. I also like the idea that damage could be a part of the win-condition. Maybe the amount of damage dealt could be an indicator, but I'm not yet sure if that could be exploited somehow (like mining damage of broken off parts or the like). Maybe it should really be damage dealt to the core, but if it's very good protected, maybe that's too difficult. Another problem may be, that a small drone which can super quickly evade may be a good solution, because there's not much you can damage and therefore not ramp up tons of damage. We have to test Also on the note of distance weapons: How much do you really miss it? When playing brawl I was having quite some fun and thought it was different enough from sumo.While it is true that some of the sumo strategies work really well in brawl, some adjustments need to be done to be really successful. The main problem with distance weapons is that giving all options is not a very fun way to place. Rockets are too overpowered, and burning weapons can kill you way to fast as well. We could maybe just allow blasters? But that would probably not be very fun as well (more blasters = better). There's not much you can do against it except for firing back. And other weapons might seem more fun, so why limit it to only one type. And that's only with kinetic weapons Keep the ideas coming I think brawl is a very important mode for Nimbatus (like Sumo, which is something you can spend hour and hours on it) and it would be sad if we could not make good usage of the mode. So improvements are very welcome
  25. Also a quick "I'm home" from me Thank you all for not abandoning us in the meantime Japanese dragonflies are cute ^^ ただいま。みんなはお元気ですか。もう一回これからお世話になります。 Btw, on that day @Philo was fooling around with dragonflies, the sky was swarmed with black kites (?). In japanese they are called tonbi. Maybe I also upload some photos if you would like to see more things
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