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  1. I really like the idea of winding up with a calico necheling
  2. @ShriekingPterodactyl pretty sure defense is offset by the fact that if you have all the Crark genes then you have 0 land move. speaking of, seems like this set up would be a great reason to implement some kind of ability to move (carry, drag) other nechelings around
  3. I love the bugged-out expressions of the flying nechelings in your image (ERMAGERDLUKKITTHESIZEOFIT!!) But yeah giant spider would be so sick to find in the deep jungle I guess this would be an all new mechanic though, because I don't know of anything else that takes the path of your move into account and stops you in your tracks like this would when you try to go through it (if that's what @Leaellynasaura meant with their question)
  4. I think it still works as is, especially in the sort of unique pack-oriented nature of the nechelings: predator shows up, attacks the juiciest critter he sees, and while he's distracted everyone can run or strike as appropriate to the tribe. plus it still makes sense for the necheling to take no damage from a hit to the tail as it is likely that, unlike the snake, its tail is probably mostly fluff
  5. So serious O-O I would almost say that it should have a smelling ability too (because of keen porcine scent), if it weren't for that likely unbalancing it, because boars are boss.
  6. @MysticTopaz "Jaws of the Ancient Ones" But yeah definitely a spitting gene to stop the target for the day, or even a few moves, would be fantastic
  7. I also like the idea of mer-nechelings, but I'd rather it not replace the current Tail Fin
  8. Although I really like the idea of new cosmetic eye genes
  9. If the nechelings with this head look like Grabber Gob then finding a baby one of these would make me ecstatic. Also I noticed a creature with all crark limbs has 0 move, so does the mother just flop up on land and get beached or...?
  10. I would LOVE seeing these in my game! (even though and encounter with them sounds frankly terrifying)
  11. Yeah I always liked the look of the aquatic genes, but after I bred my first webbed necheling I realized how... unhelpful the genes are as the game currently is. Runner's leg at least gives collecting. Also I like the Idea of the gills head unlocking an underwater smelling trait
  12. This could still work: it could be an alternative wing that adds +2(3?) flying, +1 gather; so still semi-useful if you only have one. Also if this means I can breed a Ralph, than I'm 100% all for it
  13. Alternatively to a horn slot it could be instead of a mane.
  14. This could also work well with the Cave biome idea, as a constant light source.
  15. I like the idea of having a rare chance of hermaphroditic and parthenogenetic nechelings. Although if you had self impregnators like that, you should make sure to have some kind of way to help prevent accidentally hitting it, or you could wind up with a lot of clones/sick kids. Also if two simultaneous hermaphrodites mate, which one would get pregnant?
  16. Yeah in case you want to have your file name reflect what the tribe winds up doing/being.
  17. Yeee I want those caracal tufts! also maybe a tail-tuft for the large mane since lions and lionesses have those as well?
  18. heh, I renamed my firstborn Kain on my first story playthrough. Personally I think the name Iaril is kind of cute (pronounced Ya-rill in my head). Also if those syllables are added this means DukkuSan is a possible outcome, and that's more of a riot than DukDukku
  19. I do like the Idea of a cave biome. This would work well in tandem with an update that could allow nechelings who can't see the ability to move a space into unseen ground (like you see wanderers/rogues doing). Dude Yes giant spider! and in lieu of circling you could either see it hanging from the top or there could be some telltale cobwebs about to warn you that you have entered it's territory.
  20. Honestly... I agree. It would only make sense considering that anything else that attacks the pup insta-kills it. however there has to be some kind of safety on this kind of thing: I can only imagine the horror as players accidentally kill off their newborns after this goes up. Mayhaps one can only do this action on an omega, for example. And the button be a different color... maybe with a warning/confirmation window too. and two players have to turn the keys simulta-ok I'm done
  21. Perhaps the act of picking up the pup/kit would not take an action, but the adult would drop them into an adjacent tile immediately after moving? I also like the idea of applying this to larger nechelings somehow, like being able to drag another a tile, or at reduced speed.
  22. Man I would LOVE a good underwater adventure to send my little tiger sharks into! Pufferfish could also be interesting as a poisonous food source.
  23. Aaah now I'm torn between this and Mystic's design! but yes insectivores would be really cool absolutely.
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