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  1. Roger

    0.5.2 Typo in mission description

    Gotta go through all of these anyways. Many descriptions have a wrong allignment. Thank you, though!
  2. Roger

    EMP blast

    I hope that we are going to have such a part in the game sooner or later, but also on the enemies side to disable shields and so on. We thought about it many times, but it will be something to implement somewhen in the future after several other things. (Unless it gets really high votes XD )
  3. Roger

    Camera doesnt disapear from minimap

    We already planned to adjust the behaviour of camera part in the next few days. So besides having you showing us a bug, your timing coudn't be better
  4. Roger

    Background Image

    The buildings are still waiting for a bettter implementation system that adds value to the gameplay. It's just not on the priority list. The bug (or as you call it - the crocodile thing) is from the demo and will eventually be in there, too. We just didn't do much on the jungle planet lately while working for the lava biome and the heating/cooling systems.
  5. Roger

    Ice planet and green resource

    We want to come up with many new planets as soon as we are in early access. First of them is probably going to be an ice planet = )
  6. @Grizzy Bear Can't tell how the individual gifs will do in the competition, but I found it very interesting to see your studies 😃
  7. Roger

    0.2.4 Pre-Alpha - Controls Don't Work in Arena

    Hi Century Orion The use of the keyboard is restricted, because the fights in the sumo arena are supposed to be hold with automated drones. Therefor you'll need to use sensors and logic parts to let it fly for itself. It's not a bug, its a feature! ^^
  8. Roger

    Enemy pop-in

    this happened to me as well, yesterday. I was testing how the new laserbeam design looks and suddenly *BOOM* ^^'
  9. @PhantomDerp philo posted a link up in here where you find the entries of the last competition. The currently last post in there announced the winners. @everybody : Good luck to everyone! Can't wait to see the results and we can't wait to announce the next topics. Lots of creative people in here who do great work
  10. Roger

    Basic Shield improvement

    Hi everybody. As I was watching Lathlands latest youtube video of nimbatus, I got a bit annoyed of how overpowered the shields are. You can put them on your drone and let them always be active, which makes the missions too easy and monotonous. I thought of two different ways to improve it's behaviour: 1. The shields drain more energy over time. 2. Shields have a limited active time and need to cool down. (Active time could be improved with upgrades in the future) What do you think? Any other suggestions? What would you prefer?
  11. Roger


    Me personally, I'd like to have a building type in addition to terrain and enemies.
  12. Roger

    Rogium Tank not appearing correctly

    It is indeed a minor bug, but it is still good to be aware of this, as we should keep things consistent. The color in the middle of the part should stay the same when selected. Thank you =)
  13. I'm happy to see that you found different solutions How did the mission go ? Was it hard to accomplish once you've figured out how to transport the barrels?