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  1. Saw a new cat today. Called it Leafpool though she looked way to angry to be Leafpool ( she looked about ready to murder my dog but didn't come down from the window she was perching on ^^)
  2. Jojo

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    Those are valid reasons not to like blue though. If I our school had uniforms and they were blue I probably wouldn't like the colour as much as well.
  3. There are a few cats in our neighborhood but I don't think they are strays as all of them are very well fed. So every cat I meet gets a warrior cat name (I don't have pictures (because everytime I see them my dog scares them) but I shall give you the names and descriptions) Morningflower- mainly cream and white cat with hints of red on the ears and tail Hollyleaf- long haired, black cat Moon Spots- black and white cat Ivypool- long haired white cat with big dark grey patches and darker stripes (damn that is a pretty cat I wish I could show you guys a picture (and she lives right next to Moon Spots) Dustpelt- small, brown tabby (actually the neighboors cat) Shorttail- black tortie at my barn Whitestorm- white cat (which clawed me XD ) Firestar- ginger cat (I was so happy when I saw him for the first time lol) Cinderpelt- grey cat with white paws (super pretty as well!) And we had a neighboor cat that was the most warrior cat spirited cat ever. We called him Tiger and he was longhaired and a grey/brown tabby with patchy fur, he was old but always ready to fight my dog (and my dog was ready to fight back (of course I never let her)) sadly he passed away a few years ago. He lived in the same place as Dustpelt and I always imagined that he was his mentor, though Dustpelt is really skittish.
  4. Don't worry about it. I didn't think you'd want to argue. Everybody feels different about these kind of things
  5. The problem is if you are already anti social and isolate yourself even more you run the risk of becoming depressive and just worse in general. Humans need social interactio (and that from someone who is currently doing therapy because of social anxiety so yeah...)
  6. I don't know why they do it either, but I never wanted to be homeschooled either. I imagine that it is horribly lonely. There are a few other european countries that don't allow homeschooling as well
  7. Well done. Though looking at your post count right now it is already 517
  8. Homeschooling isn't even allowed in Germany. (Not that I am in school anymore) Also in my school all the kids would be on their phones all the time anyway (we all were experts at hiding them from teachers or just went to the handy zone (handy= mobile phone) where phones were allowed)
  9. Jojo

    Random polls

    Ah I see we have a lot of people that like the colour blue. I like those people.
  10. I shall give you a late if not warm welcome. The bird sanctuary for chickens sounds great!
  11. Thanks for refreshing my biology knowlegde
  12. Welcome to the forums Though it feels odd to say that to a dev XD
  13. me repsonding super late to a random topic I love birds, but I love them so much that I would never want to have one as a pet because I want them to be free and able to fly
  14. Not sure if it is a talent but I am good with horses and can ride pretty good. I'd like to think that I can write pretty well (as in stories/novels). I can draw pretty good (if I'd do it more often that is). I am patient with other people (not with myself though ugggh). Oh and I am sporty. Yeah that it all for now I think.
  15. I thought chimeras didn't even exist naturally and only through lab experiments
  16. I'm a little late but welcome to the forums nonetheless
  17. It means... that you like dragons! I am a god damn genius
  18. I am still free til the beginning of october (and I did a very similar gap year thing, right now I am not writing my subject papers because I needed a break (in this case it will most likely not lead to a gap year but who knows ) I hope you find some fun in your gap year.
  19. Yes, sometimes having claw/ nimble fingers whatever in different slots helps (also remember that achievements are locked in sandbox mode). As for inactive traits make sure they are the same as you need in the active ones just to make sure so better twice violet eyes than inactive blue eyes
  20. Hello and welcome. I hope you have a good time here Also fun fact the favourite colour of my brother is green
  21. I agree that whale island would be cheating and the time measurement would be in game days. Not that I have ever tried this but it makes sense
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