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Drawing randomized nichelings


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19 hours ago, 🏱︎✋︎☠︎👍︎☜︎☼︎👍︎☹︎✌︎🕈︎🗐 said:

In an attempt to make my art actually look good, I have decided to try drawing fully randomized nichelings. The genes are completely random, so that's fun. First up on the list: Yuku. 


the back of the head is big- or is that just how the snout looks-

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I think that it's good, but the bump on the back does look like fur, but you should probably make it look more like fur...?

2 hours ago, 🏱︎✋︎☠︎👍︎☜︎☼︎👍︎☹︎✌︎🕈︎🗐 said:

Sorry if I didn't make it clear, that's supposed to be fur (if i understand correctly what you're talking about)


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