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  1. So I was playing story mode and arrived at whale island. I forgot to take a screenshot but, at the tip of the island where it's only 3 tiles wide I got stuck since 2 termite nests, a cactus and a shrivelled up berry-bush were all blocking my way. My creatures didn't have the strength to destroy the cactus and bush and even after destroying the termite nests I couldn't get over. My creatures eventually died of old age trying to get past. Is there any way to fix the spawn rate to make sure you can get trough on these 3 little tiles? Thankies! (sorry if this has already been posted btw, I couldn't find anything related but this seems quite obvious so i'm not sure)
  2. I belive the toxic body colours are chosen randomly so it may happen
  3. No idea. Never knew it was even a thing in the first place but it seems like a cool idea.
  4. @orangesunrise omg icing is soo cute! Love the patern! What genes does he have :0 ?
  5. I tried to name my creatures like warrior cats once and I could never keep up with those x)
  6. That's some nice creatures that everyone has :0 I recently got this beautiful one that I absolutly adore, I kinda don't want to play on the savefile anymore cuz I don't want to lose them!
  7. You could make creatures sing by clicking fast on them :000000 You have my upvote!
  8. Maybe there could be some islandsthat don't dissapear sprinkled around that could let your creatures rest for a second. Some like really tiny islands like the one you get when you travel in the tutorial for the first time.
  9. Update: It is also helpfull to fix typos cuz I made a few
  10. that's a very neat idea! (Btw nice pun)
  11. yes this would be awsome! Its also much easier to change it than from the family tree.
  12. This is like the cutest idea ever! I say yes!
  13. Aw man that would be so awsome! Also glad i caused this dream I guess
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