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  1. Its been awhile since I've been on the forums. I just got the niche phone game, its very cute! Also seeing that there's a niche prototype being made and that the devs still seem to be porting niche to other systems. I really hope that niche becomes a series because the gameplay and general art design are both fantastic! I guess I wanted to say this is a series I much enjoy and I'm happy to see it grow as much as it has!
  2. I dunno. I also thought it was a glitch, but I thought it was cute! ☺️
  3. There was a bug that caused there to be a lot more wanderers than normal. Although I liked it, I noticed that others on the forum were not as fond of it. That got me thinking. Why not the best of both worlds? My idea is to add an extra option to the world settings. Instead of just having the option to turn entities on and off, you could click on what you want to change (ex. Wanderers) and change how common it spawns. Want to have a challenge where you have to fend off packs of bearyenas? You can do that. Want wanderers to be extremely rare? You can do that as well.
  4. “Invincible baby?” This is the only title that I could think that didn't immediately send red flags to anyone who read it.
  5. @Fishyfishyfishy500 I could see a variant of the turtle shell that adds +1 more defense, but reduces speed, since tortoises are well armored, but slow
  6. Personally, I don’t like the idea of the shell reducing speed, even if turtles are generally slow. I mean, snapping turtle can run pretty fast when they want to. maybe instead of 2 defense, it could only have 1, but does not reduce speed.
  7. I want to hear what you would like to see in the next update Of Niche. Remember: if you have something specific that you would like to see in the next update, put it in the features suggestion forum! I think that I personally would like to see an update more focused on new genes 🧬. Of course I love the new sandbox update, and all the new gameplay changes that have happened, but my favorite part of looking through the suggestions forum is the new genes people come up with. Although I do think that any future sandbox options would be great too.
  8. You can give your nichelings home island immunity and invite Adam’s tribe, but only if you start on an island OTHER THAN the home island itself. For example, you could start on the crossing and go to home island and have the ability to invite the tribe. However, the game doesn’t allow if you do start on the island itself. I hope this helps!
  9. For some reason, if you start on any other island (ex. The crossing), you can invite members of Adam’s family if you have the home island immunity. However, starting on home island does not allow you to invite them, even if you do have the immunity. Hope this helped!
  10. Artcknfkfgydhihhyrf I think the only letter I got right was the A.
  11. - Normal nichelings coming out of an ice block. no ancient genes, just a normal wanderer caught in ice. - old age debuffs. I know that it make the game more realistic, but I've had to depend on older nicheling more than once, so that would definitely make the game much harder for me currently all I can think of now
  12. I think that used to be a thing in earlier versions of the game (mating with a wanderer not in your tribe also damages you I believe)
  13. (for anyone wondering, I'm almost 21 and about 5'3) While trying out the new world settings for a challenge, I came up with this boy! I love his soft pastel look. Also made a lil' reindeer Made this while showing the game to some one. I ended up liking her so much that I kept her. ...and one that I made randomly just for the fun of it.
  14. Testing the new sandbox update, I noticed that when starting with a toxic body nicheling, they are always green. Testing to see how this would affect any other toxic bodied nichelings. And so, I filled up the entire gene settings page with toxic bodied nichelings to see what coloring they would be. What I found was interesting. First test: Huh, It appears that green is the dominant color overall on this one. So I decided to try it again: Its... exactly the same as the last one: 4 Green, 2 Red, and 1 of Blue, Yellow, and Purple I thought that this might have been because I was naming the file the same thing. So I renamed it and tried again: ... The same. Maybe it was because I was using the same island for all three tests? alright, for the next few tests, I decided that I would give the nichelings different heads to remember their positioning: Test #1 Test #2 The analysis: The nichelings with the sabertooth snout, platypus beak, Sticky Tongue, and Digging Trunk are all Green. Purrsnout and Short Snout are Red. Bat Head is Blue, Gills is Purple, and lastly, the Big Snout is Yellow. So, by these tests, it appears that Toxic Body's coloring is NOT actually randomized. I not sure is this is a bug, or if this is caused by the game's limits. Update: I made a different sandbox settings option filled with all toxic bodied nichelings, and I got the same result.
  15. when my game crashed from reaching its memory limit (see "Jungle Memory Leak (?)" for more details), I checked on the save file in the saves folder and found a savefile named "Slot-1.nichesave". Confused, I copied one of my backed-up save files into the folder. Then I tried to boot the game back up. However, the flash screen before the main menu (the nicheling family with a bearyena behind them) wasn't there, instead I was greeted to a black screen, and then the main menu. However, when looking at the save files, both of the save slots them were empty!, I tried it again, with the same result. I tried to manually drag it to the recycling bin, but I got a message that the file "could damage my PC". the only way I was able to delete it was by right-clicking on it and pressing delete. However, even when I emptied my recycling bin, when I booted the game back up, the Slot-1.nichesave" came back! Interestingly, this file doesn't seem to be deleting save files (as of yet). I'm not entirely sure, but I think the only way for me to get rid of it entirely is to uninstall then reinstall the game. Warning: Do NOT use this save file unless you know what you are doing! I'm putting it here specially for the Devs to check it out. Again, do NOT use this savefile! it could break your game! Slot-1.nichesave
  16. I was playing around with sandbox mode, and I chose to try and survive on the hardest jungle island, starting out with only one nicheling. However, upon creating the world, I noticed that it was lagging horribly, which was strange to me, since on the version before (1.1.5), that same island ran perfectly. So, I decided to do some tests. Using the task manager to see how much memory I was using, I wanted to see exactly how much memory each savefile used. For the first test, I when to the biggest island that I could think of: the Frost Lands. My first guess to what was causing a problem was the number of tiles on the island, however, this save ran smoothly. I also bred to the amount of nichelings that I usually end up at to see if that caused a problem. However, that game acted like normal. Test 2: Whale Island. I chose Whale island specifically because of the fact that the whale is moving on screen at all times. As you can see here, Whale island does take up more memory. However, it was still running smoothly. Final Test: Hardest Jungle Island Even with only one nicheling, The game's memory usage is HUGE compared to the previous save files. The game was lagging so badly, that it ended up crashing! I will post the crash report when I find it. Here is the save file: Slot1.nichesave Warning: When the game crashed, Another bug happened where the crashed game save file would delete other saves, use this save file with caution.
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