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  1. So what? Multiple different interpretations of one idea can be posted, even though they might seem similar on the surface. My take on a volcano island is very different to yours. Also, your suggestion was posted ages ago, so you do understand that I had no idea it existed when I created this thread, right?
  2. What a unique idea. I like it!
  3. I don't think Sharkidile hybrids make much sense, but I like the rest of this suggestion! However, a Sharkidile snout that could be unlocked through, let's say, killing fifteen Sharkidiles, could have Fishing, because as of now there are no heads in the game that give Fishing, and it would make it more unique and desirable for that very reason.
  4. I tend to assume they were built by a tribe that once lived in the area, but migrated. Other times I just don't question their existence.
  5. Personally, I don't think a creative mode fits what Niche is about, even if it was toggleable. But by all means, if you like it, go ahead and upvote it. It can't make the game easier than it already is, anyway, if you know how to use the console.
  6. I feel like this would make the game too easy for a lot of people. It takes away the need for consideration of family relations, and makes incest ridiculously viable, making the game easier, more boring and overall require less brain cells. If there is no challenge, breeding the perfect creatures won't be fun for long. No support.
  7. I'd create an island that was an extensive ocean with shallow and deep water, and islands made of mostly beach tiles with some mountain tiles as well, for rocks in the middle of the sea. Clams, a few coconut trees and crabbits are the main sources of food for Nichelings who cannot breathe underwater, but further down there are fish of all kinds and worms to be gathered with Platypus Beak. The climate of the island would be +1 heat, unless it's raining, then it would be 0 heat. Maybe there could even be a new tide mechanic, where every five or so days the ocean would rise and bring with it a lot of clams, and after five days it'd fall again and take any clams with them, as well as pull creatures who are in the water and have less swimming than their distance to the nearest beach/mountain tile out into the sea, one tile, two tiles or even three tiles far, depending on how deep the tile they are standing on is. This way, Nichelings who aren't careful could get swept away by the ocean and drown. Crabbits would get swept three tiles far, no exception, unless of course there's on land when the water retreats.
  8. This goes hand in hand with a setting to change the lifespan of your Nichelings. If a Nicheling lives for, say, 40 days or longer, being able to give birth on the day after breeding feels a little overpowered. Why not add in the option to change the pregnancy duration, so a female can only give birth two days after breeding, or make the waiting time even longer, depending on your preference and wish for realism?
  9. I think pregnancy duration is also something that should be changeable. Since it fits in well with this suggestion, I thought posting it here was a good idea. If it belongs in a topic of it's own, let me know!
  10. Basically what the title says. I've always wanted to toggle things like the apes on and off, or remove carnivorous plants entirely. Do you want some more bunnils to spawn in your save file, but remove bluebirds so they can't steal the meat you get from them? Want packs of hostile Ramfoxes to roam the mountains, so your tribe has to compete with them for everything from food to space, but get rid of Balance Bears because they are a nuisance? This setting makes it possible.
  11. I've tried a few challenges before, but my favourite has been starting in a difficult biome and trying to survive and thrive without using the console. So far I've established flourishing and successful tribes through this challenge on the Sleepy Reeds, First Snow, Summer Mountains and Rainforest islands. I also once, in an earlier version of the game, had a tribe head immediately to the Oasis biome without having any water genes, and somehow they survived and adapted. Sadly I lost that save, but they ended up having around fifteen creatures, most with water body, and a lot of claws, platypus beaks and fishing tails. I think it's pretty safe to say they would've survived just fine. EDIT: I did also start a tribe in the Burning Savannah and survived, but that tribe was still in a bit of a precarious position when I lost the file because the game updated. At one point, a small patch of grass was dubbed Bearyena town, because within ten days or so, four or five bearyenas spawned there, and three of them had babies with them. I didn't have enough food to waste on inviting them, so I just let them stand there and grow up to hunt them down for more food once they were grown and aggressive. It was so funny to see a Bearyena family meet-up consisting of one hostile one that had shown up during the night and three friendly ones of varying ages, looking at eachother in the Hearing vision.
  12. I'd prefer if there was an option to add your own syllables somewhere! I developed my own Niche naming system, and new syllables would ruin everything. It'd be nice, however, to have the option to add my own made-up syllables to be potentially randomly selected for the generated names of new-born children. (Some of those syllables are Ke-, Ya-, Ni-, Sa- for females, and Ki-, Rai- and Tu- for males.) Since every single syllable changes the name's meaning, I'd understandably be upset if the syllables suggested in this suggestion were added, however I very much endorse the option of adding your own!
  13. True. I'll edit the first post in a second 🙂 Yeah, an Okapi-like neck is what I thought of, too ^^ What do you two think of the Giraffe Head potentially hiding a male Nicheling's mane? Both sexes could have a mane like a Giraffe instead. Or we could go really realistic, and give both sexes a giraffe-like mane, but have the stubby horns of a male Nicheling be fur-less and their horn colour, while a female's stubby horns would be her mane colour. (If you didn't know; breeding-age male Giraffes usually have barely any fur left on their horns because they use them to scuffle with their rivals, while females don't; thus their horns stay fluffy while the males are almost bald.)
  14. With the airing of one of the next updates, Nichelings with Armoured Body will be able to pick from cacti without taking damage, by the words of Philo. However, since armoured body is anything but a native gene to savannahs and deserts - it's found in the mountains and you can't obtain it any other way, so if you just want a savannah tribe there's no way you'll be able to safely gather from cacti without a significant detour to the snowy islands - I was thinking we need a different gene with the same functionality that actually makes sense to exist in the environment it would be used in. And so I present to you, the Giraffe Head. As some of you may know, giraffes have incredibly tough gums and tongue. Even though they eat from a tree whose twigs and branches are covered in thorns - the Acacia - it's spikes can't even graze the surface of the insides of their mouth or stomach. So what's to stop a Nicheling from evolving a similar protection against the Niche world's cacti in order to safely pick their fruit? The Giraffe Head would be unlocked by collecting a certain number of times, as well as spending a certain number of days in a hot biome. It would make sense if it was unlocked by collecting from cacti, however this may be a bit too cruel for Niche, as the only other gene to give resistance to cactus damage is incredibly rare, and it isn't like unlocking Toxic Body through gathering from poisonous berry bushes, since there are multiple genes which grant poison resistance and an opportunity to do so safely (Poison Fangs, Toxic Body, Scorpion Tail). The stats the Giraffe Head would give are +1 Collecting, +2 Smelling and + Resistance to Cactus Damage. Appearance-wise, a Nicheling with Giraffe Head would have a somewhat longer neck than a regular Nicheling. Not ridiculously long like a real Giraffe of course, but kind of longer, like an Okapi. The ears could be tilted and more on the side of the head, like a Giraffe's ears, and two small, dull horns could sit inbetween them, next to the ramhorns or antlers if those are present. This would make the Giraffe Head look more unique and not just like a slightly different version of Big Nose. Lastly, an idea I had regarding this gene is that there would be no visible difference in the appearance of males and females; both would have a narrow, short, standing mane that starts on the top of the head and runs down the back of the neck, just like a Giraffe's mane. Something similar is already in the game with the Bearyena Snout, but I'd understand if another gene that turns off gender dimorphism would be too much of an annoyance. Gameplay over realism? Comment and tell me what you think!
  15. I love this suggestion, just... why is it called a "Clever Jaw"? Do you mean Cleaver? I'm confused, could someone explain?
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