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  1. Isn't that just a reskined altitude sensor?
  2. This could be preaty good. But you should probably make it so the damage decreases every time it hits an enemy or travelse a certain distance.
  3. A buffer gate that takes time to activate and instantely deactivates
  4. When a camera is active, and destroyed by explosives, it doesn't disappear from the miniMap I use version 0.5.2 closed Alpha
  5. does nimbatus work with a chinese keyboard? that could probably give me some more room for logic
  6. i cant make it check if someone won, because i already use 3/4ths of my keyboard
  7. I made tic tac toe in nimbatus. Controled with the mouse, point on a tile and click to select it
  8. I love this game and decided to make an automatically walking drone. I would love to get a steam key. BUt even if i dont I'll still wish you the best of luck with development.
  9. I would love an Alpha key to this wonderfull game. keep up the great work with developing the game
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