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  1. Jojo

    Prettiest places you’ve seen?

    I don't know if I still have a picture of this place, and currently I am to tired to look for it but I found a grass mingle or adventure not sure, island which had the perfect diversion between savannah, grass and swamp to make a 4 clan warriors challenge
  2. Uhm yes?! This is my biggest problem when I just want to remember every Nicheling and we don't have the for ever family tree yet
  3. Jojo

    I Bless The Rains (Playthrough)

    Cool challenge
  4. Jojo

    I'm having wonderful luck!

    I'd be so frustrated
  5. Jojo

    The Meaning of Home (Playthrough)

    My first thought as well The devs said once that there is still a chance to get the original Eve :3
  6. Jojo

    Miss Niche November 2018

    You are amazing, thanks ❤️
  7. Jojo

    Unsolicited duck pics

  8. Jojo

    Challenge setups

    I like the idea, sounds difficult to implement though
  9. Jojo

    What is the worst/funniest injury you have ever gotten?

    I used to Spiderman climb the doorframes and sometimes swing in between them with my arms as supports... well long story short I fell and hit my chin on the ground, my mom thought I had fallen through the floor because it had made such a loud noise. It got 3 stichtes in the wound. It hurt at the time but when I think about it now it is funny, especially because my mom has the exact same scar, at the same place with 3 stitches (she got it differently though ^^). The second one isn't really an injury and I don't remember it but my mom likes to tell the story. So we were at my uncles house let's call him older uncler because the younger one comes into play to. Well they had a pool and I was like 2 years old or something. My mom was there, my older brother and the younger uncle. My brother did some crap and my mom placed me on the edge of the pool to deal with him. Me being the suicidal kid I was (I really I jumped from all kind of high things when I was younger... thinking about it I still do) jumped in the pool and sunk to the ground like a stone, because I couldn't swim but instead of panicking I just sat there. The younger uncle jumped in an pulled me out and what did I say "Mommy I can swim". ^^
  10. Jojo


  11. Jojo

    Bearyena Research

    I always notice that bearyena's like to hunt my spiky bodied Nichelings and usually nothing can distract them from it or they completly ignore me and run away from my Nichelings...
  12. Oh the almost all female curse ^^
  13. Jojo

    le rogue avec sa baguette

    Love it!
  14. Jojo

    Development WIP

    I think the adjustable damage one sounds great I would love to be able to make predators hit a lot harder, but not necesarrily have them have a lot of armor
  15. Jojo

    Feel old yet?

    I always feel old... ^^