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Taking art requests! Open

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Henlo there if you want some art well here I am! I need to keep motivated 

I'll only do 2 per person and I only draw nichelings and animals, no humans bc I'm bad at it tho xd 

I'll also need a way to draw it so be specific! 

Here is some art reference(The last one are nichelings from jessimew not mine) 

38 sin título_20200717131857.png

107 sin título_20200914150527.png

10 sin título_20200430131303.png

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24 minutes ago, Night said:

Yep very lucky indeed, I'm gonna do it more this way from now on. I think it ended pretty good! ❤️

137 sin título_20201005160116.png


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1 minute ago, Night said:

I put @Night in the first one and now I didn't it put it on the other ones ;-; I'm a dummy, if you share the pics tho credit me pls xd

You can just repost the Picture with you signature and I can share that one

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