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Your Nichelings in the Niche Switch trailer?


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Hey folks

We're preparing the Niche Switch launch later this years and hope we can also make a new trailer :)
For the trailer we want to show a bunch of different Nichelings to show the "Evolution" aspect of the game.
So we thought we'll go ahead and ask you to submit screenshots of Nichelings + their gene code so we can recreate them for the trailer. So we would need something like this:


Please note that we want to show all kinds of gene combinations/colors/some crazy stuff. 
So please don't be disappointed if your Nicheling is not chosen, since we really need a good mix and to show lots of varation.
We're a bit in a hurry, so please submit Nichelings until Wednesday evening! Thanks for helping out :D

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I have my tribes former royalty, while one showcases the wing gene and the other a gorgeous spotted pattern, and then also my adorable random mutation of gills Spider, from my story mode playthrough20200704_080830.thumb.jpg.056853f0949143153011d8d340bfc823.jpg20200704_080813.thumb.jpg.356cf2c91ed8138b910ae065f20bdc7b.jpg20200704_081134.thumb.jpg.c47f3c115713059c2ef5b138c44a4bf5.jpg

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*Dives to Find Nicheling Favorites*

Child photo of my Perdi



Dipper, the most fantastic looking creature I have ever gotten.



Deigo, Savior of the Community tribe


Snow, Only survivor of my frostlands challenge.



I suppose that is enough...

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I would murder you be alright if Meringue didn't make it but here he is + a bunch of other nichelings I've had because why not. I don't care what age you actually make these nichelings, most of the screenshots were from when they were born but they've all died of old age by now. If there's any nichelings you see in the background that you'd prefer, I probably have their screenshots too :)

(note: I did in fact breed Meringue myself in a tribe with many days behind it, but I never screenshotted his genes, so I had to remake him in the sandbox thing)

(I'm sorry I gave so many, I wanted to give you guys a good variety xD)








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Here's my nicheling goddess of patterns, Koela! I had to dig quite a bit to find a screenshot of her, but I finally found it XD. I had made her in sandbox mode but for some reason the settings that she was in weren't working? None of the genes showed up, I'm guessing because of an update or something, but atleast I could recover her so it's fine now.

Also have a few other nichelings from some newer playthroughs!

*Note: Some of these I had to remake as the screenshots were saved in steam, but not my actual computer. I'm not sure why lol








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Well of course I can't leave Issi out of this!2104611276_NicheIssi.thumb.jpg.24ffd32c4ef68706cdaebd024f096c01.jpg

and  Tataana she's just fun colors 1983978917_74(icecube).thumb.jpg.faee844c2a80d49a4d5778ea904d2df7.jpg

and Elis she's just a wacky oneElis.thumb.jpg.6b103fef8df8f45c53c85f7a6c781f55.jpg

(when you notice you tend to go for plain fur colors...)

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15 hours ago, Possum Girl said:


Tusk and Wisteria are definitely two of my weirder nichelings:


Huh, Tusk, why does that name sound so familiar-

images (11).jpeg

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Just,, if there's any of my nichelings from my playthroughs that you'd wanna use, just ask for the screenshot.


These are just some random clicks from my screenshots.



Hehe bearyena child



I love having two different wing types. Just,, don't match if there's variety >:)



No-paw child that I don't remember



Mischief child



I cannot express how much I hate webs. They haunt me no matter what I'm doing.



Weird lookin gal


Don't mind the name. Just a bunch of songs I listen to.



Chocolate has a lot goin on



I'm someone who loves black pattern over black fur. Don't judge me.

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Well here's a few

It was obvious I was going to submit him, even tough he's pretty basic and doesn't really stand out...


Then there's my blind blue platypus


Savannah boi




The infertile cactus


and last (and probably least) Slightly less annoying rogue male!image.thumb.png.2f425d9557a823add49f280e786712b9.png

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Here's my sona Magnolia, with a new look -- pattern size etc doesn't matter too much as long as she has the white panda eyes :)

if the genes are hard to see - she has yellow eyes, one wing and one velvet paw, red/white fur and white/beige D pattern


I'll see if my little sister wants to submit some too. She plays niche more than I do nowadays. She's only six lol

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