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Come join my Among us game

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16 minutes ago, Spooky パンケーキ said:

No I left because I always died on the first round and Stonks and The other one were teaming

We're done teaming. Also tell me when you guys finish the round cause I'm done eating

edit: I'm also an indiscrimatory killer so no matter who you are you're all equal priority. (Unless your flarey, you might be higher or lower depending on my mood that day.) so I'm sorry if I killed you both rounds, you just happened to be there when my kc was over.

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5 minutes ago, Candy, Halloween Edition said:

you still playing

or are you done

bc im bored and have nothing to do with my life at the moment

thats a lie i have pokemon games to play and stories to write but like playing with you is fun

we're still playing but in a round right now

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Just now, gamingcookie said:

tell me when round is over it kicked me because it said the settings received were from an older version of the game or something

Oh it's been ready. I thought you dc'd

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