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  1. Jojo

    Toxic Miss Niche (VOTING)

    That is a no brainer for me. Likana is stunning
  2. Jojo

    anyone else play cattails?

    In my first playthrough I got my OC Blood and she married Slip (because he looks like her OC mate) I tell you trecking all the way from the mountain colony to the mystic colony is no fun.
  3. Jojo

    Cactus Jaw/ Camel head/ Dehydration Jaw

    Well to be dehydrated we would first have to add hydration in general to the game and I am not sure how that would work.
  4. I'd go north when you can and not right. I don't think there is a pattern for whale island, just Philo once said that the chance of it goes up there more that it doesn't show up... if that makes sense ^^
  5. I think you might have caused most of the bugs due to your console use but going to whale island sounds good. Or going left and then right sometimes fixes the island loop. About the long winter I don't know, probably no fix there but 99% sure that it has to do with the console use.
  6. Jojo

    Warrior Cats!

    The governemt issued one is when you create an account it gives you a random warriors name
  7. Jojo

    Look at this Pretty Baby!

    With the customizable starts in sandbox we could recreate her Or at least we should be able to
  8. Jojo

    Warrior Cats!

    Yes. The merch looks so good though after christmas I haven't had the funds yet to buy something. Also what is your government issued warrior name? Mine is Marigolddapple which is kinda cute but also a little bit of a tongue twister ^^ and apparently I am the most like Greystripe which I don't see myself as but I shall bow to StarClan
  9. @Willow the fluffer which of your girls would you like to be the male tribute?
  10. I probably could... if I concentrated...but usually I am to lazy XD
  11. Cool or at least super interesting
  12. Jojo

    Look at this Pretty Baby!

    Oh she is really beautiful. I love stinky tail and big ears and big nose combo is just great *-* I want such a pretty eve too... but no I always get cracker jaw or something dull
  13. Jojo

    Bug on steam?

    Try hovering over them in your main library without clicking on them. You might have to move steam itself around a little and find the right spot for all of them to show up. It can be a little bit of a hassle.
  14. Okay you got me, what do Secret Service Countersniper teams carry?