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  1. Notifind

    Nimbatus-based repair facility

    Solid idea, could really help out on planets with lots of hostiles right under the nimbatus, and would save the time of having to exit the planet and launch again.
  2. Having the ability to change the speed of a motorized hinge would be really cool, it would make for some very effective land vehicles ^-^ The lasers also have a weird way of splitting where its not centered if there is more then one beam, it feels kind of weird to work with so I feel it could benefit from a more symmetric split.
  3. Notifind

    Complex Melee

    The weapon tech tree is awesome and I think the game could really benefit from more focus on melee as well. For example, we can have variants like on guns but on melee (cryogenic, kinetic, plasma, etc...) inflicting enemies with the effect upon impact. It would be cool to see damage upgrades and maybe something like knockback? so that when you hit enemies they can get pushed back. (This would also include TNT except for the knockback, but it would have some sort of explosion radius? or maybe different ways to detonate [Impact, timed, button]) Some new melee weapons would also be awesome to see, like maybe a spear (So like a spike but longer) I don't have many ideas for different melee weapons but I think the upgrades would definitely add a lot themselves.
  4. The Party Bus! Because we want to bring the party to you! With fireworks, cool lasers, flamers, neon and more!
  5. Introducing Thor's Hammer! My newest and most fun project yet, very powerful in melee combat too :^)
  6. Notifind

    Nimbatus Alpha Key Give Away!

    Amazing work and congrats to you guys, love it, keep up the awesome work 👍