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  1. My first twins EVER just when the twins were added to the game... of course my first twins were from a rogue male ^^ Of course we can't forget my Godess of death Frostskull And Spiderstripes. I love his tail I probably have way more but I am to lazy to look through my heaps of screenshots
  2. Jojo

    Read this before posting!

    Do you have your hidden files visible?
  3. Jojo

    Gonna try and stay active here more.

    Hello and welcome or welcome back?
  4. Jojo

    Playing and chasing for youngsters (gain stats)

    Yeah I don't know. I mean especially defense in itself is very overpowered as it is already so I am not sure if we should gain it at all. I mean gaining stats like this in itself is a little difficult because in the end the Nicheling might be a little stronger, but it wouldn't be able to do something that laid outside of the possibilty of its genes so I am not sure if we wouldn't need whole new bonus category/ stat for something like this.
  5. Jojo

    Playing and chasing for youngsters (gain stats)

    I like it. I am not sure how balanced it is but I like it
  6. This idea is based on this post: Where we came to the conclusion that in story mode certain islands always show up in a certain order (tiny green-> peaceful meadow-> grass adventure-> archipelago -> swamp -> burning savnnah (and later the challenge islands) but sandbox mode is more random (you can literally sometimes go from tiny green to a jungle island or a killer island even). So I'd like an option were we can have an option to have the same unlocking pattern for the islands that we have in story mode just for sandbox.
  7. Jojo

    Questions about Ports and Traveling

    As said above I belive the islands are semi-fixed in story mode but they are wastly random in sandbox mode. You can literally go from peaceful meadow to a killer island if you get the right ports. I'd actually like a story mode like fixed island option for the sandbox mode *heads of to feature suggestions*
  8. Jojo

    Raccoon Gaze!

    We are here for you! You are worth it! You are a lovely person! You can do what ever you set your mind on
  9. Jojo

    Blue-eyed babies

    My mothers eyes only turned green when she was 13. I imagine that as super freaky like you don't remember it when you are 3 or so years old but when you are 13?!
  10. Jojo

    A story I am writing. [Title Suggestions!]

    There you go for random story/ plot generator: http://www.fantasynamegenerators.com/plot-descriptions.php Also your title should be somewhat related to the plot and or the main characters so you should figure that out before you have a title. Also in my opinion the title isnt the first thing you need
  11. Jojo

    Animal encounters

    That happens with us too and my dog really freaks out about them. I feel like she wants to hunt/ play with them but they roll up into their spiky little ball so my dog just jumps around them barking like an idiot because she can't do anything else XD
  12. Jojo

    so I made this

    I love this. It is adorable and cute and just :3
  13. Jojo

    New version 1.1.7 on tester branch

    @Philo any help for the Mac people?
  14. Jojo

    Blue-eyed babies

    Kinda related and unrelated. I was born with blue eyes but when I was four they turned green. BOOM! I want this XD
  15. What the heck did even go on in this thread while I was gone?! Also please keep the role play related stuff in the roleplay section ^^