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  1. This is just mean. Why would you do this to me? my inner demon: oh we have to try this *maniacal laughter* I love the idea btw
  2. I haven't drawn in a while but I am really proud of this one. And a few traditional ones that I really like
  3. Jojo

    Anxiety, yay!

    I literally just started therapy because of anxiety. So far I am really looking forward to my next session with the therapist. In general I can only recommend therapy
  4. It does sound like the Nicheling might be blind as Skysplash asked
  5. Jojo

    Childhood Movies

    Lion King, Spirit and Balto and I still love those movies to death! A few other movies I watched were The little mermaid, jungle book, the fox and the hound oh and Pokémon movies
  6. I usually tend to hate yellow fur but if I have a whole tribe with black fur a yellow Nicheling will be great looking because I need a alot of variety in my tribes. So in that sense I rarely sort out anybody for looks because I like different looks. However if I don't have enough different looks and a same looking Nicheling is born they might be in a little bit of a trouble.
  7. Jojo


    Haha I knew that spacecat and Bannergirl were older than 17 but somehow never really thought about it
  8. Jojo


    Nah, I just took that to supplement my joke from your statement of not wanting to watch a one hour video
  9. Jojo

    Hey so

    I hope that you will feel better soon!
  10. I really like strength and speed as mixed attributes. And I have loved spiky body forever which conflicts with my love for stinky tail all the time. So my Nichelings tend to be all over the place.
  11. Oh my god the nostalgia at seeing an original DS!
  12. I don't own a mac but this is copy pasted from an answer the devs gave: Open the Finder -> Click on "Go" -> Hold down the alt key, since library is a hidden folder -> click on Library -> open Application Support -> open Team Niche -> open Niche - a genetics survival game -> click on AnimalNames.ini (choose a texteditor to open it) Hope it helps
  13. Jojo


    No books. No videos. What do you do all day? ^^
  14. If it doesn't feel right and you can avoid it, don't do it. That is my simple advice for you.
  15. Jojo


    Great. So far I am the only person that voted 17+ and now I feel even older ^^
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