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Add Multiplayer for Niche



Hi there,

I was playing Niche with my friend when she said, 'hmm, wouldn't it be nice to be able to play together in Niche where we could have our tribes live side-by-side?` I think that's a great idea! That would be very fun! I mean, everyone would be playing together. Now I get it, not everyone likes it when random strangers join the game, so maybe we could do access codes. We could cross breed our tribes and fight together when one of us is in danger. I mean, there are so many more gameplay possibilities if we could do multiplayer, don't you think?


Please consider



A dreaming Niche player

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1 minute ago, lesbido said:

there's a tick beside this saying it's been implemented? is that a glitch or have they actually implemented this?

I marked my answer as "Implemented" but it's more of "this is the official answer, pay attention to this", but it automatically marks the entire suggestion as "Implemented"

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