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  1. I like this idea. usually when i play after a long time it's har to remember all the story from before and i end up messing the story. this would be great !
  2. Congratz @DogCatCowPig !
  3. I am waiting the new Steven Universe episodes!
  4. Another giveaway? I think you are amasing, we don't get to see so many active developers as you! Good luck to everyone!
  5. I never thought a rogue's baby would become one of my ever favorites nichelings. I once had this royal family with purple eyes ( the purple eyes being the sign of their royality). A rogue male attacked one of my female which was the leader's mate and also the mother of the whole royal family. She then ran away in the savana and gave birth to the baby and she raised him all alone. The baby had one claw so she tought him how to use it. I initially thought he was gonna be just another uselees creature, and as every rogue baby he was am omega, but after his mother passed away he surprised everyone. He became the bearyena slayer ! He defended the tribe and killed 3 bearynas ! He became famous and loves, being finally accepted by the royal familly as the hero he was. He found himself a mate ( which he saved from a bearyena) and had 2 beautiful scorpion-tailed babys! also here are some other of my favorites nichelings.
  6. @Philo what does " Requests help from near occupants" do?
  7. I personaly like to read the posts more than posting or replaying. I am sure the most of us do the same.
  8. I can't wait for some of this things to get added! You guys are doing an amasing work with this game!
  9. Here is my loved angry little bird and her first child!!
  10. Hello, so I've been playing the realise preview for the new genes for some time. I know that the game has gotten an update and the new genes( bird genes) are now in the main game. I wanted to swich to the actual full game now, but I have no idea which one should i swich to. I tryed finding the 1.1.something but there isn't it. I'd apreaciate if someone could tell me which one to move to in order to play the main game. Thank you!
  11. CarmenA


    Maybe we could have an option to register the progress we make with that tribe, i imagine that filmig the whole gameplay for watching later would take a lot of memory, disk space that some people dont have.
  12. That would be so useful adn time saving, i use to have so many famillys i cant keep track of
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