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1 minute ago, Spooky Pancake said:

Not really wholesome but a good thing

me and some other friends from the forums on a Minecraft realm got into the nether :>>

That's so cool!

1 minute ago, Spooky Pancake said:


Aw! >w< This is adorable

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17 minutes ago, Applesauce said:

I'm snorting

Whatchu snorting?

and can I have some?

14 minutes ago, gamingcookie said:

does that,, does that count as positive vibes,,,,

*Aggressive coughing*

10 minutes ago, SilverHowl said:

I can see a naughty word hidden within the distortion as well.


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18 minutes ago, SilverHowl said:

Suspicious? Nah, I think they’re just shocked because they didn’t notice the mistake :’3

It's just a joke, I can understand where your coming from. Thanks though!

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Just now, SilverHowl said:

I didn’t realize that was a reddit joke.. xP pfft, I can’t help it that’s for sure..

(r/whooosh is a subreddit where jokes go flying over everyone’s heads-

its not really a ‘joke’ per-say I guess)

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1 minute ago, SilverHowl said:

I’m glad we can just laugh at that xD

uhm.. I think this really fits the topic since I want to keep it going ❤️ 

I know, it’s baby fur related, but c’mon you can’t not think this is so adorable with positive vibes ❤️ 

babie !!!

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