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    Various Bugs

    You're welcome, and thanks for replying, Philo! It seems as if I can't edit my post anymore, but I've found another bug. A female with only one bloodclotting gene, the other one is a Y chromosome. She has no mane, is displayed as female, and has had children with a male - and her son has two Y chromosomes and no bloodclotting genes whatsoever. Another female in the same tribe is also genetically XY, but has no mane, is displayed as female and has bred. A third unrelated daughter has a dominant No Gene and recessive Normal Bloodclotting. Very strange.
  2. I'm aware that there's another suggestion for a volcano island already, but I had this written before that thread was posted. I'm not stealing "Ancestor Nature"'s idea. Anyway, here are my combined ideas for a new island type and an aquatic creature that would inhabit the surrounding ocean and beaches of that island. New Island: Tropical Volcano Island This would be a new type of island, set at Medium difficulty or higher, and it'd have a hot climate, requiring at least 1 or 2 heat resistance. A large mountain in the center dominates the landscape, like the First Snow island, however this mountain is made of tiles resembling black volcanic rock instead of the grey-ish mountain tiles from the cold islands. Black fur gives a bonus to camouflage on these tiles. Berrybushes spawn aplenty in the grassland-jungle mix of tiles further down the mountainside, which are rimming the island. Coconut trees on the beaches are scattered about in abundance, and even some healing fruits and jungle plants like the Stinky Fruit Trees or Carnivorous Plants could spawn. There are many coves and bays, large beach areas and lots of corals (Waterbreathing Plants) in the shallow ocean areas that surround the island, as well as nearby several tiny, sandy islands further offshore. Clusters of corals form reefs on the sides of these islands, along with seaweed that most commonly spawns Clown Koi. Seaweed and all kinds of fish spawn in the bays, making Water Body and Gills very viable. When it rains, mosquito swarms could spawn on swamp tiles scattered in with the grassland-jungle mix, though that may be too much. The mountain's peak would be cut off in a bowl shape, like a small caldera, and it's height and shape would vary from island to island. A Nicheling would be able to climb down into the sealed-off crater without danger if the volcano is currently dormant. A randomized event would take place every now and again, similar to the cold island's seasons, causing the player to hear rumbling on the first day and see the volcano's maw begin to smoke, hear louder rumbling and see occasional shaking of the entire island on the second, until on the third day the volcano erupts. The summit is filled to the brim with lava, and a randomized amount of 1-3 tile wide lava streams start to pour down from the top of the mountain, advancing a tile every time a Nicheling moves, or one tile for every two moves made by Nichelings, if the first would be too difficult. If a Nicheling, plant or other creature touches a lava stream, they die or are instantly destroyed, and if they are right next to a lava stream, they take damage from the intense heat. Nichelings should flee towards the shore and into the water, since the lava streams will cease flowing once they touch water, and begin cooling over the next three days. The sides of the mountain will be very barren for some time, turning the tiles where the lava hardened into black volcanic rock. However, once it rains, saplings will appear again, on both the mountainsides and the trails of black tiles where the lava of the most recent eruption cooled. The saplings could either be randomly placed, or regrow on tiles where berrybushes used to be, and will reach maturity in the next few days, faster than a regular berry bush would if it was cut down, since the soil left behind by a volcanic eruption is very fertile. There are no acorn trees, however there might be Bearyenas or a new kind of tropical predator that isn't as strong as the apes to replace Bearyenas. Other creatures on the island include Bunnils, Dodomingoes, Crabbits, Rogue Males, wandering Nichelings, Bluebirds, possibly an ape or two spawning from jungle trees that might appear in a couple of the generated islands or a more difficult version of them, and a new kind of aquatic creature I'd like to call the Delphirtle, though an alternate name could be Turphin or Dolphirtle. New Aquatic Creature: Delphirtle These creatures are hybrids of a dolphin and a turtle. Unlike all aquatic creatures right now, they don't skirt along the bottom of the sea floor, but float near the surface of the water, similarly to how Bluebirds float above land tiles. They'd probably work like bunnils, moving a tile every time one of the player's Nichelings moves. They spawn in schools of 2-6 individuals, hunt fish, crack shells and eat seaweed, as well as attack crabbits if they're underwater. They have 1-2 eyesight, 1-2 smelling, 2 defense (given by their turtle shell), 6 fishing, 2-3 swimming, 1 speed (beach only), 1 Cracking, 1 Collecting (seaweed only), and 2-4 attack. They're neutral to the player's Nichelings unless attacked, or if their food sources (fish spawn places) have been taken over by the player's tribe, then they will be hostile towards solo Nichelings or Nichelings in groups smaller than their school, otherwise they'll flee. As a randomized or season-bound event, a school will migrate to nearby beach tiles, crawl onto the sand, and lay eggs, 1-2 per Delphirtle. Then, the school stays in the water nearby until these eggs hatch. The eggs may be harvested by Nichelings, however this will turn any nearby Delphirtles of the same school hostile. After two to three days, the young Delphirtles will hatch and crawl over the sand into the ocean. Adolescents have only 1 defense and 1 swimming, and are unable to fish or crack clams. After about five days, which are spent sharing a tile with adult Delphirtles, they grow up and form a new, independent school. If there are more than 6 adolescents, they split into two schools, each consisting of 2-6 members. A Delphirtle drops about 5-10 food when killed. When the player arrives on the island, one school will be spawned in the ocean surrounding it. Another school has a very low chance of spawning each time a day is passed, in saltwater out of sight of the player's Nichelings and far away from any other schools currently present. Additional schools may form from a present school's offspring. If a maximum of four schools is reached, no more eggs will be laid. Delphirtles have a lifetime of 20 days. Rarely, an individual Delphirtle may spawn with the ability to pick up a leech. If a Nicheling removes their leech and gives them 5-10 food, this Delphirtle's school will from then on be friendly to them, unless Nichelings from the same tribe attack this school, their eggs or their adolescents. They will from then on be likely to stay within five or six tiles of the Nicheling who befriended them, and when a Delphirtle from this school catches fish, it will, as long as it is within sight range of a Nicheling from the player's tribe, bring that Nicheling half of the spoils which then go towards the player's food count. This school will also not eat any seaweed or crack any clams within sight of the player's Nichelings. The individual who spawned with the ability to pick up leeches can still pick them up, and will swim to the nearest Nicheling for help if they happen to get one. I imagine Delphirtles to have colours similar to sea turtles: shades of blue-green with some blue-grey and darker bits, though a very blue-grey-heavy design might fit better with the oceans of Niche. That's for the devs to decide, if this suggestion gets far enough. What do you think?
  3. Draconiya

    Various Bugs

    - Swimming tail is at an angle and detached from the rump, both ingame and in the family tree. I've made a line of "telekinetic mages" because of this, they use their levitating swimming tails to slap bunnies towards them. - The portrait on the left, below the name, of a female with hidden Peacock Tail doesn't show up if she is the first Nicheling I click on after having the genes/skills/mutation menu tab closed by clicking somewhere else. If I click on another Nicheling first, then on her, everything's normal. - The trunks and roots of birch trees glide around on their tiles - The grass around tree trunks is a much more vibrant green than the regular grassland tiles - The grassland tiles seem more pale than before, at least on the Whale Island. - Moss Brown fur doesn't give any biome camouflage on grassland tiles on the Whale Island - Is it intentional that Antenna don't actually show on the Nicheling? I was excited for insect-like feelers, but it seems they are invisible. Or is that a bug? - In the family tree gene filter, in the genetic profile of Nichelings, and in the mutation menu, White Fur and Black Fur have black rectangles on them that look quite buggy. - If a male has recessive Peacock Tail, it will show up on their model. If they have dominant Peacock Tail, they will display their recessive tail allele. Active Peacock Tail is displayed correctly in the game, but not in the portrait or the family tree. - Twins merge into one after the mother steps off the nest - Rogue Males will breed with a female even if she attacks them, like in the older versions - Oak trees will sometimes spawn right next to eachother, which looks quite weird. Jungle trees have done this since the beginning. - On the Whale Island it seems as if the old Niche music track is overlapping with a new one I don't recognize, and sometimes it sounds a little... busy, IMO This isn't a bug, more like feedback: Love the update so far, but maybe the birch trees could be a bit less common, or the branches could also vanish if you zoom in close enough, not just the canopy? They are obstructing my view of the Nichelings quite a bit. Currently on Whale Island. Also I have a question. How come wings, which I thought were supposed to be super rare, are unlocked in the mutation menu as soon as you have one Nicheling with one wing, while Beak, Peacock Tail and Scorpion Tail aren't, even if you have a Nicheling with them?
  4. I was going to post this exact idea, just with a different example. Take an upvote for the road!
  5. I would like fluffy ears, too. However, maybe they could be more like a lynx's tufted ears, or the ears of an arctic fox, and not like cuddly dog ears? That's just my opinion, though.
  6. Draconiya

    Achievement Issues

    I'd love to be able to reset my achievements. I accidentally unlocked two rather hard ones (Hybrid and Ruler of the Savannah) when messing around with the console, and it feels cheaty to keep them without actually earning them. All the others I got are easily re-earned (twins, melanism, catch a clownkoi etc.).
  7. Acacia trees?! Heck yeah! Giraffe and weaver bird tribes incoming!
  8. Uh... I think what you are suggesting is heterochromia, which means each eye is a different colour. I like this suggestion, however I'm pretty sure heterochromia has zero ties to behaviour or "distemper", so it would be a purely appearance-changing mutation in the game, just like it is in real life, if it were to be implemented.
  9. You might've posted this in the wrong forum... these are Nimbatus feature requests, not Niche. But it's really cool that my nagging of your idea has inspired you to another! You're welcome, lol. Sorry if I was harsh on the collecting tail btw, I might've accidentally conveyed the wrong tone.
  10. I think giving Spiky Body +1 defense is a good idea to make it more viable. One thing I never quite understood is why an armor-plated body protects your paws when you're collecting. Does Armadillo Body not only give the body armour plating, but also tougher, more resilient skin, including paw pads? That would make sense, if that wasn't the case a predator could just bite a leg or the head and there shouldn't logically be any damage reduction. However, I don't think Spiky Body should give resistance to cactus damage. The spikes are most definitely on the back, like a hedgehog, and not on the paws, which are what comes in contact with the cactus when collecting. It's not like your Nicheling throws themselves at the cactus and does a backward flip to knock off some fruit, right? ... That actually sounds really cool, I might have to draw that now.
  11. I personally probably won't need this, but if it helps other players I'm all for it!
  12. @Aysling For your 7th suggestion: you can already do that! Just click anywhere on the map that isn't a tile with a Nicheling on it, and the genes/skills/mutations tab will close. You can also completely hide the UI by pressing the U key on your keyboard.
  13. With the new wings update releasing sooner rather than later, a lot of tribes are going to consist entirely of airborne Nichelings. But what about food? There is no way to collect berries, a primary source of sustenance among many tribes, other than Nimble Fingers, Running Leg and Velvet Paw, which are all are paw genes: the very genes that need to be wings to allow a Nicheling to fly. So, I've been thinking: What about a much-needed new snout-type - one that gives you Collecting. This is the third idea of three, all of which have their own thread, like the Feature Requests subforum's rules tell you to do. My third suggestion is a new snout gene that resembles the head of a fruit bat, to go along with the bat wings the devs are planning on implementing. It'd give Collecting and possibly superb hearing, overrriding the ear slot, since fruit bats eat fruit, as their name suggests, and have very acute ears, as far as I know. This is the final post of the collecting snout trio, I hope you don't mind the spammage!
  14. With the new wings update releasing sooner rather than later, a lot of tribes are going to consist entirely of airborne Nichelings. But what about food? There is no way to collect berries, a primary source of sustenance among many tribes, other than Nimble Fingers, Running Leg and Velvet Paw, which are all are paw genes: the very genes that need to be wings to allow a Nicheling to fly. So, I've been thinking: What about a much-needed new snout-type - one that gives you Collecting. This is the second idea of three, all of which have their own thread, like the Feature Requests subforum's rules tell you to do. The second idea would be a hummingbird beak, which fits a winged Nicheling rather well. It'd give +1-2 Collecting, because your Nicheling can use it to suck/"drink" all of the moisture and nutrients from a berry, just like a real hummingbird drinks nectar, leaving behind only a dried-out husk, thus consuming it. Maybe it could also give +1 Strength? That thing's pointy, dude, and a Nicheling-sized one has got to be pretty dangerous... An alternate possibility for a collecting beak would be a parrot beak that gives Collecting and possibly Cracking, too, as parrots gobble up fruit and crack nuts alike. I didn't want to make seperate suggestion threads for these two, as I felt they were too similar to split them up further.
  15. EDIT TO GIVE EACH SUGGESTION IT'S OWN SEPERATE POST With the new wings update releasing sooner rather than later, a lot of tribes are going to consist entirely of airborne Nichelings. But what about food? There is no way to collect berries, a primary source of sustenance among many tribes, other than Nimble Fingers, Running Leg and Velvet Paw, which are all are paw genes: the very slots that need two wings to allow a Nicheling to fly. So, I've been thinking: What about a much-needed new snout-type - one that gives you Collecting. My first idea for this would be a snout gene that kind of looks like the Digging Trunk, but gives your Nicheling a long, prehensile tongue, like a giraffe's, or an ant-eater's. It could be used to wrap around a berry and thus plausibly be able to collect it. But that would probably give only one or two berries at a time, not much in the grand scheme of things. So how about a new type of spawn: an anthill! If your Nicheling has the Digging Paw, you can dig up this anthill and get a couple pieces of food from it, effectively destroying it. However, a Nicheling with the prehensile tongue could continually harvest ants from it, giving 1-3 food each time. Maybe there could be termite hills in the Savannah and/or Oasis biomes, too, adding some more variety to the rather boring Burning Savannah. These anthills/termite dens would spawn on the islands in the same way bunnil burrows do, however instead of spawning bunnils, you might see a number of tiny black ant-shaped dots on the outside, which show the number of ants currently outside the hill, thus the ones you can collect from it. These refresh each day, just like berries, but rain might scare the ants deep into their hill, unlike regrowing berries, leaving it bare for a few days. - The prehensile tongue suggestion could possibly be merged in with healing saliva as well, since giraffes, which this idea is based upon, have an antiseptic saliva which effectively prevents infections of any thorns that do manage to pierce the tough inside of their mouth. Now take that real property a little further, add some properties inducing quickened cell regeneration, and you've got yourself some healing saliva. However, this might make the prehensile tongue too overpowered, if it could collect, eat ants, and heal, too. Maybe seperating the ant-eater-like tongue and the giraffe-like tongue with healing saliva into two different genes is a better idea. The former might give 1 Collecting, as well as ant-eating, and the latter might give 1-2 Collecting, and the ability to heal your tribemates by licking their wounds. I cannot wait for the new update, and am excited to see what y'all think of this suggestion!
  16. I'm not a fan of the berry picking tail, it just seems too gimmicky and unrealistic to me. Yes, I know there are lemurs and other real animals who climb using their tails, but I'm pretty sure they don't grab fruit, and even if they do, their tail isn't split like that. It looks like an octopus tentacle. A prehensile tail is fine by me, but it shouldn't be split like the drawing by the OP, but look more like a monkey's tail IMO. The snake suggestion however I very much support. It'd add some much needed variety to the savannah, and some more value to the hearing sense as well.
  17. I kind of like that, actually. And maybe the scent would repel Rogue Males and/or wandering Nichelings, or attract them depending on either the colour or what kind of marker you had the Nicheling leave? And the drawback could be it attracting bearyenas and/or scaring bunnils away? So many possibilities with this idea, both for the gameplay and the story.
  18. I like this idea as well. What about giving you the option to unlock a limited amount of genes in the mutation menu at the start of a sandbox save? Not many, and no prehistoric genes, just as a way to get your tribe adapted to the environment you want them to live in a little faster.
  19. I like this idea! It would also give a use to swamp thorns besides being annoying and in-your-way all the time.
  20. That's a cute idea, but I don't think it fits what Niche is about. The Alpha/Beta/Omega system isn't there to denote rank, it's there to determine who eats first when there's not enough food for everyone. If you want to, you can play with this system you've suggested, by manually only having two Alphas, not changing their rank, and only picking a new one if the last one died, but I think implementing this suggestion would limit the gameplay rather than open up new possibilities, and why take away that freedom if you can just do what you've suggested by using self-imposed limitations? And I don't want to be rude, but a scepter/crown/cape for a Nicheling would be very immersion-breaking. These are animals, they don't have clothing or jewelry the way humans do. As far as I know, there aren't even any humans in the world of Niche, so where would our creatures get the metal and fabric from? Is your justification for this idea "just because it looks cool"? Sadly, that's not enough. Things do have to make sense. And if you want, you could breed a line of Alphas with specific traits, such as Mask in colours and shapes that make the Nicheling look like they're wearing a cape, or ramhorns of a specific colour you can treat as a crown. Again; there's no need to change the game, you can use what's already there in the way you want for your tribe. Or just use the different gem colours to mark a Nicheling's rank, that's one of the things they're there for, after all.
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