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  1. Hi! I don't know if this is just a bug with steam but I'm trying to do all the achievements.. I just bred a nicheling with 13 attack but yet the hybrid achievement is not unlocked for me? I've tried refreshing the achievements page plus closing the game and opening it back up but still no achievement! :c If someone could help me figure this out I'd appreciate it!
  2. Hi all so I've been playing niche since May 4th and I started my journey with playing through Adam's Story.. I've been playing for almost 10 hours to no avail finding his home island or at least that I noticed BECAUSE APPARENTLY AT SOME POINT I DID FIND HIS ISLAND BUT DIDN'T EVEN NOTICE BECAUSE I GOT THE ACHIEVEMENT. Does anyone have any tips? I've heard the tips of either going north or right but I seem to be stuck in a loop the furthest I've gotten is dying in the Savannah.. I have gotten to the archipelago though before!
  3. Ahhh this is such a good idea and such a cute drawing! I imagine you could make your nichelings look even more like anteaters if you have them stinky tail haha!
  4. I had another idea for an ear type! I had an idea where nichelings could have slightly large ears but with tufts of hair on the top (similar to Canadian lynx) this could help them hear prey underground. I think this feature would most help with the snow biome and this feature could maybe help you pounce on prey if they are underneath the snow???
  5. Dilophosaurus nichelings! I like it haha
  6. This is an awesome idea! also your nicheling drawing is adorable <3
  7. Hmmm.. what if with the strange colors on bird nichelings it could help with calling out for a mate? since most male birds have more attractive colors anyway to attract females
  8. @Sheireen the angler fish luring light was my originally idea for this yes! although i can see why land dwelling nichelings would not have much use for it. @Dun(ce) Crow that is a great idea too! could be called copycat snout? I like the sound of that haha
  9. hmmm maybe could add the opposite of stinky tail but maybe an alluring smell? @Jojo
  10. I'm currently in the last year of my two year degree in Wildlife, forestry, and fisheries! I was originally an arts major but did not enjoy it as much until i discovered my college had a wildlife program! I'm not quite sure if i'll go on to a 4 year university or what I will do after I graduate this year ,but I am excited for the future!
  11. I love these silly babies <3 <3 <3 It has been my dream to visit and pet deer since I was a child and I got that chance this past summer! I've always grown up around deer living in TN ,but they have always been a mystical sort of secret animal to me which is why I'm so drawn to them <3
  12. @beny453 You could use it that way yeah! I also saw it as a way for nichelings that want the challenge of fighting bearyena that are too far away the bearyena will come right to them!
  13. I had an idea of nicheling's developing a sort of lure that could attract prey or even predators to them if the subject in question is a certain tile number away from them. Think of it as sort of an angler fish lure! Say the rabbils are too far away after your moves are gone or you have one move left you could use your lure to get the chance for the prey or predator to turn around for another nicheling to catch them! This could be used in the horn slot. (If someone has already suggested this I apologize!)
  14. I think this is an awesome idea! I agree with your original thought saying just buffing blind eyes would be kind of silly. Maybe with the echolocation it could also help with identifying food sources? say "shrieking" to find berry bushes or if this blind nicheling has water body and the potential to fish they could also find fish. I like the idea of having a blind water body nicheling using sonar to find to find it's food!
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