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  1. Unfortuantely I can't really catch this kind of thing in a screenshot, but there was at one point a time when a peaceful bear failed to protect a baby right next to it despite being replete on the turn both before and after (I had plenty of nesting material and made sure to check the tooltip). One thing I should explain though: the peaceful bear DID successfully protect a bunch of babies for quite a long time from being surrounded by two killer bearyenas and a couple of other normal bearyenas. The one that killed the baby was a killer bearyena specifically. I'm aware there are hidden parameters for enemy creatures like fear, hunger, etc. so it makes me curious that instead of this being a bug, this is because the killer bearyena got hungry enough to override its fear to attack my baby anyway? (especially since a killer bearyena would probably have less fear than a normal bearyena?)
  2. That makes sense! I think you need to be on an island that matches the challenge island. In this case the Rainforest matches the Overgrown Jungle. I think you will need to be a snow island to get to the Long Winter island once you get there too.
  3. Oops I got to this too late and unfortunately forgot to save the file too. I am glad someone else has a file for you with the glitch though.
  4. A defender bear killed a baby that couldn't do anthing earlier when I was playing this patch too I am cursed to have them keep killing babies of mine
  5. I'm actually someone that really likes how it is now personally! The only issue was the rogue males for me
  6. So there seems to be a glitch that occured when my creature swooped to catch a rabbil near a hostile carnivorous plant. Here is the screenshot of what happened after I freed my creature, where it clips into another creature near the plant And I should mention before my creature was swallowed by the plant, even though the carnivorous plant played out the swallowing animation, my creature did not move from its spot and abruptly disappeared once the animation ended. What I am guessing happened is that the creature did not change position after being swallowed, and simply appeared again on the tile it was before instead on top of the plant like it should. I hope this makes sense!
  7. Oh okay gotcha. In that case I'm curious if it might be related to the crabbit bug. I know in this version of the game I've had 0 attack creatures be allowed to have guaranteed attacks on crabbits and I hear the attacking sound, but I don't think they are actually doing anything.
  8. When it has 0 strength it ends up having a very low chance to deal damage, but is still possible. Is the icon orange when you attack? This is the same sort of thing like when you try to crack open a nut with 0 cracking ability, or try to dig with 0 digging skill. There IS a chance you succeed, but its random and very low.
  9. Is there really a need for it? The featured bat head is definitely based on the insectivorous sort of bat. A bat head based on fruit-eating bats wouldn't look that much different from the head types we otherwise have available like the big snout. I think the best thing for this would be to add a more versatile hind leg type for flying creatures in general, but those will probably be more bird-type hind legs than bat hind legs.
  10. Oh yay! I will help test this in the morning (unless my insomnia is an issue tonight). Been wanting to try the non-glitched jungle.
  11. This might be less of a bug and more of a balancing issue, but I noticed that whenever I befriended both a peaceful bear along with friendly bearyenas, I would often never ever see the bearyenas again. I'm assuming they are being frightened away by the peaceful bear, which seems to be a rather annoying gameplay confliction and doesn't seem to make befriending the bears worth it.
  12. Defender bears seem to attack whatever creature hurts another. Though that being said I have had a defender bear attack one of my creatures with no ability to attack whatsoever. I remember Philo mentioning that enemies have certain parameters attached to them, like hunger or fear, that can make them decide to attack creatures with the distaceful appearance or not. This might also have an effect on whether they are intimidated by peaceful bears? I'm not sure of course.
  13. Oh yeah thats right I forgot to check! Yeah mine didnt update yet unfortunately.
  14. I tried playing on the jungle today and I still see the stinky fruit glitches being a pain so probably not yet
  15. Its an intended feature, though they just show up much rarer in grassland tiles than savannah tiles. You can see more info here:
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