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20 minutes ago, Pancake said:


My name is Dorothy (I’m named after my great grandma)

But I go By Dot (And on rare occasions Pamcake because it’s a Joke going around in my family)


*w h E e z E*

nah it’s not-

I really like that! : )

14 minutes ago, Pancake said:

* G a y s p *

*I n H a l E*


*Chokes to death on lungs*

I'm sorry, i never want to hurt someone's feelings, so i may do some weird things xD

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casually slides in here

my name is Alexandra, though most people call me Alex. Makes some complications when I’m reading Hamilton parent scenario fanfics on Wattpad and under the Alexander Hamilton section, it says “Alex immediately knew he was going to call you (Y/N)”.

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3 minutes ago, gamingcookie said:

uh I wanna know what happened can someone tell me in a different topic or dms or something

Uh I figure Alyssia already told you, else I could explain as well.

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