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Hey folks!

The Niche Mobile Team has been relatively quiet the last few months, but we are back with an update for you! :)
We're working on realising many of the community's feature requests and feedbacks and are currently making patterns for our mobile Nichelings:

This pattern shader @Markus made gives us many possibilites to have more and also different patterns than in Niche PC.

We're also planning to drop a big update for all the @NicheMobileTester s, so stay tuned!

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57 minutes ago, Sky said:

Wait a second...will the mane and chest fur stay as the main fur color? If so, I can't make a Meringue replica since he has his signature orange (curly) mane...

the mane is only the same color in the demo :) Your nichelings can actually have 3 different colors now: fur color, pattern color and mane color, they can all be different.

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