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  1. Roger

    Special launch give away

    Sorry Spooky Quisine :'0 But as mentioned, there will be more in the future. Probably with the new update
  2. Roger

    Modding questions

    @Micha ; )
  3. Roger

    Development WIP

    Good question. We do like the straight forward approach we have with steam during early access, as it allows us to use steam workshop and bring out updates without much effort, wheter for us nor the players. We haven't decided about the full release, though.
  4. Roger

    Resource container(s) spawned by factory don't fill

    thank you! I didn't know. I'll ask Micha if he knows about it to see if there is a quick fix for it.
  5. Roger

    windows 7 32bit ?

    yes 😃
  6. Roger

    Overlay key bindings option in drone editor

    You hit the nail on its head. We know about that feature request and I am almst sure that it will eventually be implemented. Still, thank you very much for the suggestion
  7. Roger

    Special launch give away

    Hey derpxderp, I hope you don't believe that your chances are getting better by spaming the forum ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. Roger

    Please add a logic part with two outputs

    Moved to Feature requests for others to upvote
  9. Roger

    Recoupler part.

    This would be like a Traktor beam recoupler. Hm...nice. Upvoted myself 😃
  10. Roger

    Bio Waste Planet

    I like your imagination, but your ask isn't easy to implement. This would mean that we need to have walking enemies (now they're all flying which is easier to make), we'd need a corrosion effect on the terrain and start to have special rules for how each enemy react to a certain weapon type. But I do like your suggestion of a contaminated planet that you shoudn't touch. Futhermore, I have an idea that is comparable to what you're aiming for. We could make the Bioweapons behave like acid that does damage over time *_*
  11. Roger

    Special launch give away

    early access, not a full release
  12. Roger

    My take on Nimbatus’s Lore

    Your guess is going in to the right direction 😃 But as the Early Access Release is more sandbox like than a campaign and the factions we have planned aren't really in the game, yet, we could say, that there is not a real lore for now. PS: The main visual should give you a small hint on what's to expect in the future, too
  13. Roger

    My feedback for the game so far

    Thanks for the suggestions. We'll have to consider a lot of opinions and fix a lot of stuff while we'll implement more content. So don't take it as granted that we'll make all of your points happen, but some of them for sure
  14. Roger

    Planets moving

    Hey Jeroene, were you in the chat during my stream 😅 ? I see that this is a good idea, but I also see how we should put our effort into more important things like more missions or more arenas rather than polishing stuff that is already working well. Just a thought ^^