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I’m starting anew with my Niche playthroughs, so I’ve decided to make my newest playthrough. This will be influenced by both gameplay and story, and I may use console as well.


Prologue - To the Sundered Lands

“Oh my goodness, why is this raft sooo slow!” groaned a beaked nicheling as she paddled using the branch-oars in her hands, a black-spined nicheling next to rolling her eyes at her friend’s whininess.

“Well, it was better than your suggestion of swimming there using our naked bodies.” The black-spined nicheling snarkily said. “If we did that, Rattlesnake and I would drown!”.


As Rattlesnake continued to hear his two best friends argue, the lean nicheling sat down looking as the blue waves passed them. He thought of the first time Shingle said they were going to the Sundered Lands, the excitement in her voice and the sparkle in her eyes. But now, on their journey to the fabled lands, Coast and Shingle were arguing about how they were going to get there in the first place.

But as the lanky creature laid down on the raft, he suddenly heard the cry of “We are here! This is the Sundered Lands!”. Rattlesnake soon turned to see Shingle making her way onto the savanna grasses and Coast bounding right behind her. Hopping onto land with a bound off the raft, he held the sticks he got from the raft and soon found himself looking at the Sundered Lands.


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Chapter 1 - Stories and Secrets

The yellow grasses of the Sundered Lands stood quietly, Shingle looking through chocolatey eyes as she wondered what to do next. Ever since her argument with Coast, Shingle felt her heart sting a little. Yes, Coast was complaining excessively, but she was kind of rude to her herself. Shingle didn’t know how to apologize, however, and knew that even if she did say sorry, Coast might not accept it immediately. Shingle learned the hard way that the scaly nicheling didn’t always take apologies to heart, but she knew that Coast probably wanted to say sorry as well.


So with bated breath, she decided to say sorry.


Shingle gulped loudly, hoping that Coast would take it well, “I’m sorry.” 

Coast looked at the multicolored nicheling with an emotion Shingle couldn’t discern. After all, it was hard to tell what Coast was feeling at any time, her beak and horns always giving her an annoyed look.

But what Coast said next made Shingle sigh in relief.
“Apology accepted. I am NOT kidding.” Coast bluntly said. “Now let us explore this place!” She said with flair, kindly taking Shingle’s paw with her own, meaty, paws. 


As the two nichelings started to travel the island, they saw a small berry bush, Rattlesnake eagerly collecting from it as he smiled and waved, Coast and Shingle carefully navigating through the grass and not attracting danger. But as the days passed, the weather got ever hotter. The minutes started to feel like hours, and the hours started to feel like days, but one nicheling who wasn’t affected was Rattlesnake.


Bounding through the grasses with excitement, he saw his two best friends nearby an acacia tree. Coast, tiredly napping with a dirt blanket she made, and Shingle next to her watching the sky darken above her. It was pleasant to see them not fighting anymore.


“What is on your mind?” Shingle quietly asked Rattlesnake, trying not to wake up Coast.

Rattlesnake thought about it for a second. He didn’t actually have anything on his mind! “I actually don’t have anything on my mind.” He then said in a breathy voice.

“Well, I hope you find something interesting.” Shingle said.

“Me too!” Rattlesnake exclaimed, but he then realized he said it too loud and caused Coast to stir. Her scaly tail whacking Shingle in the face by accident. 

“Whuuuuka…” Coast yawned something incomprehensible as she tried not to wake up.

Rattlesnake blushed hard, feeling embarrassed that he caused Coast to stir. Thankfully, Shingle did not seem to be bothered by getting whacked in the face. It wasn’t her first time, after all, neither was it his. Coast had always been a feisty sleeper and occasionally hit the other nichelings while trying not to wake up. 


So Rattlesnake, hoping not to cause any more trouble, slowly hopped away to explore the rest of the island. Meanwhile, Shingle and Coast continued to hang out near the acacia tree, collecting berries, chatting, and talking about what the Sundered Lands could hold. Rattlesnake continued to travel, however, and what he discovered next was quite the sight.


Rattlesnake found himself next to a massive termite mound, tons of lush savanna bushes growing next to it as his golden eyes looked over the strange place. As he continued to navigate the grasses, he discovered colonies and colonies of termites circling around a nest. Rattlesnake was in awe of the sight, and feasting on the berries near him, his stomach felt fuller than ever.


“I have found paradise!” Rattlesnake shouted.


Meanwhile, on the lower part of the island, Coast and Shingle explored the Sundered Lands as well, though not as much as Rattlesnake was. Coast, however, was feeling a bit adventurous, and so, she went to go by the waterside. As the brunette nicheling padded her way to the western edge of the island, she suddenly stumbled across a nest! It wasn’t one they made, so that only meant one thing. They were not alone.


The tides crashed across the island, but something seemed off about them. Coast started to feel that something may be wrong, but she brushed the feeling aside and laid in the nest tiredly. But as the beaked nicheling woke up, she continued to feel an unnerving feeling in her stomach.


“The water here does not feel safe.” She muttered to herself, getting strands of savanna grass to continue to build up the nest. Soon, Shingle came by her side, the patterned nicheling talking to Coast and wondering what Rattlesnake is doing.


As night fell on the Sundered Lands, Shingle and Coast continued to stare at the water, looking as the moon shined.
“I feel something bad will happen.” Coast quietly said.

“How come, Coast?” Shingle asked curiously. “I mean, you did want to swim here.”

“I do not know. I do not know at all.” Coast said simply as her eyes stared up in the sky.

“Well, you can stay by me for now. Maybe Rattlesnake will come back to us.” Shingle spoke, hoping to see her friend again. Considering he hadn’t come back, he either died or he discovered something beautiful. She really hoped it was the latter.


But as the nicheling was about to fall asleep, she heard the roar of a bearyena, and the brushing of feathers in the savanna grass...

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Shingle and Coast suddenly found themselves face-to-face with the massive beast, it’s drool falling on them as the two nichelings fought it tooth and claw. Coast bashed her horns into the creature’s chest before it tried to bite her, while Shingle aimed her spines at the bearyena, baiting it to attack her. Soon, however, Shingle and Coast heard the hopping of Rattlesnake coming towards them.


The bearyena roared as it tried to attack Shingle with its massive claws.

“I came at a bad time, didn’t I?” Rattlesnake said sheepishly as he saw Coast ducking her head to avoid an attack.

“Yes.” Coast bluntly stated, “Now FIGHT! Even though you make twigs look fat, you better contribute!”


Rattlesnake soon jumped into action, but the bearyena pinned him down and clawed his body. As Rattlesnake laid bleeding, but still trying to fight, Coast licked his wounds up. Shingle and Coast continued to fight the bearyena, and quickly called Rattlesnake to run due to his general inability to fight. The bearyena, however, chased the skinny nicheling as he tried to run.


Shingle, however, charged into the fray, screaming at the top of the lungs “I WILL GIVE YOU HECK!” before bashing into the bearyena’s side, knocking it down and causing the creature to fall down and die. While all the nichelings were injured, they were happy to have won the fight.


But as they started to celebrate and learn of the discovery Rattlesnake made, through the recently-wettened grasses of the Sundered Lands, a teenaged nicheling came out, his ears were massive and barely fit on his head, his fur was a chestnut brown with a ragged blond mane, and most unusually of all, he had a pair of fluffy wings, the rightmost one being partially torn. He looked rather ill, and gave a fleeting glance at the three nichelings above him.


The strange nicheling soon fled back into the savanna grasses, however, his feathers falling out as he ran. 


“Who is he?” Shingle asked Coast as the nicheling disappeared back into the grasses. 

Coast just shrugged, but the question layed in her head. This place was just getting stranger and stranger, and she felt more and more uncomfortable. Yes, Rattlesnake promised rich lands, but she hadn’t seen them yet. She had no time to think, however, for night would fall soon and she would go to sleep.


A few more days pass, the trio of nichelings decide to go to the so-called ‘promised land’, their minds questioning the events of what is going on. The waters shimmered as Rattlesnake, Shingle, and Coast walked from the dry lands to the more lush berry bushes. The big-eared nicheling was on their mind, as was the mysteries of the Sundered Lands, but eventually, they found the termite mounds Rattlesnake was talking about, and the night soon fell over them.


“What do you think this island holds?” Rattlesnake quietly muttered, his breath heavy.

Shingle turned to him, her brown eyes wondering the same thing. “Well, there is that winged nicheling. He looks sick… Maybe, just maybe, we should help him.”
“Alright…” Rattlesnake quietly said, “Tomorrow we leave?”

Shingle nodded, “That sounds like a good plan.”, and soon, she saw Coast nodding with her as well.


As Rattlesnake fell to sleep, Shingle and Coast found themselves the only ones awake. They had finally found a good place at the Sundered Lands, but there were still many things they did not understand. A strange seabreeze permeated in the air, the waters seemed to flow even weirder, and the mysterious nicheling they saw might give them the answers. But that didn’t matter at the moment, all that mattered was each other.


“What do we do now?” Coast muttered quietly, shuffling as she tried to fall to sleep.

Shingle gave a loud sigh, “I have no idea.” She said as she played a bit with the nearby dirt from the termite mound. As the masked nicheling tried to sleep, however, she had a thought in her mind, one that did not seem to go away.

But as she thought about saying it, Coast opened her mouth and said “I personally think we should find that runaway nicheling. He looks like a dying bird.”, unintentionally coming off as a bit snarky.

Thankfully, Shingle knew what she meant, and said that it was a good idea. But as she felt her face flush up, she knew what she had to get off her chest. Conversing with her best friend and working so hard to be with her, she felt like she needed to take their relationship to the next level.


“Coast… I love you.” Shingle said with all the courage she could muster.

Coast gave a look that showed no emotion on her face, like always, but her next action soon showed her true intentions.

XmXHiYrkxb3SK3cndeRiF7ztgruDN4L1-wsWCLpyolTKTIkO2kdOS09ORay7IPSJxrEViQiCcWAFIMQeRs5OYWTH38GHpjjtHWYwaEc-6N6n3M0E4Bf8168l_tol4FeofT_-OBXX(this is my art, by the way.)

As the two nicheling’s hearts fluttered, they felt a kinship like never before. They’ve had their differences, but ever since Coast first met Shingle when they were preteens, it seemed like they would be best friends forever, and now, they were even more then that.

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I might be taking a break for a while because I like working on many things and this is a bit time-consuming.

Though it really depends on how I feel. :)

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9 hours ago, Sparklepop said:

I might be taking a break for a while because I like working on many things and this is a bit time-consuming.

Though it really depends on how I feel. :)

Take as much time off as you need, and feel free to come back whenever you want. If you feel okay with sharing, though, what other things are you working on?

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Stuff not related to Niche like making a future book series or projects on fanart and DeviantArt, as well as homework. I keep myself busy. :)

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