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woodland terrors // horse roleplay


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three megaherds, five herds. a peaceful land, full of woodlands, wetlands, and even a scenic lake with a mountain range just behind it.

until some foals from the Boulder megaherd go missing after going on a hike in the woodlands.

horses are panicking, some are leaving the herds to start their own far away from this land, claiming the “monster” couldn’t follow them there.


one month later, the entire Woodland herd has gone missing. it’s up to you, the roleplayers, to find the Woodland herd and the missing foals... and don’t go missing yourself.

please don’t make this roleplay die


megaherds: Boulder, Lake, Mountain

herds: Plains, Woodland, Waterfall, Highland, Wetland









Hurricane, a timid Clydesdale with a notched ear from when she fell on a patch of particularly sharp gravel as a foal.

pretend this isn’t from Star Stable Horses or whatever it’s called



some bases to use:




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