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  1. Aysling

    Achievement Issues

    Hm...I've got the non-identical twins one and the survive 50 days one, but I don't think those are super hard to get. Could I get mine reset?
  2. Is this posted in the feature request section? If not, you should!
  3. ...I played for almost 70 hours before I realized you could change the color of the gems. Now I use them to mark breeding pairs, and it makes finding them so much easier!
  4. Aysling

    Achievement Issues

    Are you going to remove those achievements for those of us who got them without earning them? Spotting when I should get Homecoming won't be hard, but Globetrotting will be, otherwise =(
  5. Excellent idea! Would attempting to mate use up an action point if the nicheling is rejected?
  6. I can't add any more reactions today, apparently. Love the idea and the illustration though!
  7. I agree that +4 is probably too much, but it's a great idea overall!
  8. I like this idea, but I would be concerned about balance - how would an active animal interacting with an inactive animal be handled? There aren't really 'safe spaces' an animal could hide in during it's non-active time, which seems like it would leave it vulnerable to attack.
  9. Want to make sure a particular Nicheling never breeds, even with wild animals? Neuter it! Similar to gene mutations, once an animal is neutered, it can't be reversed.
  10. A lot of my suggestions are focusing on finding Nichelings easier =) Being able to see the Nicheling's name either over their heads or under their feet would be helpful! Being able to toggle this off and on would help keep visual clutter to a minimum when not in use.
  11. Adding a bit of a glow around the hexes that a selected Nicheling is sitting on would make it easier to identify which one is selected quickly.
  12. Ever wanted to know what your most common immunities are, or how many animals have a fang gene? There isn't a quick way to do that in game. This panel would allow you to view important statistics at a glance - and double-click on a Nicheling's name to select them. This panel would be accessible by clicking on the 'Animals' wedge in the bottom right corner. It allows for sorting by name, age, sex, and many different genes. By default, only Name, Age, and Sex are shown. Clicking the 'Sort/Filter' in the top right-hand corner opens the second panel and allows you to add other attributes like immunities, colors, and snouts. Clicking one of these options opens the third panel, allowing you to select options to filter the results by. Double-clicking an animal's name closes the panel and auto-selects the animal. The panel can also be closed via the X in the top left corner. Example of alphabetical sort: All the various sortable categories: Only Nichelings that have either a 'B' or 'Home' immunity will be shown!
  13. @Draconiya didn't know that, thanks!
  14. Would it be possible to get the name of the font used in Niche? I wanted to do some mockups =)
  15. Thanks, Philo, I'll do that! I did notice the gene unlocking notification in the other forum after posting it here ^^; I've upvoted that one! About number 5 - I was under the impression you never returned to the same island. Is that not the case? Either way, the wording change is what was important here. Gameplay wouldn't change (they would still be killed off in the background). In the separate tribes suggestion, I guess you could encounter your ancestors if returning to the same island is possible!1
  16. Is it possible to mod Niche, or will it be made available later? I've played the game for around 40 hrs now, and I've got a couple suggestions on making some improvements. Nicheling selection! There doesn't seem to be a way to select Nichelings in-game other than clicking on them? This could be added to the family tree, or (my preference) a separate panel could be added. Clicking on the 'Animals' wedge could open/close it. You could sort them by name, gender, age. There could be toggles to add in other information that the player wishes to sort by, to keep the panel size to a manageable size. Trying to find a single Nicheling amongst the 25 that I currently have is a giant pain! Selection box around Nichelings hex - to make it more obvious which one is selected. In-game notes. Toggleable names above Nichelings heads - or even showing the name when hovering over a nicheling. I'm not sure why the Nichelings left behind on an island have to die. Couldn't they just 'go feral' or something? I know it's just a wording difference, but still. I wouldn't feel awful every time I leave an island =( Notifications need significant improvement. When a gene is unlocked, it would be nice to know WHICH gene it was. Including the name of the dead animal in the notification would be helpful. Or possibly make the corpse selectable, so the name can be seen that way? Notifications that an animal is sick seems to come up every round, instead of when they are born/acquire a new disease. Auto-selecting a baby when 'show me' is clicked on the newborn notification would be useful. Being able to close the Skills/Genes/Mutations panels. A toggle to deactivate breeding a particular animal. Those are all things that would improve the basic game, without really altering the game itself. The suggestions below would be fun to see but would be pretty large departures from the game in its current implementation. Separate tribes when you leave an island. Instead of the nichelings leaving your control, they just form a separate tribe and the two (or more!) tribes continue to evolve independently. The food/nest material would be tracked per tribe. I think in order for this to work some form of automation would have to be added. You could select specific niechlings or tribes to 'go feral' and they would then fend for themselves. The player could go back and look at previous tribes, to see how they've developed. Nutrition - right now all nichelings seem to be omnivores? Even omnivores need varied diets, though! There could be hunger/starvation added in if they aren't eating food from multiple categories often enough. Different categories would include berries, nuts, fish, and...pond floor food? Worms? I'm not sure what they eat there.
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