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Rating animals/creatures based on how pettable they are


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I'm bored, so why not rate animals based on how pettable they are?

Send me any creature, real or not, and I'll rate them. You can even send fantasy creatures, sci-fi ones, or just animals in your own art style 

So, ye.

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27 minutes ago, berri said:

jumping spider,
Fun Fact: Jumping Spiders don't actually wear water droplets in ...

Though this is a pettable scale, these little spiders seem much more pattable. Though I am horrified of spiders, I wish to not be biased as these critters seem very nice and polite! Curious and jumpy, they seem. Their little orbs of vision seem like pitch-black goggles, adding to the cuteness and pattness factor. Overall, I'd give them a 7/10, I'd love to pat them! I hope they just don't sneak out of my vision or jump on me...

This 'Scary' Monster Has The Cutest Smile! | The Animal Rescue ...

Ah, the axolotl. Seemingly water aliens that can heal themselves, they appear to be a mixture of a frog and a fish that decided "antennae" look interesting. Their face resembles a smiley face that can be drawn on a piece of paper, their simplicity adding to their cuteness. Scritching these mexican walking fish would be interesting, so I shall give them a 7.5/10. The 0.5 comes from just how peculiar they are, and how much they seem out of this world.

rosy maple moth,
Adorable rosy maple moth I took a photo of based on the post in r ...

I've heard many people say butterflies are the prettier relatives of moths, but many moth species throw that claim in the trash! Including this one. Just look at those large eyes, unknown mouth and nice colors. Mother Nature is cruel, but she also appears to be a good artist, because the colors on this moth fit together perfectly like puzzle pieces. Those antennae also give a dazzling bonus, so a 8/10 is what these nice, pettable fluffsters shall get.

and the purple tarantula
The Purple Brazilian Tarantula is a definite cute. - Album on Imgur

Ah, big boy tarantulas. Pink, purple and a bit of blue all in one. Their spikeness is very interesting, and I especially like the black and pink pattern in the middle that looks like a watermelon/beach ball. Due to their size, they seem the most pettable, which is why I shall give them 7.7/10. Why an extra 0.7? Legs. Their legs are very nice and spiky.

A nice selection of critters, I must say!


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11 minutes ago, Applesauce said:

Flowerhorns are a type of fish bred for human interaction. Even though they're not the prettiest, they can be pet and played with.


The individual shown in the video seems very friendly. I did see them slipping from the owner’s hands a few times. Looks are relative, so they’re actually kinda cute imo, and THE ONE IN THE PICTURE. LOOK AT THOSE COLORS. aaaaaa

anyways, 9/10. Genetics helps a bunch (go up to a tamed lion vs housecat) and they seem super pettable :DD They’re a good size, not at risk of being squished. Extra point knocked off cuz slipperyness.



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16 hours ago, Flower said:


Ah, le dwarf hamster. Very scritchable, pattable and pettable. A solid 8/10, but not a perfect 10 as you cannot hug ze baby! It's whiskers are very beautiful, and so is it's little face. I can't give too much criticism to something that is already very close to being perfect, so I shall leave it at that.

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16 hours ago, Sky said:

Space caterpillars!

Space Caterpillar | Voltron Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Fluffy caterpillars? Sign me up! I can agree their gaze is a little unnerving, but their tiny little stub legs are so very interesting and adorable. The W mouth also serves to make them more lovable, along with their tiny size. Those markings, too! Odd markings, but welcome markings. A 7/10. Personally, a bit too derpy for my liking, but still interesting critters! Very good for all types of pats or pets, too.



14 Avatar: The Last Airbender Fan Theories That Might be True

Ah, Momo. Gigantic ears, big nose, curious little look, the perfect recipe for pattableness! The fluff is very adorable, and so are the colors. The skinny hands set me off a bit, but not too much to give it a low score! 9/10 for this fella! Very interesting design that deserves a very nice pat.


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47 minutes ago, Clover said:

behold, one of the few things that makes me happy anymore-

the purple frog



Looks squishy. 8.5/10. It really is just a very nice froggo

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