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  1. There is a suggestion for this that I made quite a long time ago.
  2. Maybe they could spawn in certain trees in groups of 3 or more.
  3. Maybe this can be unlocked towards the end of the game, you can need your tribe to have survived for ____ days and have had ____ amount of genes unlocked.
  4. Maybe we could add a body that allows gliding as well as a climbing paw for climbing the trees!
  5. I don’t think we would really need to change mechanics too much, maybe just add the listening action to near-sighted nichlings. However the main focus is making it so blind nichlings can move and survive on their own.
  6. Maybe it’s the second half of the day for evening, so all nichlings get one gem back, but some food is used up too.
  7. Currently on the game a blind nichling can only move to tiles that are seen by other nichlings. However, blind people in real life still move around and navegate the world based on other senses like sound and touch. So I suggest giving two unique actions to blind nichlings. 1. Blind nichlings should be able to have a listening action. It would allow blind nichlings to hear the tiles around them, making it so they can move around. You would be able to click action this in the same spot as the purring action. *How far the nichlings can hear depends entirely on their ears. 2. The touch/feel action. This would allow them to touch/feel something they can’t hear and interact with. For example touching a piece of grass, would allow them to clear it away next turn. This gives the nichlings more mobility.
  8. I think it’s kinda weird that only nichlings with double immunities can get sick. Maybe when nichlings get cold and when it rains or snows, there’s a chance for them to become sick.
  9. That would work too, I just feel it’s weird only nichlings with double immunities can catch a sickness out of nowhere, I’ll add a suggestion for it.
  10. Maybe nichlings can have a head like a pelican, it can give plus 2 fishing, but maybe offer poor smelling
  11. I was thinking of having more then one immunities with cold/heat resistance
  12. Maybe your nichlings can get sick from their climate, if it gets too hot or cold you can have a message saying your nichlings can get sick if they don’t stay warm/cool. The thing that effects which nichlings get sick is their immunities. Some immunities would be resistant for sicknesses in certain climates, like j could giving resistance to heat, but weakness to cold. B or A can be neutral, giving few benefits/weaknesses.
  13. Maybe you can only unlock it after getting all the body types?
  14. I think that this should be an optional thing in settings, but I love this idea.
  15. Maybe plus 2 strength and 2 fishing?
  16. So my nichling was born with the recessive scorpion tale and dominate tailfin, yet the tail she has is the scorpion tail.
  17. Thats why we have the different body types. in real life after a few generations you would see mutations to adapt to an environment, not right away. In niche this is shown by unlocking mutations after a few generations.
  18. Snow53211

    1.1.0 Buglist

    So one of my Nichelings was a few days away from death when she got stunned by a falling acorn. But she didn’t die when she was supposed to. my nichlings could walk on the same tile as her and I could click her, but I could not move her.
  19. I think that a bat head would allow this.
  20. Create separated threads for the different creatures
  21. True, maybe the skin types would mainly effect the torso, and legs, because you see dogs with puffy coats right? Their paws aren't Puffier, i think the same thing can be applied with the nichlings. I also feel certain body types should be incompatible with certain fur/skin types, like the spiky, water and toxic bodies.
  22. This idea seems to be floating around, with people wanting long hair, short hair, feather, or scales. A new slot, that would allow you to add these to the body type your nichling has. Some body types may unable to have fur/skin, like the underwater body type. But things like feathers could help you fly more, fur helps you resist hot or cold, attractiveness, distastefulness, the possiblitys are limitless. * please note that this was not my original idea, I felt it was needed to create a new suggestion for it
  23. It would be best to be activated when you do an action wig your nichling. maybe when a rabill is next to the Bush, the rabill it eats a berry and your nichling can’t collect for that turn.
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