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small sandbox idea-!



so, i kept thinking around last night and today, "what if you could make your own maps in niche?" I thought it would be pretty cool, its like you can make your own map, pick which creatures are there, the climate, temperature, biome, gamemode. it would be fun to sit down and make your own maps, and maybe even be able to have a tab made for maps people have made! where you can publish your custom map, and allow others to experiment. i also think it would be fun to see youtubers do, i know this sounds really hard, and it probably is. its just a suggestion, and it would be nice if you actually added it! thats kind of all i have to say and things, but i have another small idea, probably where the nichelings fur can be different lengths and sizes, like they can be really fluffy, have backfur, have chest fur, or just. be a big floof ball lmao, well- thats all, bye bye!


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On 8/12/2020 at 8:29 PM, Random lizard said:

Suggestion to this suggestion:
There should also be a "Report map", incase someone makes an innapropriate map

not sure how that would be possible with niche, aside from drawing a you-know-what with tiles or something, which still wouldn't be the end of the world

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