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Rp/sim ideas!

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Helpful map guide: https://www.redblobgames.com/maps/mapgen2/ (Thanks to @YambOwO for finding this)

Guide for other rp stuff: 


Map maker:


Feel free to yeet your own here!

These ideas are ideas of mine that I don't have enough time and energy to do... or I just want to yeet idea at u. These are free to use and you don't need to ask or give credit.

I will update with any of my ideas that I get

Wings of fire hybrids!

Hybrids are fun, everybody likes em! Hey.... why not make a sim or rp where everyone is a hybrid and your misfits!

Throw any animals together.

I mean, I did a winged wolf rp. Do your own animal combination sim or rp!

Ghosts, oOOOooOO.

wandering the world as a ghost seems really cool! Why not make it into a sim or rp and have them give backstories to their life and/or death and have them be a ghost!

Make your own creature!

Making creatures is fun! Just take any animal (alive or dead, mythical or not) and draw off that to make it into a completely new creature!


Snakes and other reptiles are cool! Why not become one?

Farm animals .

Cows, chickens, pigs, horses, all those animals! Why not be part of a farm?





Sea creatures



Sea creatures are fun to play as!


Isle of secra was a failure, now go make your own and make it... not a failure!

Cat group kinda like warriors

hm... too much warriors? How about making your own group with your own rules and traditions. I have one example here!

A group of cats that have ranks based on the color/darkness of your pelt.


Now this one is pretty cool, and can be done with whatever creature you want!

A sickness is spreading... it (Insert what it dose to the victim here). Will you outrun the sickness?


You are all are robots programmed to do different things. Some are meant to kill.

Other packs in the broken wings universe

I have a winged wolf rp and I would like it if there were other packs, just really far away! This one you need permission to do, though.


Would be better with warrior cats, but can be done with any creature. You have either a curse or a power. (decided by a randomizer) Power is obvious, but curses hide themselves in the form of powers. The ability to have excellent hearing, for example, would be a major sensitivity to an noise to the point they go crazy.


A peaceful land where nothing bad happens and aggressive creatures that only know pain wash up on shore...


A world where war is everywhere. You are only born to fight or gather food.


Evil poisons the world! Will you stand against the rebellion, or with it? This one works better with warriors

Based off a song

You like a song? Make an rp based off that song!

(WoF) One tribe rules over the others

One tribe rules over the others and treats them badly


Live life as a predator!


Live life as prey!

Predator and prey

Choose a biome and let people live life as their chosen creatures there!

A happy rainwing society. (WoF)

Just make it all happy in the original universe before the war. All in the jungle of the rainwings! 

Based off this map call!

Other rp/sims in the Real Kings of the Savannah universe.

The territories have a vast desert surrounding them, there is said to be water-rich places beyond this 'Death trap.'

Living arcade video games!

Based off the song, 'Cabinet man.'


Be a pet :D 


You know it, you love it, just shapes and beats! But not just the original storyline... add some of your own characters into it! Mix it up! Make levels! I would really like to do this myself, but I already have sims to manage... So, if you want to make this, it would be REALLY REALLY nice if you could let me make some stuff for it!

Mythical warriors

warriors but the cats are half cat half mythical creatures.

Eevee + Eeveeloutions

Trapped in a lab that studies eevee and it's eeveeloutions. They are trying to make new eeveeloutions.... (feel free to add your own eeveeloutions!)

(WoF) Prophecies.

We all know em and love em! DO IT NOW

Livestock guardian dogs/herding dogs.

A pack of livestock guardian and herding dogs protecting a group of farm animals. (your choice what they are, but it would work best with sheep)

Cops and robbers warriors

warrior cats but there is a group of 'criminal' cats who commit crimes to other clans. they will do certain things based on the crime, if it's something not extremely bad, each camp has a 'jail' that cats get put into. If it is something extremely bad, they get sentenced to death. How they do this is they use fox traps to 'hang' them.

Animus sim (WoF)

Everybody is an animus dragon!

Hullabaloo! (WoF pantala)

A rp/sim based off of this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Phcpdwaq5dI! In this, it is still in the time of queen wasp!

Magic warriors

warriors with magical abilities! 

Murder mystery

Somebody here is an impostor! But who?

Moundwings (WoF)

My custom tribe! Learn about them here- 


y e s

Warriors tribe

just a tribe like from warriors.

Among Us

Can do whatever you want with this, just keep to the true among us spirit.

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13 hours ago, VanillaTheSilk-Rainwing said:

Imma make A WoF Hybrids Sim Called Misfits probably)


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On 7/7/2020 at 9:12 PM, Water bottle said:

Isle of secra was a failure, now go make your own and make it... not a failure!

I'll accept ownership of this dead sim

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1 minute ago, Zixvir said:

I'll accept ownership of this dead sim

Just make it a bit different, m'kay?

It's like the "Sure you can copy my homework but change it so it doesn't seem obvious" meme

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I'll do the airplane crash

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