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Post your cute Niche Mobile Nichelings here!


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Hey guys! 

To keep the Bug Report and Feedback thread a bit less crowded, this thread is now for posting your cute Niche Mobile Nichelings.

You can post as many Nichelings as you want, but please do it here and not in the bug report & feedback thread, thanks!

I'll start with my beige, fluffy family~


Happy sharing! 

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19 hours ago, Lilyturf said:

Look at Taku! (His mane kinda covers up his horns...)


Ohh good thing you mention that his horns are covered up! We'll fix this for the next version.

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Adorable nichelings

I coudnt keep any of the nichelings. It got to the point where I'm inbreeding just so I can level up my genes. And the bug is a problem too.

Screenshot_20200721-020847.thumb.png.276c4f7ade750eb04eac3a1619d40ce5.pngScreenshot_20200721-033259.thumb.png.aeddb379faee46ebacd15446568c82d2.png oh my, derp snout doesn't look as cute here



edited picture 😛


umm..... Is it just me or does this look creepy?

Ok I think that's enough pictures.



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