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  1. I would say that they hobble, their heads would go low and their butt up and they would hobble around on their legs. I also imagine it to be painful and uncomfortable for the Nicheling to walk like that, though thinking about rogue males they probably don't have much of a problem with that ^^
  2. Jojo

    How Do You Pronouce 'Niche'?

    I say it like in the dict. 'Nisch/ Nich'
  3. Jojo


    You can survive with one breeding pair just fine, but two make it easier. Just make sure that your breeding pair has different immunities and that they have children of the oposite gender with different immunities as well, that should be just fine
  4. Jojo

    Gene screen

    Some people like the buff blind eyes give to other senses, also the 'negative' genes can be really interesting for challenge purposes I don't think the devs plan on locking the eye colours, in earlier versions the fur colours were locked and you had to mutate them step by step onto your creatures (black fur was the only one unlocked and it would then unlock brown fur once you had successfully mutated it and so on and so forth) but the eye colours were always unlocke, I also don't see the purpose
  5. Jojo

    What’s your favourite island type?

    I think the mountains or something like Grass Adventure, Grass Mingle oh and the Oasis. I just love the way you can specialze on fishing and cracking nuts in the Oasis and especially in the first few days/ generations it is really exiting to try to survive. The mountains are just cool in general. I love snow and the walrus deer are cool and just the mountains are awesome And Grass Mingle/ Adventure that have very good role playing potential
  6. Jojo

    Am I the only one who loves the jungle?

    Here is the reason why I don't like the jungle: once you have adapted to the apes nothing else ever happens. If you know what you are doing it is boring (yes in a way that is the same with every island but I feel that very strongly with the jungle) because the apes don't bother you anymore, the bearyenas (if there are any) don't really bother you and if you have breed really strong creatures again nothing really is a danger to your creatures anymore. In my opinion nothing surprises you. You don't even have bunnies or something on the pure jungle islands. Just stinky fruits, carnivurours plants and apes. In the mountains for example there is always the challenge of hunting walrus deer and they move when you move so that's pretty cool. You have winters which can be hard because of the lack of food and the snow not to mention the cold, balance bears and for me they strike the perfect balance between to strong (apes) and to weak (bearyena). You have bunnies all over the place and depending on the island moles. I just need a lot of variety in my islands and I feel like the jungle doesn't give that, though I admit it looks cool I mean I hate the jungle but I don't really want to hate on the jungle if that makes any sense XD
  7. Jojo


    I never drank enough salt water to actually feel sick but it makes you more thirsty, also it tastes really horrible, still think there should be a debuff for it
  8. Jojo


    I like the idea, but we would have to make a differentiation between salt water and river water. Drinking salt water would either make your creatures sick (not spreadable) or something else to show that drinking salt water is bad.
  9. Jojo

    World of the Dead

    Cool idea. Especially the blessing one
  10. Jojo

    Baby Bearyena

    I think Philo once said that the babies will follow you around not sure about the teen phase, maybe it is actuallly connected, that would be super cool
  11. I feel you. I have a tribe named As because the letters are conveniently placed on the keyboard. Or I have a bunch of safes just staring with one letter and that can get really confusing ^^
  12. Jojo

    Baby Bearyena

    Baby Bearyenas usually follow a Nicheling around until they are adults, not sure if it connected to how many bearyena genes your Nicheling has
  13. You type your setgene command and then the two different gene types behind that with a space in between I think. So setgene pawclaw pawrunner (or whatever the gene names are). Haven't used the console in a while but I think this is how its done
  14. Jojo

    Share your favourite nichelings!

    The mask pattern never ceases to amaze me. Once you think you have seen every pattern a heart shaped one appears
  15. Jojo

    Apes missing?

    It's a blessing, let's just leave it at that ^^ I actually have no idea if you are just lucky or its a bug... I never go to the jungle if I can help it