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  1. Well, cats usually have their own ideas for everything, so I won't take it personal if she dislikes it πŸ™„πŸ€£
  2. Thank you! I hope it's good enough for your cat hahaha 😜😜
  3. Hi guys! No I haven't abandoned this post haha^^ I can't dedicate as much time as I'd like to drawing but I'll keep drawing your beautiful nichelings @Aetherskye Here is your Snocat! I'm not really good at painting white creatures but I've tried my best 🀣 Hope you like it! I'll continue drawing the rest of the nichelings you've suggested, but don't expect very often updates, since I prefer being meticulous and slow than hurrying with each picture
  4. I'm loving the new update so far! Everything is working just fine for me I have just one question, would it be possible to have an option for the randomized genes to be completely random? What I mean is that every gene could have the same chance to be selected for your starting nichelings, because right now there are some genes that are never selected due to very low or nonexistent chance (like the bearyena/prehistoric genes or rare immunities) while others like the long snout or the normal ears are super common; I think it'd be funny to start the tribe with crazy looking nichelings without having to put the most common genes in the forbidden option. And you could keep the option with the normal chances for those who prefer it that way... What do you think? (I don't really know if I've explained it clearly or not, sorry if it's a bit confusing πŸ˜…πŸ˜…) (Also I don't know if this is the right place to suggest it, because it's some kind of feedback for the new update, so... tell me if I should post it anywhere else)
  5. My birthday is on Valentine's Day as well!! I always joke about how I receive a gift every Valentines Day since I was born (even if it's not a Valentines related gift at all).
  6. Hi! As I really love both Niche and drawing, I want to have a post where I'll be posting my occasional drawings. I don't have plenty of time in my life so I won't update very often, but this will help me to have all of them gathered in a single post, and also you'll be able to see them and comment if you like them or if I could improve something! Also if I have the time, I could draw someone's nichelings^^ For now I'll post my drawing of one of my all time favorite Nichelings, my beloved Skull, Goddess of Mischief. She was from my first tribe ever and was born in the warm savannah. She was really mischievous and liked to pull pranks on everyone. I really wish I had taken a pic of her genetics to try and breed her again...
  7. That's great!! Thank you so much ❀️
  8. I wouldn't mind having the command for the console instead! Anyway, if it's not possible I wouldn't mind having a permanent blind genes mode either, that way you don't have the temptation of "cheating"
  9. I'm so excited for all of this!! And also I love that idea of adding your own names! It's exactly what I need because I have such a huge list of names. Also, will they be separated for males and females? I have some male or female exclusive names, and some other that could work for both of them, so I'm interested in how it'll work 😊
  10. I think it would be awesome to have the option to toggle the genes on and off so that we can play a "blind genes mode" in which we can't look at the genes our nichelings are carrying, to make the game more interesting and challenging. That way we could look at the family tree and change nichelings' names without having to look at the genes. It could also be activated or deactivated during the game, that way, for example, you could set yourself a goal and once you reach it you can toggle on the genes and look at them. What do you think?
  11. I just made some corrections with capital letters and some other minor details^^ (I'm from Spain)
  12. I've noticed that, when you enter a saved game, the day counter marks 0 days on the icon until you pass the first night, when it goes back up to the day it should show. This doesn't happen with the menu you see while passing the mouse over the icon, which displays the total days and the days on the present island correctly.
  13. Porki


    I love all of those pets! I have a Belgian Malinois called Shira, she is four years old and is completely crazy. She has the special ability to get on my nerves but I still love her more than I could describe <3 I'm also a bit into dog training and I practice with her every day (when I'm not studying in another city) and sometimes with other dogs like her father. Once I'm completely independent I'll have a lot more animals like rats, bearded dragons, cats and others
  14. I wanted to study Biology but I had to move to a very expensive city (Madrid) and ended up studying Environmental Sciencies (I'm also loving this degree!). Right now I'm in my third year of Collegue (if everything goes well I'll end next year!) and then I'll fulfill my dream of specializing in Zoology, which has always been my goal. I really want to work breeding endangered fauna in captivity to reintroduce them and helping the endangered species in the wild^^
  15. I really love ALL kind of animals (from the tiny invertebrates to the biggest mammals) but if I had to choose, I'd always go for wolves. There's something with them that I really adore <3
  16. And he has the scorpion tail as well! I haven't found that tail yet but my first purr snouted creatures were two warrior twins
  17. That's what I was thinking. I have encountered rogues and bearyenas in some other easy islands. But it doesn't really matter to me which category it goes
  18. This is Star-Gaze, a very special nicheling born today while testing the new update. He has the purr snout and the peacock tail, and he's a blind-albino nicheling. Since the moment he was born I absolutely fell in love with him! I was just trying to spread the new genes in my testing tribe and this came out! One of my favorite nichelings so far <3
  19. I see!! I think that's really useful since the wings doesn't really have any ability to gather food^^
  20. I don't know it this is intended, but my flying nicheling can crack open the nuts when sitting on top of the tree when she has no cracking ability. Is this intended or shouldn't she be able to do that?
  21. I think you could also separate the genes and have derpsnout (that could go with any type of ears and they'd look normal) and derpears (the round ones) that maybe would have lesser hearing ability.
  22. That's a wonderful idea! I want to have more play modes and that way it would be much easier Also I would really love to see a "blind genes" mode (that you can activate and desactivate) where you can never see the genes of your nichelings (to make the game more interesting) but you're able to actually see the family tree and change the nichelings' names.
  23. I've always wanted this. I really want to see the evolution in my tribe and be able to look to a complete tree from the beginning! Also those nichelings who join the tribe and are never related to anyone should show up!
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