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Small visual improvements



These are too small to have their own topics


  1. little flowers blooming here and there. a tile with one flower on it could grow more flowers of the same type on the same tile, even the surrounding ones. maybe if a tile became full with (edible) flowers, a nicheling could pick all the flowers for a little food (2-4?)! If a grazing ability was added, grazers could eat flowers without the tile having to be full (1 food per 2 flowers?).
  2. little pebbles scattered about.
  3. when you break a rock the tile has a bunch of pebbles on it
  4. varying heights of grass
  5. areas (like 5-10 tiles) that are completely regrowing grass
  6. bush variants—same species, but different shapes and sizes, maybe even different berry counts (one might have a berry less than normal, another might have a berry more). This would just be nice to vary things up some
  7. On that topic, different tree shapes, too
  8. and rock shapes!
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