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  1. Thank you @corona_wind for posting these gifs. Very cool constructions! We intentionally don't show the players constructions in racing, so whenever somebody is sharing their constructions, we're double happy Keep 'em coming, and congrats to steadily improving your own best times!
  2. Markus

    Test drive

    This sounds strange, hmm. Can you make a GIF and upload it here? You can use [F9] to make a gif of the last 6 secons of gameplay. The gif can be found in the folder where the nimbatus.exe is in the sub-folder "Nimbatus_Screenshots". You can locate the nimbatuse.exe via the steam client Right Click the game in your steam library > select properties > Local Files Tab > Browse Local Files...
  3. Wheels is something which we promised in our Kickstarter strechgoals, so it will definitely come in the future. What do you mean with free floating bearings? Can you explain that or link to an image which shows the concept?
  4. Hi @SAibot. Do you mean writing a review on Steam for Nimbatus? If you own Nimbatus on Steam (and are logged in) you can follow the link here and you should be able to write a review.
  5. In which version? can you make a small gif of the bug? Thank you for helping
  6. Cool, it seems uploading gifs work again. Thanks for always posting. Very cool stuff
  7. So far Kinetic ammunition deals "normal" damage, and all the elemental ammunition deal a x-factor of that, x being smaller than 1 (because they have other advantages than just dealing damage). So I would like to make the bio ammunition more useful with abilities instead of damage I was thinking of maybe doing damage over time for organic enemies, but maybe no damage dealing towards mechanical enemies? No plans yet, just posting ideas
  8. We try not to communicate release dates early on as a company policy, I'm very sorry So no fixed date for that yet.
  9. We fixed the bug. The bugfix will be included in the next update Thanks for posting.
  10. Interesting suggestions. So you want the weapon more to be used for certain missions. That means the weapon is still not very useful in normal combat? Would that be enough for you? I'm wondering if we can improve the general usefulness of that ammunition type.
  11. I know about FPGA, so I guess PAL, GAL is just an earlier version/variant of it? We discussed once that we could have a block which would allow you to write scripts (for example in LUA) and then execute those. Maybe your have 8 inputs, some LUA code and 8 outputs. This would somehow work like the FPGA you mentioned? But I'm not certain if we go that deep with programming. A truth table would be interesting for a wide array of problems, but not sure how much deeper we should go Maybe we will rework the logic in the future, adding something akin to node-based programming. But nothing is decided on that end yet
  12. Thank you for the suggestion @Skynova! I'm not familiar with the term PAL or GAL. But if it's something similar to Truth tables then I think some players already requested it I think they would not that hard to implement, but we have to check when we have resources for adding new logic parts. I hope you like the game so far. Thank you for posting here
  13. Hmm, I tried to reproduce the bug in the latest version (0.7.0), but I could not find this behavior In which version do you have this problem? Are you sure it's gravity and not the known "slight asymmetry in parts" problem mentioned in this thread? If you launch an empty drone, does it slowly hover downwards?
  14. Thank you for sharing your idea. I'm not sure if I completely understand what you mean. Do you want a sensor which can output a signal if enemies are in a certain direction/distance from you? Or is it more like the minimap which shows enemies? Sorry for not understanding
  15. Good suggestions. Some things we might keep for later for boss encounters, but there are some interesting bits in here. I really like the moody merchant Thank you for sharing!
  16. You are right We're thinking about how we should handle bio weapons in the future. Do you have any suggestions of how we should change them?
  17. Are you sure you can ? I can't reproduce this, I'm sorry. From our side it's not intended that you are able to go back a galaxy in the campaign mode
  18. Woops, this might be the case because of the new update, where we reworked some stuff. We'll check and fix it as soon as we can and update the preview build! Thanks for posting!
  19. What do you mean? Is uploading not working anymore? can you provide a screenshot? I hope we can help as soon as possible. I want to see your gifs
  20. Thank you. I put it on our ToDo list. Makes sense to me. Thanks for noticing and posting
  21. Thanks for noticing. We have to check which makes most sense, but DangerZone oder Enemy sounds like a good suggestion. Thank you very much
  22. Ah, thank you, very good to know! I'll forward it @Micha.
  23. String names are currently not parsed, meaning, you can freely enter "/" or "\". If we would use those signs for a folder structure, I would assume that we would handle those two characters the same way. I would not be the one who would implement such a feature, so I can't say much about technical details/implementations. Also remember, that I don't promise that we will implement such a feature. Just saying that it's one of the things we think would be valuable but we might not have time to actually implement
  24. Hi everyone! We're giving away 5 Steam keys for Nimbatus during the Steam Summer Sale Leave a comment here in order to join the raffle. The deadline to join is Sunday, 14th of July. Winners will be drawn on Monday 15th of July. Best of luck to you!
  25. Hi everyone! Starting now and up until 17:00 CEST today on every full hour we will be dropping 2 free Steam keys in the chat of our stream on the Steam page. First come first serve. I hope you can grab one There will be more give aways during the Summer Sale. We will keep you up to date https://store.steampowered.com/app/383840/Nimbatus__The_Space_Drone_Constructor/ (There's also a 25% discount during the summer sale)
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