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I've been doing some testing with the new wheels in programmer mode on the planet testing area, they don't seem to wheel very well. Even at high gravity settings.

Rubber wheels only cause bouncing off the terrain and/or flipping the drone upside down. Even with balast tanks or thrusters trying to stabilize & pin the vehicle to the ground.

Sticky wheels get stuck, on everything. Even on perfectly flat ground two identical wheels will mostly just twitch and try to pull apart the drone rather than propel it. A drone with one wheel will hook the drone behind elevation differences (or smash the drone into the ground at higher speed settings) and give the same effect. Sticky wheels also try to stick to the drone itself disabling the drone if they are anywhere near any other part.

Wheels on higher speed settings act a lot like mechanical hinges, applying heavy rotation to the drone instead.

As-is they don't behave in a way that's at all useful, am I missing something?






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