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*Tunnels* [Ant Colony Sim]

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17 minutes ago, Zixvir said:

looking for a food source, and if they see a bug move,(yes even a milimeter and even if they just glance at it) they all attack at once the medic stays in the back,  and also, here is army ant behavior, 

The army ant syndrome refers to behavioral and reproductive traits such as obligate collective foraging, nomadism and highly specialized queens that allow these organisms to become the most ferocious social hunters.[3]

Most ant species will send individual scouts to find food sources and later recruit others from the colony to help; however, army ants dispatch a cooperative, leaderless group of foragers to detect and overwhelm the prey at once.[3][5] Army ants do not have a permanent nest but instead form many bivouacs as they travel. The constant traveling is due to the need to hunt large amounts of prey to feed its enormous colony population.[5] Their queens are wingless and have abdomens that expand significantly during egg production.[8] This allows for the production of 3-4 million eggs every month and often results in synchronized brood cycles, thus each colony will be formed of millions of individuals that descend from a single queen. These three traits are found in all army ant species and are the defining traits of army ants.



I got it from wikipedia and it means that even if my colony isn't close to pheonix colony right now it will eventually be that way ,and I can be attacked while travalling

(This is just supposed to be something chill and NOT complex... -,- I'm just doing this with perma nests and we all gonna do small actions so I can keep up with this and school)

+5 food

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ok so all colonys can call a war on one one another  whenever, also I think there should  be bugs as a little mini rpg style fight,(if not then I  could create a separate post/pm run by me that has the rpg, and you could tell me when it happens)     

I want a food room, and 5 drones and 10 scouts (but they start as larvae, obviously, and then turn into specified ant type, and all of my ants will be treated this way) have the same scout group eat and then go back out(remember there could be casulties, that's why i'm also sending the only medic as well)

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