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  1. How do you run your tribe? :D

    The rules mentioned above are pretty accurate but if you have read the books it is just like any clan in the books. With names and the codes and stuff
  2. Old grafic optional package

    Thought I'd quickly add a few pictures.
  3. I have played Niche since its early access version 0.0.7 so I have seen a lot and I fell in love with the old grafics (no not the experimental branch ones. The original ones ^^). I would love to have an optional package where we can play with the current game mechanics and just the old textures (I wouldn't even mind if you made it a dlc we had to pay a bit for). I think that would be also useful for users who don't have such a strong grafics card. Would love to hear your thoughts on that idea
  4. How do you run your tribe? :D

    I usually play with the warriors challenge (book series by Erin Hunter). In addition to that I like to keep my tribe really diversified with a lot of different looks and traits. Not much else apart from that except that I try to breed out bad eyesight but don't mind breeding with rogue males if they have a new gene I want. Also I like to have a fair number of strong Nichelings. They usually come in greater numbers than my collector nichelings but I usually don't mark them after collector, hunter etc.
  5. What are you using gems for?

    I usually mark ranks with them and the home island immunity or other special traits if I consider a trait special On occasion I mark breeding pairs but that is kind of rare
  6. Development WIP

    OMG the beak is soooo awesome! I can't wait for this update. It feels like it'll steal countless more hours of my life ^^ (not that I mind). Also that tree looks different
  7. Two Bugs- Apes and Commands

    @wolfhowlmay just in case you are interested you can fix the 'age faster bug' by exiting the game immediatly after you changed the genes on the creatures (without changing the day or doing anything else).
  8. Stray Fawn Studio at GDC

    Congrats on the "Best in play". Nice to see that Nimbatus is doing well And awesome that you guys had a great time!
  9. The Killer Archipelago would be, well of course an archipelago island, but every single one of the islands would be different, meaning have different biomes. So you would start out on a grassland biome, but the next island or next two islands would be a jungle one and the other a swamp one, there could be deadly hills islands and savannah islands or burning savannah islands and the jungle islands would have apes (or at least one). It would be of course pretty hard to beat the killer archipelago but also kind of cool, maybe the islands would even have seperate temperatures. I actually had this idea because I dreamt about it
  10. Guard role

    I like the idea especially for the blue bird, not sure how defending would differentiate from attacking the bearyena though
  11. I like the sound of your idea. About the catching a cold while in rain or snow I think that should depend on how cold resitant the creature is and on what biome they are on. So creatures in the savannah or oasis would probably like a little bit of rain and wouldn't get sick from rain as it is very warm, much like you don't get sick from rain in summer. On the medium islands there should be like a 50% chance for creatures with low cold resistance (big ears, lean body) to get sick and for medium body creatures like 25% and big body creatures 10% or some other percentages. That same thing would count for the mountains just that creatures with heat resistance and no cold resistance would get sick a lot. Because a creature with high cold resistance wouldn't catch a cold from rain or snow that easily, same when you are out in the rain with a jacket, you don't get cold immediatly.
  12. Get Panda pattern back

    You can still get the panda pattern through the mask pattern, though I wouldn't mind if it was a seperate pattern
  13. Okay I definitely like the first half of the post. Longer lifespan and stuff are awesome! I am a little sceptical about the 'breeding needs a certain amount of relationship' while it sounds nice, in my opinion it would take away some of the role playing aspect which would in turn be hugely improved by longer lifespans. What I mean is, for example I have a pairing that doesn't like each other (in my head of course) but I think they are both very responsible and will still breed with each other to ensure the passing of genes or if you play an amazon tribe where the females just choose a male they like but don't care what the males thinks. These examples wouldn't work as well with the 'required amount rule'. So yeah, I would not be a fan of the 'certain amount of relationship required to breed' of course there still could be benefits for a high relationship like: the mutation menu chances will be increased, they are more fertile (if the aren't already), there is a higher chance for twins etc. So yeah. I would still love to see longer lifespans
  14. That souds cool So basically when we hit a rogue male it would then display fear but unbothered it would usually display lust?