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  1. glitchplight

    customizable bios for nichelings?

    Sounds good even for things like "taking notes" if people want something more gameplay focused. Maybe players want to remember the nicheling has a vital immunity gene, or want to write down a specific pairing they want with it. Gets my upvote at any rate!
  2. glitchplight

    I miss old Niche

    I admit I miss the old Niche too. I personally enjoyed the more minimalist textures since it made the colors brighter, especially with the eyes. I remember way back then when the toxic body would give a nicheling special frog eyes. I suppose the multicolored jellybean colors are a fair trade for that though!
  3. glitchplight

    Why can you not see dead nicheling parents?

    They actually used to have past family trees show alllll of the dead parents. But this unfortunately made the family tree very glitchy so they removed it. You can see the result of that in this old screenshot I took before the game released: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=944312277
  4. glitchplight

    Lag help?

    Sorry if I am interrupting, but Micha is talking about your graphics card driver, not the card itself. Also, it would probably be good to copy paste the info under steam->help->system information so the devs can help you. A lot of information is there that they can understand so they can find your problem.
  5. glitchplight

    Licking toxic body

    I don't really agree, but thats mostly because I got the impression that a nicheling's poison isn't topical, like a poison dart frog, but instead must be actually bitten into and ingested. You will notice that the toxic body anatomy has a lot more mass around the neck area, which appears to be meant to be an extra organ created for the sake of making poison, but that poison appears to be stored there rather than secreted on the skin, like frogs. Considering nichelings appear to be naturally furry creatures as well, I feel like it would be pretty inefficient to secrete poison under all that fur, especially fur that needs to be groomed like any furry creature. This is just how I've interpreted things though. Now, licking a toxic bodied nicheling who is bleeding out after being attacked could be a different story!
  6. glitchplight

    Results of 2nd Community Voting

    Considering how high both the insectivorious and bat head suggestions got, an insectivorous themed update would work reeeeeaally well just saying (empathetic nudging in the devs' direction) Though for real glad to finally see some possibilities! Whatever you guys end up choosing it looks like I'll definitely be looking forward to it regardless!
  7. glitchplight

    Insectivorous nichelings

    The OP talked about the beak gene also having a level of insect collecting in the last paragraph.
  8. glitchplight

    A tad bit more intresting water biomes.

    I really want to see this in future updates! Especially since I've always loved the look of aquatic nichelings and would love more for them to do. Upvoted!
  9. glitchplight

    Insectivorous nichelings

    Going back to upvote this, since I've always wanted an insectivorious mechanic!
  10. glitchplight

    Weak and deaf ears

    Oh alright I see. I doubt that is a good idea since realistically, animals with upright ears are capable of moving them flatter against their head when hiding or stalking prey, and ear size in general certainly don't have that much of an effect on whether an animal can be spotted in general. Personally, I don't like the camoflauge idea, especially since deafness doesn't correlate to ear size in biology. However, I am alright with it working the same way as eyesight and blindness does, where they are just negative effects without a tradeoff. If there was a tradeoff though, I would like it if their other senses were stronger to make up for the one they lack, since that is something that DOES happen with lots of people and animals!
  11. glitchplight

    Weak and deaf ears

    Why would camoflauge go up with less hearing ability?
  12. glitchplight

    Wandering babies not killed like normal babies

    Oh ok that makes a lot more sense. Yeah I agree on that part considering they can age, and are affected by other hazards (like enemies, or coconuts), it is weird they aren't affected by the meat eating plants. The idea of the wanderer's starving might also be hard to implement because that may require having seperate food counts implemented for each wanderer who has spawned or creature banished from the pack, which might be a bit too much overhead. But I do see why you would want that.
  13. glitchplight

    Wandering babies not killed like normal babies

    I can't see how the turn constraint could even be applied to wanderers, or should. They already have constraints, just as what their genes allow (like what they can eat, if they can breathe underwater, or if they can fly to trees, etc). Wanderers are allowed as many turns as a player takes in a day because they are as much as an outside force as other diurnal animals, like the rabbils, rogue males, walrus deer, blue birds, stagmoles, etc. and limiting them would make it much too easy to deal with them and otherwise pretty boring. This is why I agree that baby creatures should of course still be allowed to have constraints such as defense level, lack of ability to swim, lack of ability to fly, being unable to dig or pick berries, etc. I really do have to draw the line at constrained turns, since that is such a core aspect of Niche's gameplay with diurnal animals. It isn't necessary, and immersion isn't worth it in comparison to the other constraints I listed.
  14. glitchplight

    Wandering babies not killed like normal babies

    Well thats fine, since any wandering creature is supposed to move as much as it wants as long as you are moving, and isn't constrained by the move limit that your own creatures have. I don't think that is an issue. I do agree it might be more realistic for wandering babies to have the same defense as normal babies though, and end up dead after just being attacked once.
  15. glitchplight

    Female peacock tail still not showing up.

    I meant to report this but completely forgot. Here's the evidence: