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  1. Jojo

    Your most unlikely nicheling couple?

    Feel you! This has happened to me so often!
  2. Jojo

    I think I may have found another bug...

    Certain genes only show up after you encountered a Nicheling with those genes. Immunity gene J is a classic example of that
  3. Jojo


    I hate spiders but ant colonies are cool
  4. Jojo

    Have you met two wandering siblings?

    Oh yeah! I found two gilled wanderers recently one had albinism the other melanism. Really cute :3 I had some more of the siblings encounters but didn't take any screenshots most of the time
  5. Jojo

    Your most unlikely nicheling couple?

    One of my very rare gay Nicheling pairings. To the left Harerunner a proud warrior of MountainClan and to the right the disappointment of the tiresome journey to find armored body. MountainClan is extremely unforgiving towards ice-broken Nichelings that don't have the armored body. They are usually not accepted into the Clan and have to live on the outskirts. This guy Nudukkir suffered the same fate, but Harerunner stayed by his side after breaking him free from the iceblock he never returend to his clan and stayed with his mate until they both passed away
  6. Jojo

    Well, what're the odds of this?

    I think I only ever had one winged Eve but the last two or three ones I had had purr snout which is nice I guess ^^
  7. This guy was a misclick too and even though I don't like double yellow fur and neither do I like the cracker jaw this guy somehow stole my heart away I also had an accidental misclick when a son bred with his mom the baby turned out perfect with poison fangs and no sickness which led to a lot of inbreeding to get more perfect Nichelings ^^
  8. Jojo

    How to know if the game hates you (or not₩

    When the immunities do this Or this happens
  9. Jojo

    You wake up in the year 2091

    Wether eating berries in Niche is a sufficient lunch or not
  10. Jojo

    Non-niche artwork dump

    When I don't draw Niche, I am a big fan of drawing dragons
  11. Jojo

    You know you play too much Niche when...

    I have had many Niche dreams
  12. Jojo

    Rogues impregnate released females.

    Ah so rogue males impregnate released females. I get it. I don't think that is a bug I think the bug is that they don't target wanderers (same goes for meat eating plants, they don't target wanderers either don't know about released Nichelings though). The interesting thing is that when the released females give birth the child is part of your pack, which is kinda weird, though it doesn't happen that often.
  13. Jojo

    Rogues impregnate released females.

    I don't get what you are trying to say ^^'
  14. Jojo

    How do senses work?

    @RandomWanderer yeah bearyenas seem to lock on to certain Nichelings (they still attack spiky bodied Nichelings instead of non spiky body ones) as I said I am not a 100% sure how the senses work. Usually they work really well on the apes but as @Philo (how does it actually work?) mentioned in another thread the predators have stats for hunger and stuff. So when a smelling ape is super hungry it will even eat Nichelings with the stinky tail, though that does not solve the problem that you sometimes can't outrun predators *thinking * Maybe it's a bug?
  15. Jojo

    How do senses work?

    That is actually a good question. I think you need to have a higher stat in whatever sense you want to hide from or be completly out of range from the predator . Ex: bearyena has two sight you have three camouflage so you should be save (provided nothing else gives you away) or you have zero camouflage but are like three or four tiles away and you should be safe too....in theory XD I am pretty sure it works that way with apes too but as they have stats of six you need quite a bit of stealth and stuff. I was able to hide from bearyenas on deadly hill with creatures who had moss brown fur because it boosted their camouflage quite a bit