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  1. In Grass Mingle, there is less food to be found and the island is more of a hill. It also has the sleeping sickness and rarely it will have an ape. Grass Adventure has much more food to be found, and in my experience, less bearyenas and less rogue males.
  2. I once found this male wanderer and invited him into the tribe, and right behind him there was a female wanderer with immunity genes different to his. It was so adorable, even before I invited her in she kept following him around. I ended up breeding them because what else was I going to do?
  3. I remember one time I had to give up on a beautiful tribe of creatures in story mode because they lost the home island immunity. The last creature with it died before she could pass it on, and now i'm wondering if possibly there could be a second chance for when things like this happens? Possibly lost members of Adam's family could appear on different islands in rare occasions, most likely if home island immunity has disappeared.
  4. I do have a save file with all of them unlocked, I don't have a picture of it though. I will be able to send a picture later tonight, but i'm betting someone else will be able to do it before then.
  5. Maybe you could have a little nicheling library that contains the creatures that are transferred to you. And you'd be able to send them into any save file you want.
  6. Wow, i'd love that feature. Maybe the creature that gets transferred would arrive on the ports?
  7. What if when you edit your sandbox mode, you could choose to add your own nicheling NPCs? You could choose whether they'd be agressive or not, or possibly some other options of what they do? Such as maybe they only steal a certain type of food. Maybe in the jungle you could make them try to attract the apes? Possibly edit them so all they know how to do is kill. You could choose if they move the same as your nichelings or at night like bearyenas. You'd have to choose all of their genes and choose a name for them. Just, this seems like the closest you could get to making your own NPCs, just to add some more fun as you play.
  8. I once had a non-waterbreathing creature who had to be born in the ocean so she wouldn't be eaten a killer bearyenas, thanksfully she managed to survive and heal all of the damage she took from drowning.
  9. I use a similar strategy for deadly hill. I always make sure that one of my starters has the cracking ability and settle them down under a tree, and just keep them hidden until i've got bearyena genes. I never really thought about using the berry bushes as bunny traps, that's a really smart idea. I usually just try to find a bunny burrow in the area and have a creature set up near it, so they can catch the bunnies when they arrive.
  10. I'm really curious about how other people start on certain islands, so please share your strageties. I'm going to explain how I start on the Deep Jungle island, since i'm proud of how I managed to survive for over 100 days on it after starting on that very island. First, I zoom out to study the island. I look to see if there's areas without too many trees and with a few food sources. I've noticed that the trees where that have the branches for winged creatures to fly into don't seem to spawn any apes. After I find a place that looks somewhat safe, i'll send my creatures over there immediately. After that I fix up their mutation menus, if they have inactive bad eyesight, I try to fix that. I normally would fill the slots with black fur and spots. If one slot is taken up by normal eyesight, I check to see if black fur or spots would be more useful. Like if they have two no pattern genes, i'll definitely give the dots. Then i'll just have them gather up as much food as I can before they have their babies, in order to make sure they don't starve. That results with them starting to have children very late in their life. I'll breed the starter pair until they have two children who can have healthy babies with each other, or until a wanderer who can breed with one of the babies arrive. Once everything is going well in camp, i'll begin to send a few of each generation out to explore the jungle and find out where the apes are. But the rule is, if you find an ape, you can't come back to camp. Thanks for reading this, it was just really fun to type all of this out.
  11. I have a tribe that has survived for over 1500 days now, and the plan for when I created them was to send them to the jungle. They had spent a whole load of time in jungle islands, and i've learned to love that type of biome. It's easy enough to keep them alive if you know what you're doing. At one point, I was fed up with hiding from the apes and my creatures were going to be the ones to rule the jungle. I bred some really strong creatures to sit under each ape spawning tree and destroy each ape that dared to step foot on the jungle floor. I soon noticed that once you kill two apes, it seems to take a little longer for another to spawn. While my warrior families are waiting for their ape, they go around destroying carnivorous plants for our collectors so there's a chance they'll go back green. I often see people complaining about the jungle, and i'm very surprised about that.
  12. Since my creatures do end up changing from what the save file name says they should be, I decided to just come up with random save file names. Usually i'll just use a recent inside joke so it's somewhat unique and i'll be able to remember which is which.
  13. My all time favourite has to be the Deep Jungle, since my favourite tribe originally kept travelling from jungle island to jungle island. The Deep Jungle is just so big and so full of life, and it is easy enough to survive in if you came prepared. So jungle islands are definitely my favourite, but some others that I like are Whale Island, Deadly Hills, Grass Mingle and Home Island.
  14. The ones i'm really hoping get added are scruff carrying and creature creator/breeder mode. So many times i've had to sacrifice my nichelings in order to save their babies, so it would be great if they could just take them away from the danger.
  15. I just had a set of identical twins with the toxic body, but despite their genetics being identical, one was orange and one was yellow.
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