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  1. Ladybird dies of old age. With the death of their alpha female, Lanternfly and her nieces Amethyst and Olive decide to travel as a bachelorette tribe. The mountain is no place to travel alone. They stumble upon the small grove, which unknown to them, was where their ancestors washed up all those years ago. Butterfly and Bramble welcome their second son. Bramble dies the next but not before impregnating Butterfly with one more child. Their final son is an almost carbon copy of Cardinal. Butterfly names him after her recently deceased mate. Her two older sons are beginning to develop their personalities. Oak is a bit of a homebody, who would much rather stay close to the nest, clear the grasses and gather berries. Cardinal is a much more adventurous spirit, who is already climbing the mountain to hunt rabbils with Stoat, whom he considers to be something of an uncle. Other than a dying rogue male, there is no sign of other nichelings on the bacholerettes' side of the island. Oak is of breeding age and Tatala has taken quite the shining to him but she's rather shy about confessing her feelings to him. She invites him up to go up the mountain to dig for roots with her. Lanternfly has passed away, her old wounds finally catching up to her. Amethyst and Olive remain together, determined to keep each other safe and warm for the approaching winter. Amethyst finds a dead rabbil and can smell the familiar scent of meat emanating from the grass. Not noticing anything suspicious, she helps herself. However, the rabbit was killed by a balance bear that has taken up residence in the area and it is not happy to see her stealing from its stash. The sisters have no choice but to run from the enraged predator. Luckily, the bear isn't all that fast and they quickly outrun it. They find themselves on a slope crawling with rabbils. Cardinal teaches Bramble the best way to hunt stagmoles. While huddling with each other to beat the cold, Tatala asks Oak to be her mate. Oak joyously accepts her offer. Their first son has the water body. It sure is going to be a pain in the butt to breed out all the recessive water genes this family has. At least I can put him to use as a fisher! Amethyst climbs to the top of the mountain to call for help for her and Olive. She was barely old enough to remember when Butterfly and Bramble I travelled to the other side of the island and she doesn't even know if they survived their journey. Her bleak howls echo along the slopes. Little does she know, her pleas have been heard (and not only by the bunny!).
  2. That could make an interesting challenge. Thanks!
  3. The tribe says goodbye to Mesi, an alpha female who put responsibility to her tribe above her own desires. The tribe's youngest are growing restless and the explore the mountain's slopes in search of new resources and new faces. However, the cold weather is making the snow drifts dangerously big so they must turn back or risk being isolated from their family. Days go by and there are no signs of wanderers. Out of desperation, Ladybird takes on Roduk as a mate. The resulting children have a chance of being sick but at this point, the continuation of the tribe matters most. Both Ista and Privan have passed away of old age. The tribe pines over their loss, especially Privan. He becomes the tribe's god of warmth, the nest, and protector of the sick and elderly. Luckily, their first child (name suggestions would be nice as I was feeling a bit creatively bankrupt last time I played 🤣) is healthy and strong, blessed by her grandfather's mammoth foot. Unluckily, a bearyena has discovered the nest. Determined to protect the newborn, the whole tribe works as one to kill the predator. Butterfly finds a blind nicheling sneaking in the grass. The creature, called Bramble, is grateful to the tribe for distracting the bearyena long enough for him to escape its notice. Despite his blindness, Butterfly is drawn to Bramble. He'd have to be a resourceful nicheling to survive this long on an island filled with hostile creatures. The bearyena goes down, but not before injuring Lanternfly. Butterfly decides to travel with Bramble, for he has told her stories about a strange ice block, like the one her father was said to have broke free from. She was always more adventurous than either of her sisters, so she is curious to see if another secret is lying in wait in the ice. Ladybird has had a second daughter with brilliant purple fur. A balance bear is spotted nearby so she plans to take her side of the family to the south as soon as her youngest is able to travel. Roduk volunteers to stay behind, as he is growing old. Meanwhile, Butterfly's new family seems to be having a much easier time of it. Bramble has successfully guided Butterfly to the ice block. The area is abundant in rabbils and he has also found a new creature, Stoat, to help out with the hunting. And Butterfly has had her first child with Bramble, a son who takes a lot after his father and his aunt Ladybird. At last, with Butterfly's guidance, Bramble opens the ice block. A young female with an armoured body and a digger's paw is freed. With its cracking of the final ice block, the whole tribe feels a mystical energy leaving the island. They know they must leave this place behind soon. They have three options; a flower port to the west, a swamp port to the north, and whale island to the east. I'm planning on staying on this island for a couple of generations to establish the ancient genes within our family tree then moving the tribe to whale island. Any suggestions?
  4. Is anyone still interested in seeing this playthrough? If not, then I'll probably discontinue it.
  5. Mesi and Privan have been spending time together and have quickly grown fond of one another. They discuss establishing their own territory over a romantic meal of rabbil meat. Back down in the valley, Lenre and Kuku have had their final child. There is danger lurking on the mountainside. A balance bear just woken from hibernation, dazed and hungry. It hasn't seemed to notice the tribe so they stay put, hoping the giant predator will move on. Roduk is still an infant so it would be a bad time to move to a new nest. To make matters worse, A rogue male is also skulking around the outskirts. Thankfully, he is more easily driven off than the bear. It is not long before the balance bear discovers the tribe's scent. With the deaths of Lenre and Kuku, Mesi, who is now carrying Privan's child, puts aside her previous plans of finding her own territory and becomes the tribe's new alpha female. She decides to guide her younger siblings across the river, where the balance bear hopefully won't follow. The journey goes smoothly and the bear loses the tribe's scent. Mesi builds her nest in a grove of berry bushes. She gives birth to an adorable daughter. I decide to go for an insect naming theme for her children. While hunting for rabbils, Elkore finds a new face in the grass; an old male named Hazel. It is unlikely he will breed at his age but the tribe will refuse to leave an elderly nicheling to face winter alone. He moves to the central camp, where he can help gather berries and look after youngsters. Mesi and Privan's second daughter. With her second gem, Ladybird is eager to join her aunts and uncles on hunting trips. Hazel lives out his final days serving the tribe and dies happy and surrounded by friendly faces. Mesi blesses the tribe with one more daughter before passing on herself. Privan dutifully keeps watch over the little one. It is unlikely he will take another mate in his life. The tribe's younger members are growing restless and are beginning to explore beyond the comfort of the grassy valleys.
  6. Hey. I'm achievement hunting and my goal is to get all five prehistoric genes and the prehistoric hunter achievement. I'm playing in sandbox mode with no extension to my nichelings' lifespans and no damage multipliers. I haven't really thought much about my tribe's social structure/culture but I think I may do something similar to wolf packs; one breeding pair who mates for life with young nichelings finding their own territory to breed in. Here is our starting couple, Kuku and Lenre. They aren't the best adapted for the mountains so I like to imagine they ended up on this island by accident. Interestingly, Lenre carries recessive heat body. Maybe they were secretly fated to end up there after all! Both nichelings have recessive webbed hind legs so I give them normal hind legs to mutate. I give Lenre runner's leg because that'll be a lot more useful for the mountain than her two velvet paws. Their first child Mesi, is rather odd with her gills but her two strength, medium body, and fluffy tail already make her better adapted for the mountains than both her parents. Kuku finds a permanent nest nearby. Goodbye leeches! Kuku and Lenre's second child Kulur. He will most likely stick close to the nest and gather berries. The family meets a peaceful bear in the grass. There is a bluebird nearby so he will make a good babysitter if Kuku and Lenre need to go out looking for food. Our tribe is quick to learn that not all creatures of the mountains are friendly. Kuku delivers a venomous bite and scares the bearyena off for now. She's not in this shot but Lenre has had her third child Elkore. She has webbed hind legs and fishing tail. Not ideal but at least she can hunt and fight. Lenre's fourth daughter Ista. The tribe has a good range of immunity genes and are tight on resources, so our breeding pair are going to stop breeding for now. A derp-snouted female is wandering around nearby. Sadly, she has matching immunity genes with Kuku and no genes I'm willing to risk a sick child for so I decided to leave her alone for now. The bearyena comes back to attack Elkore so the family decides to kill it before it can cause more damage. Turns out the predators are a great source of meat in the harsh winter months! Feeling their little mountain sanctum is no longer safe, the tribe decides to move on, travelling in a close knit formation to keep each other warm. Kuku stumbles across their first iceberg and sensing the life within, breaks it open, revealing a rather exotic-looking nicheling with a platypus beak, toxic body, and two mammoth feet. He shares an immunity gene with Ista so I will probably be breeding him with Mesi. I'm looking for name suggestions for both my tribe and my nichelings so please leave any ideas you have!
  7. The derp snouts have actually grown on me. They remind me a lot of hyenas. Just use the mutation menu or don't invite derp snouted wanderers. Though if you're like me and have difficulty leaving wanderers alone, this can be easier said than done 😅
  8. Sorry for the short entry today. I'm feeling pretty lazy and uncreative haha Pregnant Kisa reaches the nursery. Her first slot is left open and her second slot contains chestnut brown fur. Lyn has left Aries in the reliable care of Nuno, giving her time to talk to her old friend. Lyn is overjoyed that Kisa is finally having a child of her own, though she is curious to know who the father is. Not wishing to pry, she simply assumes it is a wanderer. Rana is watching Nuno care for the kits and the nest mothers with shy curiosity. She isn’t quite sure how she’ll contribute to the family. She’s not fast enough or strong enough to be a hunter and Outono is pretty grumpy. Capricorn has decided to go looking for Orion. He asks Pelke to watch over the camp in his absence. A blind nicheling stumbles into camp. Eikel can’t help but be reminded of Mole, who stole the stagmole from under his nose all those years ago. The creature, who is named Shrew, had been abandoned by his tribe. Hearing rumours of how Capricorn’s tribe would accept anyone, he has asked to join. Knowing Capricorn would do the same, Pelke accepts him. Kisa’s son, named Bramble, is born. Everyone in the nursery gathers to see the kit’s dire looking claws. Impala is rather horrified. What nicheling could possibly have claws like that? Lyn has noticed that the brown little bundle of fur looks quite a lot like a bearyena from afar. Was it even possible for a nicheling to breed with one of those beasts, she wondered to herself. And if so, who would want to do that? Kisa is her friend but she couldn’t help but feel secretly repulsed by her kit. Aries has grown his second gem and is too busy attacking a bush to be concerned with stupid nursery drama. Impala’s own newborn, a spitting image of Eikel, is left in the capable paws of Nuno. Rana volunteers to help him care for Impala’s kits and takes it to it very well. Even Nuno is surprised. Capricorn finds Orion on the outskirts of camp. Orion nearly run off, but Capricorn offers to share a rabbil and catch up. Orion admits that he felt jealous of Capricorn getting the leadership position and not him. When the sun begins to set, Orion states that he needs to find his purpose alone and requests that Capricorn does not try to follow.
  9. Roll a dice and see where the niche gods take you
  10. Castana and Maron die and everyone mourns. To everyone’s surprise, both elderly nichelings have decided on Capricorn becoming the new leader of the tribe. Orion can’t help but feel hurt. He is older than Capricorn, who hasn’t even grown his second gem yet, and he is the more outgoing of the two. Orion slinks away during Capricorn’s leadership ceremony and his grandparents' funeral. Capricorn, already a kind and humble nicheling, wishes for his tribe to be a haven for all castaways. A maximum of 26 creatures are allowed into the tribe under his leadership. He asks the tribe’s most adventurous creatures to expand the territory to make room for a larger family. Lutra has not taken the death of Mole well, believing that she could have found a way to save her. Both she and Pluvo are allowed a few days off from their duties to recover and find comfort in each other. To calm his elder brother's nerves, Capricorn asks Eikel to take Orion on a hunting trip. Even Eikel is surprised at Orion’s aggression when hunting down the rabbils. Lyn goes over to comfort Pluvo and Lutra. Knowing her mate’s age is catching up to him, she agrees to have one final child with him. Meanwhile, Outono has decided to fight back against the rabbils that are terrorising his well cultivated berry bush. Eikel and Impala can’t help but laugh together at Outono’s frantic but futile attempts to catch the pests. Capricorn is of breeding age at last. He is very mature for his young age and is turning out to be a strong and kind leader, understanding towards his subjects and always making sure the family’s elders and kits are fed before himself. Nuno is turning out to be a patient friend for Bellatrix, although she has a rather aggravating tendency for wandering off. Growing exhausted of his nephew’s sulking, Eikel finally works up the nerve to ask Impala on a hunting trip. Impala gladly accepts his offer and Eikel confesses his love for her over a romantic dinner of stagmole and rabbil. Pelke has noticed that Nido has been growing weaker as of late. Although they only had one kit together, Nido is happy with the life he has led. On Nido’s final day, he and his mate share one last meal together. Newborn Aries is almost the spitting image of his father. Having done his part genetically, Pluvo retires into elderhood with Pelke. Nuno has grown his final gem. Patient and nurturing, Capricorn declares him the family’s first official nursery guard, watching over young kits and helping females give birth. Kisa’s hard work has paid off. The friendly bearyena is now fully grown and healthy as can be. The bearyena, affectionately nicknamed Tangle, still makes many of his tribemates nervous but they are comforted by the boundless love Kisa has for the creature. (accidentally gave her pink gems whoops! Probably because she's so sweet) Eikel happily announces to Capricorn that he and Impala are expecting their first kit. Eikel is given normal eyes by me and pattern density thin by the gods. Impala is assigned runner leg and black horns. Distracted by his duties as a leader, Capricorn has yet to notice that Orion has disappeared. While looking for food for his upcoming family, Eikel finds a strange little frog alone in the grass. The female, named Ran,a appears to have no idea where her parents are so Eikel guides her to the nursery, where she is welcomed with open arms by both Capricorn and Nuno. While she spends the day with Tangle, Kisa notices Orion hidden in the grass but before she can talk to him, he vanishes. Lutra has recovered from her grief and persuades Pluvo to go on one last fishing trip in the ocean. Lyn is having trouble dealing with Orion’s absence and with Aries, who is already a rowdy and destructive kit. Although Bellatrix is excitable and easily distracted, she really looks up to her big brother Capricorn and becomes his protégé. While training her, Kisa reveals that she has seen Orion somewhere in the grasses to the west. Her slim water body appears to be larger than usual. Also, I'm trying to think of a gem combination for leaders! Blue surrounded by gold could be nice.
  11. What a fascinating challenge! I wonder how long it'll last 😮
  12. I'd love to have a smoky shade of blue fur like some cats have
  13. Outono comes of age and he is proving himself to be one of the tribe’s most resourceful gatherers. He is introverted and somewhat of a workaholic, barely moving from his assigned berry bush on some days. Meanwhile, Pelke is considering starting a family with Nido, who she considers to be a kind and hard-working nicheling. Nido’s first slot is open and the gods give him short snout. Pelke’s first slot is open and the gods give her medium tail. Lyn’s second kit with Pluvo, a male named Capricorn, is rather unexpected. He has ears nearly as big as himself and long slender horns while having his father’s water body. Lyn, who has itchy paws from staying in the nursery for so long, decides to go rabbil hunting while her mate watches her children for the day. Meanwhile, Mole smells a stranger by the waterside and growls warily. Expecting the worst, Lutra is expecting to find a predator. Instead, she finds a female with the same horns as capricorn and a magestic big body and stinky tail. The female chirpily introduces herself as Impala and claims that she left her old tribe to experience new things. Lutra becomes fast friends with Impala and invites her into the tribe. Pelke gives birth to a son who bears a strong resemblance to Nido, so she names him Nuno in his honour. Already, this little kit is his parents’ pride and joy. Young Orion has grown his second gem and is turning out to be just as energetic as his mother and father. While playing with he mother, he goes over to look at his cousin. Pelke has to gently shoo her nephew away, as the newborn Nuno is rather young for playing. Castana knows she is growing elderly. And with a gaggle of kits and grandkits to watch over, she declares the tribe to be too big for the amount of resources they have. In truth, she just wants some peace and quiet by her favourite palm tree in her twilight years. She scolds Orion for playing close to the palm tree as she did to her children, although there is a jovial edge to her voice. Meanwhile, Maron doesn’t seem to have slowed down at all. Very spry for his age, he is determined to teach Eikel everything he knows about hunting before retiring. His attidtude has considerably mellowed and he has come to accept all of his other childrens' life choices. The rains have finally come after a long drought and Outono is overjoyed. He bossily asks Orion to help him out for the day. Orion, a bundle of youthful energy, finds this work to be rather dull. Eikel grows his final gem. He is a lot like his father was in his early years; hot headed and a dutiful hunter. He is infatuated with Impala, although he doesn’t want to admit it. Satisfied with his prodigy's progress, Maron retires to elderhood. Lutra has noticed that Mole has begun to grow very weak in recent days. Knowing that she probably won’t survive the night, Lutra wishes her friend a final goodbye. Lutra spends the next day looking across the lake sadly. While the whole family is saddened by the death of one of their own, no one knew Mole as well as Lutra did. Life carries on as normal. Capricorn has his second gem and is practically his older brother’s shadow. Their parents discuss the possibility of having a third child, Lyn wishing to have a daughter. Eikel watches from afar as Impala chats to Kisa. Impala is far from the most approachable nicheling. While she is lively and gregarious, she is beautiful and she knows it. While out hunting, Eikel stumbles into a bearyena. Never having know danger in his life, Eikel gives a startled yelp, swats the predator on the face, and runs. Oblivious to the danger, Orion and Capricorn play a game of whack-a-stagmole and Nuno is curious about his unborn cousin. The bearyena chases down Eikel and Nido and Impala jump to his rescue. Seeing Impala fight the bearyena with ease only strengthens his attraction towards her. A high-pitched growl sounds from the grass and a baby bearyena tumbles from the grass. Nido, knowing the young cub won’t survive long without its mother and volunteers to put it out of its misery. Kisa steps in at the last moment and adopts the cub, not wishing to see a baby harmed. Lyn gets her wish and gives birth to a beautiful daughter named Bellatrix. Nuno is delighted and volunteers to watch over her while Lyn goes out to forage. Orion comes of age and he is an adventurous soul with a heart of gold. However, he is easily bored and wishes for his tribe to discover new lands. He is especially close to his brother Capricorn and his uncle Eikel. Kisa turns out to be a natural mother, nurturing the bearyena as if he were her own child. Pluvo is somewhat worried about Lutra. She has been sitting in the same spot and dangling her fishing tail over the water for a while now. Castana and Maron, knowing they do not have long for this world, settle down by the palm tree on their final day. They reminisce about their life together. How they met and how proud they were of every child they had brought into the world. Before they pass away in their sleep that night, they exchange a discussion over who should be the family’s next leader. And you get to decide who do you think should become this whimsical family's next leader?
  14. From what I've seen, defender bears only attack within their sight and smell range (5 tiles away) and lock onto one target.
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