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  1. Guess I'll have to actually finish my creation I keep putting off
  2. If the change were to occur, what would the new system look like?
  3. Quoting Micha, "Currently we dont have a competition running. We did not get much submissions the last one so we take a break. We might do some more before the release :)." Now, I understand why the devs would do this, but I just don't think they considered everything. I had wanted to join this logic competition but the task at hand seemed too daunting for someone with little logic knowledge like myself. Also, the idea I had was more of an aesthetics build than one of cleverness, which is what the competition was based upon. As a result, I had just decided to wait till the next competition to show my creation. The reason I am saying this is because others who wanted to join most likely had the same thoughts, causing the low amount of submissions. Due to the unusual nature of this specific competition, it's set apart from the rest and should not warrant a break. State your thoughts in the comments to convince Philo and Markus to start another one soon! (Or don't, I'm just some random guy on the internet who likes competitions and free stuff) Thank you.
  4. What about freezing? How will enemys react to that?
  5. Alpha? YAY! Can't wait to see the progress this game has made.
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