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Ask me anything! - pancake edition

Ranboo but a lot worse

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1 minute ago, 🏱︎︎☠︎👍︎☜︎☼︎👍︎☹︎✌︎🕈︎🗐 said:

I see. Well then, let me ask you a different question:

If your loved ones were suffering terribly, and you had to kill 10 people to stop them from being in pain, would you commit the crime?

Also, what's your favourite color?

Ok I’ll answer the less intense one first


























i would commit the crime

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5 minutes ago, gamingcookie said:

what's your favorite uh

tv show? do you just call it a tv show?

might be a netflix exclusive or something and not on tv...

ok whatever I'm overthinking it what's your favorite show

and if you've watched any anime what's your favorite of specifically that

What’s my favorite Tv show?

Stranger things.

Whats my favorite anime?


(Studio ghibli movies are great)

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5 minutes ago, gamingcookie said:

have you read and/or watched harry potter

if both do you prefer the movies or the books

and for either which book/movie is your favorite

i have read two harry potter books, the first one and second one,

They're okay

I Prefer the books cause they're more detailed

my favorite book is the first one

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