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  1. I've been wanting to play this game on PC, could I join?
  2. I prefer the new way actually, its kinda weird seeing an adult nicheling when they're a baby. We could put a setting to have either way.
  3. The bear attacks if you attack something. However, I've had a defender bear kill a newborn baby for no reason.
  4. The defender bear killed one of my newborn babies so I assume you attack something, all your nichelings die.
  5. @Philo About editing the aging, would pregnancy be longer? I think it would be too op to have 400 day old nichelings and able to have babies everyday.
  6. My game I played as soon as the beta preview came out I played again after the bug report. My nicheling who had purr snout had suddenly had derp snout. It shows in his appearance and in the genetics. However, when you go into the family tree, you can see purr snout listed as his dominant head gene. Also, blood clotting. Some of my nichelings have no blood clotting or they only have recessive blood clotting. So this is what I've found so far and I'll keep looking for more if there are any.
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