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  1. Jojo

    Philo in Rome

    There is no such thing as to much gelato! Also really nice pictures. I want to go to rome now as well
  2. Jojo

    not art

    I got mine from a forum user a while back. I sadly forgot their name. They also don't seem to be that active anymore.
  3. I was just about to pop in here and say please no politics because it is going to blow up in our faces again, but you guys seem to have it handled
  4. Most spiders aren't dangerous (except you live in Australia) so you shouldn't worry about it I find spiders to be very useful roommates when it comes to mosquito hunting
  5. Welcome. Don't worry about your late replies. We have some timezone chaos as it is here Also don't worry about english being not your first language, it isn't my first language and neither the first language of the developers I hope you have fun here
  6. This actually warmed my heart ❤️ (the first part not you dying lol)
  7. I feel so proud to have gotten the ancient rank *puts on sunglasses*
  8. Welcome. Dir auch einen guten Tag (I am from Germany) I hope you have fun here I can relate to that statement so much
  9. Jojo

    Erm... a break?

    You aren't rude Maybe I think it is fun becaue it is relaxing and I need a vacation so bad?!
  10. Fixed it being in the wrong section. Also I hope you get better ❤️
  11. Jojo

    Erm... a break?

    Sounds great have fun
  12. 1. I think mainly hero, but it depends largely on my mood. Maybe I'd go totally darth vader/ Thanos/ reaper and set out to destroy the most advanced species who are destroying their planets. So it depends on the setting and my mood. My current mood is villian. 2. Disney Film: Lion King but if it is also none disney then it is Spirit. What I like the least about them *thinks really hard* I don't know, I love everything about them, guess that is why they are my favourite movies 4. Billionaire, not because of the money but because I don't want to be immortal. That sucks. Especially when you go for true immortality where nothing can kill you and you keep on existing even after the sun has blown up the planet. 5. Save the ecosystem. Humans can suck it. 6. Yes. You should make sure that it is a life threatening issue. Sacrifice one to save millions? Yes. I mean any person who either had to sacrifice themselves or save millions of people said I don't want to do it, isn't worth having around anyway. If it is a smaller issue it really depends. I can't think of a good example right now. 7. Not at all
  13. We are screwed so what? Enjoy life while you can
  14. Not a bad idea. I am not a big fan of the jungle part, mainly because I don't want apes there ^^ but if there weren't apes there that would be cool. Or a jungle/ grass mix.
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