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Rhyme or Reason - A WOF Sim/RP [OPEN]


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14 hours ago, Polly said:



You awoke to yelling nearby

"We are leaving this cursed place, We are lucky enough to not be mine controlled by her.."  

"No, We can't, there is nothing else out there, just endless ocean."

She looked around to see who it was

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  • polly changed the title to Rhyme or Reason - A WOF Sim/RP [OPEN]
5 minutes ago, Green the Fiery Fox said:

Name: Frostfire (frosty)

Pronouns/Gender: He/Him

Tribe: Sky/Ice



Other: Scaredy boi

When he's scared, he shakes, making his head spike make a tapping noise.

Ts: Brave as a noun (SWEAR WARNING)

thank you :DD

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3 hours ago, Polly said:

can everyone (not including mothpool or impy) remake their forms? same character, just to make sure if their character's form is up to date


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On 8/15/2020 at 7:51 PM, Polly said:

Name: Rose


Tribe: Silkwing

Looks: Too lazy to get the picture, you know what she looks like

Other: Can she still be flamesilk


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