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Blue Gray Fur



Basically what the title says - I think a Blue Gray fur gene would be really pretty and I've seen a few people mention it around the forums, though not necessarily in a post of their own! I think Blue Gray would be a really pretty addition and not wholly unrealistic, and I think would fit well in the game's environment as well. I know that there is a suggestion for Gray fur here:

Which suggests a midtone gray fur gene that would give more variation than just black and white, which I really like! HOWEVER, I think a separate Blue Gray gene along with a midtone Gray gene would be really cool to have as well! We have Red and Red Brown, so I don't think Blue and Blue Gray would be too much, especially if they're sufficiently different, so make sure to give the Gray Fur suggestion an upvote as well ^^^ :)

I did a mockup of what the Blue Gray fur and its hybrid combinations would look like, which I've posted below, and I've also included the mockup I did for Lilyturf's Gray Fur suggestion so you could see how they might be different ^-^ I know that the purple-y fur colors aren't the most realistic but neither are the bright red creatures in the first place, so I think as long as they're not neon they would still fit, haha! I did two versions of the Yellow fur hybrid since I wasn't sure whether to go with a more greenish or brownish tone. :)





Also, I know that this suggestion exists:

However it is suggesting more colors than just blue, in more vibrant tones, that would possibly be linked to bird genes, so I thought it was still appropriate for me to make my own suggestion since I thought they were different enough. ^-^

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*Bobs up and down excitedly* YES. Since there are so many reptile and avian genes now, it would be awesome to have more color variation. 

Will finally be able to fulfill my dreams to make a green or blue peacock nicheling 👌

Since some of the colors are brighter and differ from the regular color genes, perhaps any nichelings that have the blue grey could gene get +1 distasteful appearance?

Lizards of Virginia image.jpeg.c8b8508fa39d1d0693e562a42843ad28.jpegimage.jpeg.b8b3064b5832ed1a6a12c30217488e80.jpeg

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17 hours ago, Mulan the Cat said:

How will Blue grey + black be different in appearance from melanism? 
Nice suggestion by the way!

Thanks! I just grabbed this picture of a melanistic nicheling from the wiki; it's still pretty dark with just a tint of blue, so I figured a Blue Gray + Black combo would be slightly lighter and definitely "blue-er" than this. If it was implemented in the game I'm sure they would do their best to make it look as different as possible ^_^



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