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  1. Maybe either use the alpha attacking omegas? But then it'd be a one sided fight... So what if we did this.. NvN! (Nicheling vs Nicheling) aka PvP So next to the beta alpha omega thing you have a claw mark symbol, NvN You can turn this on which will look like the red claw marks above, or keep it off, which would look like this; If NvN is enabled the nicheling can only attack another nicheling with NvN enabled This is not affected by age, because you'd have to really screw up to try and make an adult nicheling NvN a baby nicheling and NOT know what you're doing To also warn players it could have this So no chance of someone killing their own nichelings easily! Idk, just a suggestion!
  2. So I don't have any screenies but basically I had a baby sitting near a defender bear, no other things around besides blue birds, and then it got attacked w/ the bleeding symbol. So blue birds don't have blood symbols when they snatch your kids and I hadn't touched a single friendly or neutral enemy. Note I had killed an attacking hostile bearyena before this. It just.. snatched a kid in a fit of rage. Idk man I'm confused but this boi smacced a kid too hard IT DID IT AGAINNN This new defender just smacced my poor boi. All he has done is smack a bearyena that was trying to kill hiiiim. Is attacking a hostile bearyena a crime now?
  3. Last update it was purr snout This time its eyes~ We got some 2 eyesight when usually its +2 Also 0 eyesight instead of +0 though idk if that itself is a glitch But narrow eyes is safe from this plague of stolen pluses That is all
  4. So I just restarted a blood line and my starters are infants and if the baby life span I made was longer they would've starved to death Fault me and the game?? Note I edited my life spans a lot to be like 60 days So yeah idk if you can count this as a bug but it seems very inconvenient if you have a very long baby life span
  5. I believe the old peaceful bear died and then this one spawned in a tree like all sensible peaceful bears would, naturally
  6. Okay I have to continue now- GUESS WHO'S ALL ALONE BECAUSE I DIDNT NOTICE HOW OLD MY FEMALES WERE GETTING aaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH oh jesus oh jesus oh jesus RUN LURNUDON RUN! And now there's a peaceful bear In the trees... You know what it gets my nesting material because Lurnudon cant find any females rn We dont have enough food to invite her god why gOd DamNiT STaRvAtIOn AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH
  7. Thank you for showing me the error of my ways i didnt even notice that the stats changed
  8. Yep oh that adds smelling i didnt see that
  9. Since people actually have noticed this I shall continue! Also I forgot to mention this but healing is at 0 times so all damage is permanent So we got stud muffin who is going to live a whopping 5 days (The winged boi, Kirduk) Sad thing is he can only breed w/ that preggo nicheling you see there Also adding a new rule ONLY ONE MUTATION MENU THINGY CAN BE USED! Now lets continue this Btw can someone tell me what this peaceful bear wants its scaring me- And now its staring at Kirduk's bones that niiiice But OOHOHOHO who is this? only have 4 food dAmnIt Meanwhile Kirtalo has become a fishing master with 0 fishing skill, having caught 3-4 razorhinas in the past 2 days Also I found a bug He has 2 smelling as a poison fanged creature Oh yeah I forgot to mention, WELCOME VERNO! Okay I just heard some nicheling scream in pain I'm worried- You know I think that smelling ape didn't like someone messing with his smelly fruit GOD DAMNIT ALBINISM IS BAAACK Well everybody welcome Lurnudon the only albino in the tribe as of now And I am going to end this here because I have bugs to report and this is gettin long
  10. Deep Jungle The most evilest jungle ever because once I ate all the nice plants every single one became evil Now its an evil nom plant minefield
  11. Here are mine for you, starting from green and ending at yellow #A1DF90 #9AE1F9 #9697F8 #D4A4F9 #F7B5DC #000000 #FFFFFF #F27376 #F4D96C Also if you want to experiment w/ colors yourself you can use this MC skin website, https://www.minecraftskins.com/ If you use the eyedropper tool you can get the hex code
  12. Great minds think alike now let us plot their doom MWauhahaAahaHAa
  13. So this is the unlucky couple Off to a great start because they can barely collect fantastic. And the niche gods have smiled upon us because none of those plants are evil murder noms Here is the 2nd child, thankfully no ape noises yet And we got a visitor You know I was about to say this island is so safe I regret my thoughts I really do
  14. So I just had to MOST WONDERFUL and NOT RAGE INDUCING IDEA EVER. I'm going to put my damage multiplier at 100x for everything but hunger damage I'm going to put albino nichelings in the jungle LETS SEE HOW THIS GOESSS!
  15. If they truly wanted to see boston suffer, they would vote for Deep Jungle like me i am not sorry
  16. So Relame & Vichi adopted a tiny poison fanged baby named Vandon Meanwhile Mira & Vandukhir find a tiny mammut footed baby in the last iceblock on the island, named Luis A few days pass and we have a bit of a famine before Mira fixes it w/ her excellent flying & bunnil hunting abilities, those defender bears be damned. Relame and Vichi have their first child! Her name is Relame, now Relame II because the game has decided that's how this is gonna go. Vandon goes out on a nearby hunting trip, only to be ambused by a bearyena. Relame rushes to his side and claws at the bearyena as best she could, but isn't fast enough to dodge a fatal blow. Vandon quickly finishes off the bearyena, and gathers with Relame II & Vichi to mourn their loss, while Relame II's innocent black eyes stare curiously at her mother's bones. On the other side of the island Luis helps kill a bearyena and finds her cub hiding in the grasses, and invites him in with the sparing amount of food they have left. Many days go by and the bearyena cub grows up, and Mira becomes pregnant with his cub and gives birth to Reis, an odd little child.
  17. So I just felt like putting the developing story of my tribe here so wooo So this is who we started with 35 days later... Lonota (Blonde male) had a son w/ my platypus beaked nicheling, Iiana, who died a day after her 2nd son Vandukhir was born So now Lonota is a single dad w/ a winged nicheling we broke out of ice helping him raise his son Meanwhile Iiana's first son, Vichirpri, and his future mate, Relame, run away from a bearyena and defender bear who we pissed off
  18. So I did a more or less random thing for 4 starters and I got this interesting bunch Any randomly generated beauties you got you wanna share? Shove em in here!
  19. Yaaay now let's make that suggestion a reality
  21. I shoot this question back at you then; What else is there not a need for in this game? A lot of stuff! Doesn't mean we don't love it all! Like saber tooth and bearyena snout, don't they give the exact same stats? (Correct me if I'm wrong there) So what's the point of having saber tooth snout? Because we love it Anyways, some kind of gathering for the bat, being either a head or some kinda improvement on the wings, or hindlegs, whatever, would be great and make bats more unique in terms of ability. Because currently a nicheling w/ sticky tongue and medium ears is the exact same as a nicheling with bat head, making both have the same use but different appearances. So why have bat head when we have sticky tongue? Also bat wing and bird wings are the same thing except different appearances, so why even have bat wings? You can get the same nicheling skills w/ a medium eared sticky tongued bird winged nicheling as a bat nicheling. Overall idk if I took what you said in the wrong context or something, apologies if I did, but there's not a need for a LOT of the stuff in Niche. now excuse me as i die while trying to fix my niche hahahahahahha end me ;`;
  22. sob I have deleted and reinstalled niche 3 times I have deleted every file that I can find in it without the possibility of screwing it up too much before the 3rd reinstall EVERYTHING IS STILL SAVED AND I CANT FIX THIS AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH im going to die with this coloring still screwed up i feel it in my BONESSSS
  23. So we have insect eating bats in the current 1.1.7 What about fruit eating bats? Will those ever be a thing, or is always gonna just be insect eating bats? Or will that be in another next update in like a year??
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