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  1. alright but i have a problem the area where worms appear is not showing at all
  2. i had heard adding for the back story of the wings of it being a prehissotrtic gene so its not aglitch
  3. glitch with swiming tail not attached to body kinda spices up the look for swiming tail looks rlly cool and cute <3
  4. guinea hens and chickens my profile pic is of my baby girl guinea hen <3
  5. try raising animals from a day old for some its hard but fun
  6. Im working on getting a Bachelor in Vet Tech or Vetionary Science. I am going into the collage this Aguest. I cant wait to get there either! I have way more knowledge on animals than the average person because i would go into the vet clinic when i was little and watched my mother work on animals ive even seen surgrys done on animals when i was only 2 years old. So i love animals since ive been raised around them my entire life. I am able to calm down animals easily and i am able to tell how the animal is feeling easily.
  7. hi philomena im just here to see who wins lol
  8. Hi, Philomena! Cant wait to see who gets copies of the game if i get a copy id give it to someone in these comments! <3 Cant wait for the beauitful update!
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