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  1. Isn't Kinetic already what you've meant by that. It does more damage than plasma & cryogenic on impact without having any other stats. Let me know if I misunderstood something wrong.

    I'd also love to have an electric element that can stop weapons from shooting. But not only that, it should be like an EMP and disable every mechanical part that it hits. So enemies could disable the partially disable the drone functionality for a couple of seconds. Don'

  2. Hello everybody!
    After sending many of our people to their well deserved holidays we're finally all back together to bring you some  F r E s H   C o N t E N T !

    It is a new competitive mode for automated drones and this time you'll be able to bring your melee weapons into the ring. We call it "Brawl"

    I hope you like it   ;D

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  3. All in all great suggestions :) We are in the process of planning the next steps at the moment and are happy to see what the players would like to see in the game. I personally think that we'd probably first get the progression system going and do some not boss related content before implementing such jewels like your ideas into the game. Nevertheless, it's good that you made them as we will have a look at it whenever it's time to make it happen.

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  4. The emblems are not collectables. They are the Logos of the time trial race tracks.
    @Lurkily The one on the right is a swimmer, indeed. Looks a lot like a chinese dragon but it's supposed to be a hydrus (which is often drawn just very similar to a dragon). We named the tracks after star constellations :)

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  5. 1 minute ago, Spooky Quisine said:

    Is this giveaway still active? If so, It would be fantastic to win a copy!


    On 10/15/2018 at 12:52 PM, Philo said:


    This concludes the special launch give away.
    Thank you all very much for participating! We will certainly run more give aways / competitions in the forums soon!

    Sorry Spooky Quisine :'0  But as mentioned, there will be more in the future. Probably with the new update

  6. Good question. We do like the straight forward approach we have with steam during early access, as it allows us to use steam workshop and bring out updates without much effort, wheter for us nor the players. We haven't decided about the full release, though.

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  7. I like your imagination, but your ask isn't easy to implement. This would mean that we need to have walking enemies (now they're all flying which is easier to make), we'd need a corrosion effect on the terrain and start to have special rules for how each enemy react to a certain weapon type. 
    But I do like your suggestion of a contaminated planet that you shoudn't touch.
    Futhermore, I have an idea that is comparable to what you're aiming for.  We could make the Bioweapons behave like acid that does damage over time *_*

  8. 12 minutes ago, Raakashan said:

    OMG seeing the videos on youtube of the full release makes me glad I've been following this game, the progress so far in such a short time is amazing, the game is absolutely beautiful, yet so simple at the same time, and all around innovative, i cant wait to see what you guys do next!!!!

    early access, not a full release ;)

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