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  1. Strong Bear is gorgeous, and has two claws! Surely her strength is an invaluable trait for a leader!
  2. 😨 Oh no!! I just realized I'm missing venom fangs, worst XD No worries, those frozen and impregnated nichelings aren't part of my breeding group, so I'm none too worried about them They're tough as nails
  3. I finally got every last gene!! I got super lucky with this last snow mountain and got both mammoth foot and sabre fangs (my favorite snout gene so far), last!
  4. I don't know that I found purr snout creepy, but I certainly don't think it's as cute as a bunch of other people seem to find it 😅 I'm not sure what it is though. The weird skinniness of the nose? Too many thick whiskers? Weird forehead shape? I dunno, but not really my favorite snout aesthetically (saber fangs have one that one in a landslide so far :P) Side note, Kid vs Cat was a good show! Almost no one I know remembers it though, so sad!
  5. Maybe some of them hunted mammoths, and that's why they had such attack and defense-oriented genes! Big teeth for chomping through all the fur and fat, mammoth foot to survive that snow, and armored bodies to keep them livin' if they got whacked
  6. We should put luck in as a new optional gene XD
  7. The pic's kind of blurry, but I had a bunch of babies and literally every single last one had A/* immunity or C/* I eventually got one, just ONE male with B/C immunity thankfully XD But until then I basically looked at every new baby like this
  8. From time to time I'll accidentally select the wrong nicheling when moving them around or taking a leech off or some other such nonsense. I figured having a small outline of the hexagon for the nicheling you have currently selected could help improve things somewhat. It would just be a small gameplay element that might make things a little easier. As a bonus, I also thought that perhaps the hexagon colors could change depending on what the first color of your nicheling's gems are. So, hexagons would ordinarily be green to start, and if you changed your nicheling's first gemstone to yellow then the hexagon would be yellow from then on for that nicheling. I don't know how much harder that would be to implement, but it was just a little extra idea for the hexagon highlighting.
  9. This is a small quirk that annoys me just a little. Stagmole burrows and areas your nichelings have dug up are nearly identical to each other. There's very slight differences, I think the dig spots are slightly bigger. And when you enter sight/scent mode only the dig spots will disappear, allowing you to see which mounds are stagmole burrows, but I'd like to not have to enter in a different mode just to tell if I should post my nicheling there. I thought it'd just make things a little easier if they were a little easier to tell apart, perhaps the dig spots could not have the center entry hole stagmole burrows do so it's just a pile of dirt instead, or make the dig spot holes bigger or smaller. Something that makes it a little easier to tell at a glance
  10. For some reason there's a mutation for no melanism/albinism, but not for encouraging it. I thought it might be nice if this were an option, and people who want it to continue to be something you need to work to keep can ignore the mutation for it
  11. I shan't give up yet! Those megaloceros horns are beyond cool and I have to have them. Hopefully I don't lose the home immunity gene in trying to do so though
  12. That drawing looks fantastic, I'm in love! And having bioluminescent nichelings could open some doors for doing things with the underwater genes/environment too, which would be very cool!
  13. I tried that out, and you're totally right! We've got food like crazy now
  14. I made a story mode tribe with the intent of getting aaaaaaall the genes possible before finally moseying my way to Adam's Island, it will be the first time I see the "story ending," and with my first save file too! We've cheesed the water genes to easily survive 70% of the islands, survived the jungle long enough to get stinky tail, and survived the swamps enough to get the toxic body, and now we've finally made it to the icy mountains. We managed to struggle the cold winds enough to get Big Body. We've taken down the balance bear, we've survived the sudden snow piles, and we got through our first winter. And with every ancient rock we broke we got a new ancient gene, it was all going so smoothly, we nearly had them all. another few icy island hops and we were golden - and then it'd be off to the promise lands except apparently we've just been lucky with ancient genes you don't get strictly new ones when you break another one open megaloceros antlers were no where to be found, and I had wanted that gene the most and now there were no ports to more mountains. my only option was to go right. I had to send 5 Mountain-Evolved Nichelings to the jungle yeah we got Rekked™ A smelling ape spawned almost immediately, one nicheling got chomped by a carnivorous plant in our rush and we had no time to save him, and by the exit port where I planned on popping out a few once we'd lost that first smelling ape, a second smelling ape decided he'd pay us a visit, and then the first ape caught up to us. We nearly lost our Home immunity and our next tiny island had a few inbreds to get through And here we are at the mountains again. Our only ports are a grass island to the left, and a 5 port jungle to the right. 2 out of 3 ancient rocks have been broken. A nicheling has found last one under the snow. I break it open... Mammoth foot. And I close my game.
  15. Oh my 3600 food is so much!! I'm jealous at your skills
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